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Natural Supplements for Healthy Male Reproductive System

Planet Ayurveda provides best quality natural supplements for male sexual health that are prepared from the natural extracts and are free from chemicals. Planet Ayurveda offers only 100 percent vegetarian products that are free from side effects and hence are the best way to take care of the body in a healthy way.


  1. Atirasadi Churna: 1 teaspoonful twice daily with warm water or milk, 1/2 hr. after meals
  2. Tribulus Power: 2 capsules twice daily with warm water, 1/2 hr. after meals
  3. Chandraprabha Vati: 2 tablets twice daily, with warm water, 1/2 hr. after meals
  4. Shilajit Capsules: 1 capsule twice daily, with warm water, 1/2 hr. after meals
  5. Tri-bull Oil: As per instructions on the packaging. Once every alternate day.

Products Description

1. Tribulus Power

The Tribulus power capsules of Planet Ayurveda contain the pure extract of Gokshura (Puncture twine) (Tribulus terresteris) plant in it. The stems of this plant are densely hairy. The leaves are opposite and are 1/8 inch long. Flowers are of lemon yellow color.

2. Atirasadi Churna

Atirasadi churna of Planet Ayurveda contains the blend of various ingredients in it. These ingredients are Safed musli (Musli), Kali musli (Black musale), Semal musli (silk cotton tree), Shatavari (Asparagus), Gokshur (Puncture twine), Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Akarkara (Pellitory), Vidari kand (Hawaiin baby woodrose), Safed behmen (Centaurea) and Kesar (Saffron) in it.

3. Shilajit Capsules

Planet Ayurveda's Shilajit capsules contain the pure extract of Shilajit in it. Shilajit is a sticky and thick tar like substance, ranges from white to dark brown color. The more common Shilajit is of Dark brown color. It contains triterpenes, Fulvic acid and humic acid in it. It is mainly found in the Caucasus Mountains, Himalaya and Altai. Shilajit seeps from cracks in the mountains, mostly due to the warmth of the sun and due to this reason, Shilajit is considered as mineral oil, rock sweat or stone oil.

4. Chandraprabha Vati

Chandraprabha vati is a classical herbal formulation that is used for the supporting general body weakness. It is very useful as a supportive dietary supplement.

The preparation is inspired by the classical Ayurvedic formulation by the same name. It has been in use as a natural supplement since ancient times and is absolutely safe for human consumption.

It is a tablet formulation that can be consumed by people of all age groups.

5. Tribull Oil

It is an herbal oil made with best quality herbal extracts that help to support the male reproductive organs.

Regular message of this oil over the male genitalia is recommended.

Indian ginseng, Saffron, Celastrus paniculatus, Butea etc. are some of the contents of Tribull oil.

To buy Tribulus Power Pack, please visit store.planetayurveda.com/products/tribulus-power-pack

Nowadays, fast paced lifestyle, stress and tension has considerably increased the various health risks for men. Some of the common health risks in men are cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and the health problems that are unique to men include diseases of the prostate, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, male infertility, low libido and low quantity of semen.

Ayurveda for Male Sexual Health

Ayurveda, an oldest system of health care, offers a natural way to take care of the body. Ayurveda involves diet, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies that help men to have an active and healthy life.

Ayurveda and Premature Ejaculation

One of a very common sexual problem in men is premature ejaculation. The exact cause of premature ejaculation is unknown. This problem occurs in most of the men at some time or the other and found even in younger men also.

Ayurveda and Benign Prostate Enlargement

The problems of prostate, according to Ayurveda, can be classified as mootrakruchra (difficulty in urination), mootraghata (suppression of urination). Prostate is required in order to maintain the optimal health. This prostate produces the seminal fluid during sexual stimulation. An enlarged prostate causes impotence and low sex drive. This problem of prostate occurs due to the aggravation of Kapha dosha.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is another sexual problem in which man has trouble in keeping or getting an erection. It is a common male sexual dysfunction. It becomes more common as you get older but it is not a part of aging.

General Ways to Combat Male Sexual Problems

Smoking and alcohol consumption should be avoided. If a person is obese, then he should try to lose his weight by doing regular exercise to stay fit. A person should eat a freshly cooked home food. Salty and spicy foods should be taken in a limited amount. Avoid taking oily and fried foods as much as possible. Manage stress in your life with the help of relaxing techniques, such as yoga and exercises.

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