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What is Obesity and How to Fight with it Naturally?

Best Ayurvedic Tips Shared by Dr. Vikram Chauhan

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Hello my friends, todays we are gonna talk about this disease called obesity. Now days you are seeing lots of people getting bigger and bigger. Too much obese people too many of them. There is not apparent solution to the problem. You can't run with heavy weight on your knees. So there is lot of problems. Obesity causes so much burden on your skeleton system. On your hormonal system, on your cardiovascular system and digestive system, reproductive system, all the system they get disturbed. Because of too much weight so it's better to be in a shape rather than becoming very bigger and bigger and very fatty.

So how you can get rid of extra fat?

You see it's very important, I am giving you very basic tips how to lose your weight. Very practical tips. First of all you start getting early. Getting early means, your body, when we are sleeping the basic BMR is very low. When you get up the BMR is increased. BMR means basic metabolic rate at the rate at which body processes your calories, body burns your calories. It is the rate called BMR. When you are sleeping its low and when you are awake its higher, and when you are exercising its very high. Once you get up early in the morning, the BMR rises and once you go for walk, swimming, and jogging or just simple walk only if you cannot jog or if you cannot exercise, even if you walk for kilometer or half this will put all your body cells into a higher BMR. For the whole day, for the next full day. They will be working at this level at higher BMR, earlier if you get up from the sleep, just read a newspaper and sit here and there and then go to office in the car. Your BMR is still higher slightly when you are sleeping. When you are sleeping BMR is here and when you are wake not doing exercise your BMR is remain here for the full day. But if you are exercising or you are just taking a walk BMR. For the full day set for higher level and you are burning the calories throughout the day at this level and if you exercise and then the level becomes higher. So it is very important to get up early in the morning. And just go for the walk, if you want to lose weight. If you are too heavy then don't run just walk that's it, 1 km, 2km just enough. Or just half km is enough if you are too obese. Any ways. Number one step was walking. Second step is eating habits. You just have to watch what you eat whenever you are going to eat you should know what I am eating. You should know how much calories it contains. So many people especially the obese people they don't even know how much calories it contain. They only go for taste. Burgers, pizza, soft drinks, specially these beer alcoholic drinks all of these drinks have lot of calories. So try to cut short all these calories to your body. It is better to give natural food to this natural machine rather than artificial food to this natural machine. You never put diesel in your petrol car. You never put kerosene to your petrol car so why you are putting this man made food or processed food, or packaged food in your body which is natural body which is made by the nature made by the GOD, so when you are putting something which is not meant for the body, unnaturally food like biscuits, biscuits are very dangerous you know biscuits they are processed. They are made and some preservatives are also put in biscuits and put on the shelves. Can you eat any flour or anything after 2 months of making or 1 month or 15 days you want to eat fresh all the time. Your body is not made like that, your body is made to have fresh food always, always better to take fresh food rather than eating processed, the frozen or the packaged food, so this was point number two. Number one exercise and number two is food.

Number three is your working style. You go to office then sitting all the time and keep on consuming some snacks like some coke or some chips or some French fries or some burger during the lunch. Or some hot dog or something like that. May be you go out for lunch and drink beer and then you drink something else. So soft drink coca cola, coke and things like that, it's very bad for your health. When you become obese it's like you have very small pump and the land become bigger and pump becomes smaller, just imagine your body as land a piece of land and pump is there a very small horse power pump it can irrigate only one acre of land but if land becomes very big 20 acre then how can this small pump irrigate the whole land, it will blow away. It will fail similarly our heart fails, this pump is very small, it is meant for regular size body but if you make your body very big then you have pressure on your heart this is called congestive heart failure (CHF), similarly other than congestive heart failure, your body, your knees cant withhold so much standing weight, so all the weight goes on the knees and the gap between this bone and this bone imagine this is upper bone and this is lower bone, this is femur this is tibia and there is sheet a shock absorber, the synovial sheath, there is shock absorber the synovial sheath it get pressed and there is, this is called osteoarthritis. Gap reduces between the knee it and it presses against each, the bones pressed against each other. Then they rub against like this. So there is no shock absorber and you get osteoarthritis similarly, her are hormonal imbalances. The hormones gets disturbed they are meant for small piece of land they are not meant for very big piece of land. So similarly these are the problems which are faced by the obese people in their life. It's just like depositing the calories in your body. Whenever you eat something and your body doesn't need it and liver convert them into the fats and it gets deposited. Just like the bank you put the money in the bank which is already full and then you put more money and then it gives you more interest and your money keeps on growing so better spend some money, better spend some calories so that you be in the shape. And you get rid of the all coming diseases. Many obese people say we are healthy we don't have any problem. We are having no problem at all. They may not have problem now but after few years, 4 yrs, 5 yrs, 10 yrs. down the line they see so many problems coming up. There sexual life is disturbed, there physical health is disturbed, and their knees are causing pain. Diabetes is one of the major causes, major disease which is caused by the obesity. So such diseases, hypertension is also major problem caused by the obesity. So blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, hormonal imbalances, tumors, cancers, so many problems caused by obesity. So it's not very difficult to treat obesity just wake early in the morning drink warm water. It's better to drink hot water when you sleep after drinking water don't go immediately to sleep, just drink one hour before sleeping so that we don't have to go for urinate after sleep. Just drink before one hour before sleeping. Just drink warm or hot water one glass of it so that body needs water for repairing and sleeping body is doing repair work. So whenever body needs water it gets from whatever you take. So don't eat fast food, processed food, packed food, just eat natural fruits and vegetables.

If people are already obese what to do?

As I told you exercise. And what are the various herbal supplements which you can use to reduce the weight? Some people say we are exercising and we don't lose weight, I am running from so many years but still I am not losing any weight. I am doing swimming, I am exercising and still I am not losing any weight. Some time they exercise I agree they try to lose weight but they keep eating also they go home and then they sleep. This is the biggest problem you are coming from exercise and then you sleep, then BMR comes down. So don't sleep after exercise and watch your diet whatever you are eating, you should know the calories, how much calories I need and how much calories I should eat. And once you become fatty it's become difficult to lose fat. So you may use some supplements like Garcinia, Stholyantak Churna, this Stholyantak Churna very ancient formulation very effective for losing the weight for reducing the stubborn fat. For burning the stubborn fat from your thighs, from your abdomen, from your back. So this Stholyantak Churna is combination of so many herbs. Which I have chosen to burn the fat from your body, slowly slowly with using. Guggul I have incorporated one more product guggul in this combination of product called Thinner you pack, this guggul helps to lose weight very quickly. So Guggul, Trim support, Garcinia, Stholyantak Churna this combination helps lot to reduce the weight. And once the weight reduce, you should monitor your diet and life style and I wish you very healthy life and I hope that you will benefited from the lecture which I have just give and I hope you will lose weight and you will enjoy your life.

Thank you very much. Thanks a lot.

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