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Ayurvedic Treatment of Insomnia Introduction Herbal Remedies Diet and Lifestyle About Insomnia Anidra is ayurvedic term used for insomnia. In this state patient’s sleep is totally disturbed which affects daily routine. Three vitiated doshas are responsible for anidra. Vata and pitta both are responsible to cause this disease. High level of vata causes vata imbalance and reason for the stress, anxiety and worry High levels of pitta fall asleep with body pains and emotional stress as a result it causes fear, anger and negativity. Sleep-Natural state of rest, our body and mind is completely in rest for several hours. Our […]


How to Treat Insomnia (Sleeplessness) in Ayurveda? Introduction Herbal Remedies What is Insomnia? Sleep is a natural time for the mind and body to rest, detoxify, reset and rejuvenate. In terms of overall health, sleep is at par with eating as it is essential to both cognitive and physiological functioning. But, sometimes due to certain factors, our internal biological rhythms get disturbed which results in much sleep or too little sleep. Insomnia is the most common complaints faced by people all over the world. It is characterized by difficulty in sleeping, which may include falling asleep, maintaining sleep or a […]

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