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Why Yoga Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Life?

Why Yoga Should Be A Part Of Your Daily Life? Abstract In the great book of Yoga, Patanjali Yoga Darshan, it has been said about Yoga “योगश्चित्तवृतिनिरोधः” that is, controlling the instincts of the mind is yoga. Patanjali believes that yoga is necessary to get rid of all sorrows and to know or interview the seer in his real form. Asana destroys all kinds of diseases. Yoga is a special body structure that stabilises the mind through static stretching. In

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Thyroid Health

Yoga For Thyroid Health Abstract The thyroid gland is located below Adam’s apple just under the skin. The thyroid gland is composed of two halves connected with Isthmus. It is not visible but it can be felt. The thyroid is basically enlarged in normal conditions. It is a very important endocrine gland. It secretes two hormones into the blood. Those hormones are T3 and T4. The secretion of T3 and T4 is dependent on TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone). TSH is released

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Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha)

Yoga Asanas to Balance Tridosha (Vata, Pitta & Kapha) Introduction Yoga practices are the main yogic tools which assist in balancing physical stamina and boosting energy levels. It enables us to direct our attention and energy within. Ayurveda is an ancient holistic science which aids in managing all the health ailments with safe classical herbs. These classical herbs work on all the three doshas and sustain their balance. Our holistic science uses these doshas to explain the different energies we

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Pranayama, Its Types & Health Benefits

Pranayama, Its Types & Health Benefits Pranayama is an extremely popular yoga exercise which has many types of which only a few are known to people. The practices of yoga have been done by wise people since the most ancient times. These practices have breathing as a central part of them. Breathing in a controlled way is known as pranayama. This article will inform you about what pranayama is; in how many different ways it can be done, what are

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Sexual Dysfunction in Young Males and Females

Yoga Tips for Sexual Dysfunction in Young Males and Females Sexual dysfunction in young males and females is a concern and it is becoming increasingly common these days. While the male and female reproductive systems differ a lot in structure and function, some contributing factors can be shared, like stress and nutritional deficiencies. In female dysfunction the hormones have a great role to play and in males the nutrition has a major role. Sexual dysfunction can be managed with therapeutic

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Surya Namaskar : Salutations to the Sun

Surya Namaskar : Salutations to the Sun Surya Namaskar is a sequence of yoga poses carefully placed one after the other done in a series and affecting the whole body. It has been extremely popular amongst yoga practitioners of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Recently, it was trending as it was being circulated as having been performed at the opening event of 2021 Tokyo Olympics, while the viral video was actually from a 2015 Mongolian event of Indian PM Visit.

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