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Lecture on National Ayurveda Day 2016 in an Event - Declamation Contest

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD- Ayurveda) was invited as Guest of Honor in his own Alma mater - Dayanand Ayurvedic college, Jalandhar - by leading health body called NIMA - Jalandhar, Punjab.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan encouraged the students to keep basic principles of Ayurveda in Mind and there is huge scope of ayurveda in today's world. The world and the modern medical science has not done enough research on topics of Ayurveda. We already have abundant data in our ancient books. We just need to do the search and even the search in ancient books can help many patients around the world.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan also gave medals and trophies to participating students in the declamation contest held during the event.

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Speech of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda) on Dhanvantari Day

National Ayurveda Day

Respected Principal Sir, honorable NIMA president Dr. Anil, my fellow NIMA members, respected teachers and my dear students. I congratulate you all on account of Dhanvantri Divas. Tomorrow is Dhanvantri Divas and I'm really glad that I've been so respectfully invited to my college. And I've been given a chance to share my experience with Ayurveda with you all. Our Dayanand Ayurvedic College is very talented. I'm getting really happy, I'm recalling my time when we would also sit and enjoy and I'm really glad to be with you all today. Ayurveda and herbal medicines have a lot of scope nowadays. In Punjabi, when a foreigner comes they say that there is such chaos (Karbal) in the entire village and today there is herbal everywhere. There is so much scope, either go to USA or Europe everybody is talking about herbal medicines and Ayurveda. The Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi's announcement that Dhanvantri Divas will be known as World Ayurveda Day is a proud moment for us. Though, we are lacking behind by 67 years but we're on the right track now and we have Ayurveda as a huge support behind us. We have such a humongous treasure depending on which we can do anything. And as you told, India is rich in culture, traditions and knowledge. Whatever I'm doing in Ayurveda, how am I able to do it? Firstly, with whatever knowledge our teachers gave us and during that time we had interest and we used to study also. Always remember the basic principles of Ayurveda, they are very useful and this is your time to study after that you won't get time when you get busy with your professional lives.

This topic is popularly spoken about, the purpose of Ayurveda,

स्वस्थस्य स्वस्थ्य रक्षणं आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं च ।।

When we start practicing and get busy, we tend to forget it, but it should be kept in mind and how it can be achieved. First understand the basic principles of Ayurveda. Our body is made up of soil and it will dust off. According to Ayurveda, we're related to God's creation. Just like som holds (dash) similarly, tridoshas hold our body. I said they hold not corrupt. But tridoshas hold our body and they're capable of corrupting it as well. They corrupt it when they're imbalanced, not in their normal state. How are they imbalanced? What is a disease? It is mentioned in the books. If you remember just 5 – 6 basic principles, you can practice pretty well in Ayurveda. These 5-6 logics are very easy and help you start a nice practice, you can even develop herbal formulations. You can do everything related to Ayurveda with it. How can we balance the doshas? First you should know how the doshas are vitiated, there are three main reasons Asatmyaindriyarthsamyog, Pragyaapradh and Kaal prinaam. An example of Asatmyaindriyarthsamyog is when you're going in a forest and a lion comes in front of you and you get petrified. As soon as you get the feeling of scared, all the hormones get fluctuated you get adrenaline rush which is necessary because you have fight with the lion. But nowadays, we are always in the state of being scared there is exam stress, financial stress, job stress. There is some sort of fear all the time, future planning being a part of it. That causes the cortisol and adrenaline to be on the higher side all the time. People are affected by diabetes and blood pressure and that is what is known as the imbalance of doshas. Indris have further categories Kaam krodh lobh moh bhay ahankar. Out of them I've explained bhay (fear), how it causes diseases. If we talk about Pragyaapradh, it means a sin done intentionally and it is a big reason of causing Dosha imbalance. You're all well-read doctors rather you're going to become really intelligent doctors. But when someone brings a box of sweets to your home and you're suffering from diabetes but your mouth still starts watering, your wife might stop you by saying that you're sugar level will rise but you still think I'll eat one and take the medicines prescribed by the doctor and it will be under control, this is pragyaapradh. Everyone knows that you should go for a walk in the morning but we don't feel like getting up in the morning. No one goes out to exercise, its cold outside, weather is changing. We avoid it and pull the covers and sleep. This intentionally done act is known as pragyaapradh that gives rise to imbalanced doshas. Now how to balance it? These 3-4 formulas I've told you will help in treating patients. A Sardar ji (Sikh) patient came to me and said that Dr I'm suffering from acidity, he said he gulps down a few drinks in the evening to which I said leave the drinks and start taking coconut water in the morning and gave him a few herbal formulations like Amla (Indian gooseberry), Yashtimadhu (Licorice), Shankhpushpi, Mukta pishti, zehermohra pishti. He came back after 15 days and told me that you've done wonders, my acidity is 50% better. I asked him what he did, he said earlier I added soda to my drinks [Alcohol], now I take them with coconut water. I asked him to just take coconut water and leave the alcohol. This is just an example of how it calms the pitta.

