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Charak Samhita – Nidana Sthana – Chapter 4 (Prameha Nidana)

Charak Samhita – Nidana Sthana – Chapter 4 (Prameha Nidana) Abstract Charaka samhita is written by Acharya Charaka. Acharya charaka was a Disciple of Punarvasu Atreya. Charak samhita is a compilation of the ayurvedic Aspects including the Basic concepts, Diagnosis and Treatment. Charaka samhita has 8 sections and 120 chapters and in that 9295 sutras. In charaka samhita, The sutra sthana deals with the Basic principles, Nidana Sthana deals with pathology, Vimana sthana deals with Specific determination, Sharira sthana with

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Charak Samhita – Nidana Sthana – Chapter 1 (Jwara Nidana)

Charak Samhita – Nidana Sthana – Chapter 1 (Jwara Nidana) Abstract Charak samhita is an ancient text which deals with medicine. It is written by acharya charaka and is completed by Dridbala. It is one of the most referenced classical texts by everyone, the students, teachers, practitioners, researchers and Scholars. There are eight parts of the Charak samhita named as Sutra sthana, nidana sthana, Vimana sthana, Sharira Sthana, Indriya sthana, Chikitsa Sthana, kalpa sthana and Sidhi Sthana. In this article

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