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Case Study No: 144 | Sarcoidosis – Dr. S. K. Bhanote

Case Study No: 144 | Sarcoidosis – Dr. S. K. Bhanote Dr. S. K. Bhanote had Sarcoidosis and was healed by Planet Ayurveda Dr. S. K. Bhanote who lives in Hoshiarpur was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in the year 2014 and he like everybody else visited a doctor who did a CT scan. He continuously had dry cough, itchy throat and was losing weight as he had lost his appetite. He took the medicine for 10 days but the medicines reacted otherwise. It enhanced his symptoms and his condition further deteriorated. He even went to Canada to get the treatment done […]

Case Study No: 143 | Sarcoidosis – Parmod Kumar

Case Study No: 143 | Sarcoidosis – Parmod Kumar Parmod Kumar suffered from Sarcoidosis Parmod kumar suffered from Sarcoidosis since many years and he is from New Delhi, the capital of India that has enormous medical facilities. Even he visited a renowned hospital over there but the treatment from that hospital did give him little relief only, but symptoms did return time & again putting him back on square one. The symptoms subsided when he used to take the medicines but they used to return when his dosage got over. He had an infection in his lungs and it made […]

Case Study No: 98 | Sarcoidosis – Ravi Shrivastav

Case Study No: 98 | Sarcoidosis – Ravi Shrivastav Ravi Shrivastav suffered from Sarcoidosis and got the cure from Planet Ayurveda Ravi Shrivastav suffered from Sarcoidosis around a year back. He had lost his appetite and felt very weak. He often used to vomit and didn’t know where to find a cure. As he belongs to Greater Noida, a close town to New Delhi, he even visited many renowned hospitals there. The doctors said that he has to take the medicines for the rest of his life. He did get a little bit of relief initially but the symptoms never […]

Case Study No: 35 | Sarcoidosis – Ravi Shrivastav

Case Study No: 35 | Sarcoidosis – Ravi Shrivastav Ravi Shrivastav – A Patient of Sarcoidosis, Who didn’t Find a Cure in Allopathy! Greater Noida is the extension of Noida, the original city that was developed by UP govt. because it lies close to the Indian Capital, New Delhi, which was expanding rapidly. So the UP govt. decided to ease the pressure from the capital by developing the residential cum industrial city around the capital to reduce its demographic burden. A resident of this famous city, a newly married man, Mr. Ravi Shrivastav felt rashes on his skin and a […]


Herbal Remedies for Sarcoidosis, Ayurvedic Treatment – Causes & Symptoms Introduction Every one of us wants to live a healthy life. Numerous health problems are there to affect our healthy life. Of course, treatment is also available for most of the disorders. But here are some diseases for which cure is not available in modern science. Sarcoidosis is one of them. Yes, sarcoidosis is an auto-immune disease that usually affects the lungs, eyes, lymph nodes and skin. With the help of Ayurveda, this disorder can be very well managed. Yes, we are going to give you a brief description of […]

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