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Leucoderma (Vitiligo)

Diet Plan for Patients of Leucoderma (Vitiligo) Avoid dairy products and sour food items strictly. Do not take milk with curd. Avoid taking citrus fruits with milk. Avoid drinking milk after having black lentils (udad daal). Avoid taking milk with salt and other salty eatables. Avoid milk with radish and sesame seeds. Here are some dietary recommendations:- Vegetables To Consume To Avoid Lettuce Broccoli Carrots Sweet Potatoes Turnip Chicory greens Spinach Kale Beans Cabbage Brussels Sprouts Cucumbers Onions Bell Peppers Peas Tomatoes Potatoes Brinjal Ginger Garlic Beets Fruits To Consume To Avoid Avocadoes Blueberries Mangoes – Only sweet Figs Apples […]

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