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Ayurvedic Management of Annadravashula (Gastric Ulcer or Acid-Peptic Disease)


In Ayurvedic system of medicine, stomach is among the five major organs of the human-body. Stomach in Ayurvedic anatomy is known 'Asamashya', which means the organ, where the ama (toxins) is formed and resides. In the Ayurvedic system of medicine, ama is claimed to be the cause of all the diseases. Stomach is a significant part of the digestive tract and plays a vital role in digestion of food stuffs.

Stomach and duodenum are major organs of the digestive system. Both the organs are lined by mucosa (it covers the organs), which acts as a protective layer and act as antidote to irritants. Any discontinuity in the mucus membrane is known as ulcer. Peptic ulcer is a broad term as ulcer can occur in the stomach as well as in small intestine. Ulcer in the stomach is known as gastric ulcer. Similarly, ulcer in the small intestine is known as duodenal ulcer.


In Ayurveda, improper dietary habits are considered to be the cause of the disease. Irritation of the mucosa by coffee, cigarette, alcohol, and drugs like corticosteroids and pain killers lead to ulcer formation. Recurrent attacks of hyperacidity (gaseous eructation) after consumption of spicy foods are linked to ulcer formation.

Infection with bacterium is considered to be the cause of recurrent attacks of hyperacidity and ulcers. Above all, modern rat-race is blamed for the increasing incidence of ulcer. Stress and anxiety are linked to increase acid secretion and result is ulcer.

Signs and Symptoms

Pain in the chest is the main complaint. The major complication of ulcer is heamatemesis (vomiting of blood). It is a serious condition and is treated under expert supervision. A regard, the typical abdominal colic or pain, the onset occurs during the ingestion of food. It may occur soon after consumption of food.  Pain is chronic in nature and it does not respond to the prescribed dietetic-regimen has been described as annadravashula in Ayurvedic system of medicine. The pain in chronic cases of annadravashula is constant, usually no relationship with food and disappears after a vomit, sometimes.

Herbal Remedies

A patient of Annadravashula gets symptomatic relief by emesis of the gastric acid and by adding a mild laxative on concurrent basis for long-term therapy. The patient should avoid the sour and hot food items till he or she is fully alright.

In the treatment of ulcer, medicine and strict diet regimen have equal significance. Demulcent (soothing) foods should be consumed to prevent irritation to the stomach.

Avipatikara churan, one teaspoonful with water twice a day, is helpful in reducing hyperacidity. It should be continued for seven days. Liquorice one teaspoonful twice a day, is prescribed with water. If there is a history of hypertension then use of Liquorice should be avoided.

For haematemesis, Chandrakala rasa is the best remedy. One tablet, thrice a day with water, give favorable response.

What Planet Ayurveda Offers in Annadravashula?

  1. Planet Ayurveda's Acidity Care Pack (Heart Burn capsules, Digestion Support capsules and Amalaki Rasayana capsules) have been designed to address issues related to gastritis. One capsule of all the three components can be taken twice a day one hour after the meals.
  2. Planet Ayurveda's proprietary Digestion Support Pack (Agnitundi vati and Digestion Support capsules) contains time-tested Ayurvedic herbs with significant digestive and appetite-stimulating properties.
  3. Planet Ayurveda's Mahashankh Vati is highly effective remedy providing statistically highly significant relief in all cardinal symptoms of hyperacidity. Two tablets, twice a day is the ideal dosage
  4. Planet Ayurveda's Colon Cleanse Pack (containing Yakritplihantak churna, Triphala capsules and Kumari saar) is highly efficacious in alleviating clinical symptoms associated with annadravashula..

Diet and Lifestyle

Spicy and salty foods should be avoided at all costs. Small amount of olive oil and milk are helpful for ulcer patients. Alcohol and cigarette should be forbidden for six months after proper healing of the ulcer. Indiscriminate use of pain-killers (aspirin and ibuprofen) and steroids should be avoided.

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