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Dear Zindagi with Jaya Kishori @The Mohali Club - Event 2023

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Planet Ayurveda feels Pleasure to Play a Major Role in Organizing An Enchanting and Spiritually Uplifting Evening "Dear Zindagi with Renowned and Revered Spiritual Speaker, Jaya Kishori Ji". This event is a transformative experience that touched hearts and offered profound insights into the realms of spirituality and devotion. It turned out to be an extraordinary opportunity to bask in the spiritual radiance of Jaya Kishori and gain invaluable insights into life, faith, and devotion. Jaya Kishori's wisdom and devotion guided us on a journey towards inner enlightenment and peace.

"Dear Zindagi with Jaya Kishori" became a Beacon of Light Guiding Towards Inner Enlightenment, Faith, and Peace. The Major Focus of the Session was "Life Lessons from Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta", including understanding the basic things, implementing them in our Lives, and Living with them for a Happier, Wealthier, and Happier Lifestyle.

A Few Quotes from the Event, as said by Jaya Kishori Ji......

"आध्यात्मिकता का मतलब परिवार या दुनिया छोड़ना नहीं है, यह सबसे बड़ा मिथक है।"
"Spirituality doesn't Mean to Leave the Family or World, this is the Biggest Myth."

"अहंकार, लालच और नकारात्मकता के बिना लोगों की भलाई के लिए अपना काम निष्ठा, समर्पण और ईमानदारी से करना ही आध्यात्मिकता है। प्रत्येक डॉक्टर, शिक्षक या कोई अन्य पेशेवर आध्यात्मिक है यदि वह किसी अन्य प्राणी को नुकसान पहुंचाए बिना अपना काम करता है।"
"Doing Your Work with Loyalty, Dedication and Honesty for the Sake of the Betterment of People, without Ego, Greed, and Negativity is Spirituality. Every Doctor, Teacher, or any Other Professional is Spiritual if doing his work without Harming any other Creature."

"एक बच्चा जब चलना सीखता है तो बार-बार गिरता है, लेकिन रुकता नहीं है।"
"When a child learns to walk, he falls again and again, but does not stop."

"गुस्सा आता नहीं हम गुस्सा लाते हैं और उसे खुद पर काबू करने देते हैं।"
"We do not get angry, we bring anger and let it control us."

Similarly, There were numerous guiding principles on which Jaya Kishori Ji spoke and guided people to Focus on their Present rather than stressing on the Past or Future.

Jaya Kishori also shared her personal life experiences and lessons learned on the path of devotion. Through her captivating words and inspiring stories, she guided us on a transformative journey toward understanding life's deeper meanings and connecting with our inner selves.

The Event was well organized by 94.3MyFM, with Ayurveda Partner Planet Ayurveda, Presenting Partner SBP Group, Food Partner Lord Pettrick, Jewellery Partner krishna Jewellers, and Immigration Partner, Vee Bee Visa Consultants.

This event wasn't just about attending a gathering; it was a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the spiritual radiance of Jaya Kishori, gain invaluable insights, and connect with a community of seekers. Whether you're already on a spiritual path or seeking guidance, "Dear Zindagi" became an evening of profound reflection and awakening.

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