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How to Reduce Creatinine Level and Avoid Dialysis ?

Best Ayurvedic Tips by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer : Welcome Dr. Vikram

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Thank you

Interviewer : Welcome to Kerala, it is a pleasant day and I am really thankful to you coming to us. And I am sure you will update us with good information on ayurveda regarding kidney problems as all over the world people are suffering from the kidney problems and they are going to dialysis and other expensive kidney please let us know about how we can handle kidney diseases with ayurveda

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : You know chronic kidney disease, I will talk about chronic kidney disease, and chronic kidney disease has become very common these days, people are suffering from diabetes, blood pressure and chronic uncontrolled diabetes and blood pressure these are the underlined causes of kidney disease. And 90% of patient which I see they are suffering from chronic kidney disease, the causes are diabetes and blood pressure, uncontrolled, chronic, persistent, uncontrolled diabetes or blood pressure it causes the kidney to fail, kidneys are the organs which are clearing the toxins like urea and creatinine from the body, and if the urea and creatinine levels rises to a certain extent it is beyond the control, then it gives to, you have to go for a dialysis. Dialysis is procedure where the machine is working on the behalf of the kidneys. People have to go under dialysis every week or twice a week in serious cases or once in a 15 days in non-serious cases, but dialysis helps to remove the urea and creatinine in these patients. So in Ayurveda there are certain natural herbs which can help to reduce the urea and the creatinine levels to the certain extent, In my practice I have use certain herbal remedies or Ayurvedic herbs, which are which when we use in kidney patients their creatinine levels comes down and it remain constant for number of years, number of months. In many patients the result is very good. There creatinine level suppose it was about 8 or 8, it comes down to 5 or 6 and stays there for years, so the kidney disease or the dialysis can be avoided in such cases with the use of various herbs.

Interviewer : Can you please explain in elaborately like what are the herbs that we use ?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : There are herbs like Boerhavia diffusa is called Punarnava, Boerhavia diffusa I use, I use Kaasni that is chicory commonly called in English and I use this pine bark tree extract and I use this Raphanus sativus extract and this is commonly called reddish, and there are some other herbs I commonly use Phyllanthus is very good for reducing creatinine level, Phyllanthus niruri is the herb, it's called Bhumiamla, Kasni, bhringraj, and this Punarnava all these natural diuretic herbs. Which are very good to reduce the creatinine levels. I use this Kalmegh also called Indian Echinacea. Kalmegh is also good for liver also but it helps in reduce down the toxin levels in the body.

Interviewer : Ok Dr. Vikram, and I would also like to know that what exactly diet you recommend to kidney patients?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : In kidney failure when creatinine is very high, urea is very high. I don't recommend diet containing too much proteins, because creatinine and urea are the metabolic end products of high proteins so I try to avoid the proteins, I recommend the vegetables which are not very high in potassium, because potassium levels also goes high in kidney failure patients, so I recommend green vegetables but just boil them and take out the water and cook them. This is the diet which I recommend. The underlined disease is like blood pressure and diabetes which should be controlled and the diet of blood pressure and diabetic should be given, salt restriction is must because sodium intake will increase the level of water retention. So sodium should be consumed in less quantity, citrus fruits should also not consumed should be stopped. Because citrus also contain so many, so much potassium, and banana also rich in potassium it should be stopped, so underlined disease I am stressing again and again blood pressure and diabetes should kept in control, and since I see so many patients suffering from kidney failure and I face so many questions I want to answer few of their frequently asked questions.

Q. They want to know if Dialysis can be Avoided or no.

Ans. Answer to this question is, yes in many cases dialysis is, I would recommend if the creatinine level touches 9 or 10 and if the potassium level goes beyond 6-6.5. Then it becomes necessary to do dialysis, necessary to do dialysis but using the Ayurvedic herbs you can reduce the potassium level, you can reduce the urea level, you can reduce the creatinine levels so if it remains below 5-6, the creatinine level remain below 5-6 then there is no need of dialysis so it can be avoided and

Q. People who are already on dialysis, can they use these Herbs?

Ans. Yes they can use these herbs because it's, using these herbs will improve their clinical picture. They will have more energy, they will have more better control of their symptoms. And they will have, the frequency of dialysis will reduce. And meanwhile they are searching for renal, they are looking for renal transplant. They can get lot of time, some patient they can get one year, two year, three year may be longer time five year, so I have patients who were advised renal transplant and way back in 2006 and seven and now it is 2013, so since then they are consuming Ayurvedic herbs and they never went to dialysis and they never thought of transplant. And they were advised renal transplant in 2006. So there are so many other examples also of the patients who are using Ayurvedic herbs also like this combination called Mutrakrichantak churna. And rencure formula these are the combination and Punarnava capsule and Punarnava Mandoor is there to build up the hemoglobin. Hemoglobin levels is also reduced in this kidney failure patients.

Interviewer : Can you just explain all the products that you are using in your personal clinic in your opd.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : I am using this Punarnava Mandoor as a diuretic, Varunadi vati, Varuna is very wonderful plant, and it is Varun is angel of water. God of water. So Varun is wonderful for kidney failure and it reduces urea and creatinine. I use Mutrakrichantak churna it is a classical Ayurvedic formulation. Mutrakrichantak churna and this Rencure formula I use all these combination in my patients. Phyllanthus is very useful, Echinacea is, and Indian Echinacea is very useful, Kalmegh. So I use all things together in various ratio and proportions and then I get wonderful results.

Interviewer : And what about handling patients with kidney cancer?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Kidney cancer is entirely a different thing because it comes under the topic of cancer, cancer of any organ we can, we have different herbs but avoid dialysis and reduce urea and creatinine these herbs are the one which I use, and in cancer I use different herbs. For all type of other cancer not only kidney cancer, for bone cancer, for brain cancer and for any lung cancer I use turmeric which is wonderful, Curcumin capsules and kanchnaar guggul and all that. For kidney cyst which are also one of the reason for kidney failure. I add this kanchnaar guggul for the cyst, It will break kidney cyst and help in recovering from the renal failure.

Interviewer : and Dr. Vikram how you handle UTI that is very common with people like when they are travelling or with change of place or when ever they are visiting new hotel or restaurant they often get UTI and its very common, so how do we deal with this in ayurveda.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : UTI is a different disease then kidney failure it is entirely different thing, it's mainly caused by the bacteria when we get infection from using commonly when we go to different hotels and we use used towels or used bed sheets and unhygienic places urinary tract infection are very common so maintaining hygiene of the organ is also very important and that is major cause of urinary tract infection. Especially in females it is very common in females. And these are the personal hygiene is very important , specially when you take bath in the sea you must take bath in the clean yourself properly and then also swimming pool also, swimming pools are also very infected so must take bath after swimming.

Interviewer : what are the herbs that are useful in UTI?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : UTI also as I explained for kidney failure the same herbs are very good, the Varunadi vati, this Punarnava Mandoor, Punarnava capsules, Mutrakrichantak churna all these herbs which I am using for kidney failure they can be used for this urinary tract infection also and infection goes away special E-coli infection which is very common and very resistant also to antibiotics. This works very well for UTI also.

Interviewer : It was really very nice talking to you Dr. Vikram. Thank you

Dr. Vikram Chauhan : Vikram: Thank you very much.

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