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Vayu Gutika (Vati)

Vayu Gutika (Vati) Reference – Sahasrayogam Gutika Prakarana 67. Introduction Vayu Gutika (Vati) is an ayurvedic formulation that is formulated with mixture of fruitful herbs. This formulation also known to contain minerals. Ingredients Hiravi – Mallotus philippensis Pasupasi – Myristica fragrans Trijata – Cinnamon, Cardamom and Cinnamon leaf Trikatu – Pepper, long pepper and ginger Purified Karpura – Cinnamomum camphora Ponkaram – Borax Aconitum ferox Kasturi – Musk Jatiphala – Myristica fragrans Karimpuvu – Syzygium aromaticum Jiraka – Cuminum cyminum Agragrahi – Anacyclus pyrethrum Chaliyam – Purified Cinnabar Vacha – Acorus calamus Anjana – Berberis aristata Krishnajiraka – Nigella sativa […]

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