सर्वदा सर्वभावानां सामान्य वृद्धिकारणं ह्रास हेतु विशेषज्ञय ॥

It means you can calm the vitiated dosha with herbs of opposite qualities. There are very simple formulas in Ayurveda with which we can cure destructive diseases like IBD i.e. ulcerative colitis which have no cure in the world. Lajwanti (Mimosa pudica), Darbha grass (Desmotachya bipinnata), Genda (Marigold flower), we used to study in Dravya Guna, that the herbs which are useful to stop bleeding like Arjun, Vasa. Only with the help of these herbs intestinal disorders can be cured. Kutaj is used to control diarrhea/dysentery and its name is Holarrhena antidysenterica. Its botanical name is Holarrhena antidysenterica that means science also knows it works on this, in Ayurveda it has been written since very long. With these simple formulas we can cure these grievous diseases. There is a very simple formula सर्वदा सर्वभावानां सामान्य वृद्धिकारणं ह्रास हेतु विशेषज्ञय ॥

Now, I'll tell a little about myself so that you can get some encouragement. Ayurveda has immense amount of scope that you don't need to be depressed at all. I've also gone through your stage, 1st year 2nd year, I also thought what we are doing. We were science students, we studied chemistry and physics and what have we started studying now. But the base of all sciences has originated from the Indian scientific system. Ayurveda is a very superior form of science and it's very difficult to explain it. There's a friend of mine who's sitting right in front of me, I'll tell you a case about his mother from my interest began to grow in Ayurveda. In the year 2000, his mother was told that her arteries are blocked and nothing can be done about it. Either she was given an option of getting a bypass surgery after 15- 20 days or go home. He then consulted me and told me, Sir, you've studied Ayurveda, do something about it. In the year 1999- 2000 I was a new pass out and had no idea about it. I still went through Ayurvedic books and found out a few things. A few herbs like Arjun and similar herbs like Arjun which have potent properties to heal cardiac disorders. Using such herbs and Rasa aushadhi, I started giving them to his mother. You'll be surprised to know that his mother is very healthy and takes no medicine for Blood pressure and it's been 16 years since that incidence. The doctor who said that she has just 2 weeks to live was 40 years old and he is no more now. Though, that's not a happy news. But Ayurveda has that power to cure any incurable disorder. Recently, A few scientists from Harvard medical school came to meet me. Harvard Medical School is known as the Mecca of Medical science. It has a fee of 10 million (1 Crores) per year if you clear the entrance. If those scientists are coming to you with the purpose of knowing about Ayurveda and what medicines am I using to cure IBD, Ulcerative colitis. I told them I was using grass, Marigold flower, Kutaj, Bael/Bilva. I'm curing IBD with these herbs and it was a big thing for them because neither have they studied about Durbha nor Bael. They wanted to do a research so, they tied up with me to develop such products for them. For us it's very easy to mix Bael or Kutaj but for the world it's a foreign science. They don't know these combinations and herbs. You should be thankful to God for having being studying such amazing science and that too in Dayanand College. With my experience I've observed one thing that whenever I meet an intelligent doctor and I ask them from they did their graduation the answer is Jalandhar. It gives me immense happiness that whenever I go to any international programme or wherever. Any intelligent doctor I meet is a pass out of this institute. Today I feel proud that I've studied in this college and I've come here in front of you all. I would like to thank NIMA associates who have invited me with so much affection and respect. Whenever someone talks about the institute which acts as a bridge between Ayurveda and modern science, the name that arises is NIMA and Jalandhar NIMA is mentioned always. Jalandhar NIMA is the most active. I saw a case few days ago where Chandigarh NIMA is very active but Jalandhar NIMA is even more active. I gained more experience in my journey when I made this remedy for my friend's mother as I just told everyone. I got that remedy patented after that I sent it to someone in the US, Singapore, England. When the person In the US used my remedy he flew down here and stayed at my home for 1 month. He said he would get it registered in the US, promote it and sell it there and he did it also. Immediately, he gave me 3 million (30 lacs). The samples we had sent to England reached up to Prince Charles and he was so impressed that he came down to our country. We served him Arjun tea and he has made a centre called 'Integrated Medical Centre where a lot of doctors are working and they are his personal doctors. The samples we sent to Singapore were sent to a Police chief of Singapore. He owns a drug store (Chemist) there, he said if this manages my cholesterol level I'll not keep anything other than your Arjun Tea in our shop. It has been 13 years since that incident and they have changed the name of their store to 'Planet Ayurveda Boutique' and now they sell all Ayurvedic products there. Alexander was born in a country called Macedonia, Unani is also known as Greece because Unan and Macedonia were one earlier. The country Alexander came from to India, I had a chance to visit that country. The people there know nothing about Unan. Basically Unani is also a part of Ayurveda because Alexander took it from our country and they started practicing it. There are lot of Muslim countries on the way which have also adopted this practice. This pathy came back to its roots but Unani medicine practice wasn't used by its own country that is Greece. When I first went to Greece or Macedonia in 2005, I was given a lot of respect by those people. At this point of time the celebrities, ministers and even the president of that country have adopted Ayurveda, used our products and endorsed them. This gives us immense happiness that we have gone to country and taken Ayurveda there. So, this is what I wanted to tell you students who are eagerly waiting for me to stop my lecture. I would like to give my blessings to all the students and I expect that on the occasion of Dhanvantri Day, all of you pledge to study the basic principles properly and will not bring any negativity in your minds that we're reading a second grade science. This is the best form of science and we're the specialists. We become better than those in Harvard Medical School in 5 and a half years. We don't need specialization, we just need to concentrate and study the books which have a lot of knowledge about Ayurveda. Start a research from those books, there's a lot in store in them, find as much as you can.

Thank You!

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