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Beneficial Tips For Your Dry Skin During Summer

Beneficial Tips For Your Dry Skin During Summer Abstract As the scorching summer rolls around and in summers skin dryness leaves you perplexed. In this seasonal change our skin starts to experience various things and with excessive heat or humidity our skin becomes sweaty and greasy and it leads to an increased need for protection. However, in this season a large number of people start feeling dry skin, development of rashes, sunburns, tans, and acne. Well several factors can lead

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Dry Skin

Home Remedies for Dry Skin Dry skin is the common problem during the winter. Cold, dry air sucks out the smooth skin. This is caused since the body loses moisture content. Age, nutritional deficiencies, heredity, transformation of climate, detergent, hot showers and air conditioner are the major causes, which lead to dry skin. The major symptoms of dry skin are scaly skin with redness, roughness, itching and wrinkling. It makes one look aged and elderly. These symptoms often lead to

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