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What are the Health Benefits of Partridgeberry (Mitchella Repens)?

Partridgeberry, Mitchella repens

What is Partridgeberry?

The botanical name of the herb is Mitchella Repens and belongs to the Rubiaceae family. This herb has shown a great effect on menstrual disorder. It acts as a potent tonic for treating infertility and female reproductive disorders such as urinary tract disorder, menstrual cramps. This herb contains diuretic and astringent properties which are helpful for enhancing the excretion of both sodium and chloride in the urine. Other ailments such as colic, diarrhea, soreness, skin condition, and uterus related disorders can also be treated with the help of Mitchella Repens herb. This is one of best herb which prevents recurrent miscarriage due to the weak uterus.

The plant is creeping herbaceous shrub mostly found in North America. The herb mainly grows in moist soil, around the stream bank and on sandy slopes. The common names of the herb are two-eyed berry, squawberry, running fox, and Noon kie oo nah yea etc. It's an evergreen, dark green color plant. The leaves are shiny and ovate in shape and also contains pale yellow midrib. The plant contains small, trumpet-shaped, axillary flowers, arise or produced in pairs and each pair pair arise from the single calyx.

Fertility Action of Partridgeberry

  • Astringent action: This property of the herb is helpful during heavy menstrual bleeding and bleeding in pregnancy. It provides the support to the tissues of the uterus, ovaries, urinary tract etc. Many doctors also recommend this herb for ovarian cyst, fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis due to its astringent property.
  • Parturient: Partridgeberry has been used by the doctors and herbalists to bring and speed up the labor.
  • Uterine tonic: It is a best uterine tonic for those who have experienced a miscarriage in past. It provides support to the uterus and maintains its proper functioning.
  • Styptic: Partridgeberry prevents the hemorrhage during childbirth. It also prevents heavy menstrual bleeding.

Health Benefits of Partridgeberry

  • Partridgeberry is highly esteemed in the medicinal world for its great therapeutic benefits. The red berries of the herb are the richest source of polyphenol. And other anti-diabetic properties that are helpful for the treatment of diabetes. And ultimately lowers the blood sugar level in diabetic patients.
  • The tannins content in Partridgeberry herb helps to neutralize toxins and regulate mineral metabolism and ultimately improves the digestion process and tone up the body. Also helpful in other GIT disorders such as diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, hemorrhoids.
  • The herb is also helpful for the treatment of insomnia, rheumatic pains, and fluid retention. In case of arthritis, the herb reduces the swelling and inflammation.
  • The sedative activity of the herb shows a great effect on the nervous system and induces sound sleep. You can make tea from this herb.
  • Partridgeberry is the best treatment for uterine problems such as menstrual cramps, or cramps due to uterus muscle contraction. In many women, it helps to treat the problem of heavy menstrual bleeding.
  • Partridgeberry combats the pelvic congestion and decreases the quantity of white discharge during leucorrhea. It’s a disorder which is caused due to estrogen imbalance and resulting in vaginal infection that causes white discharge from the vagina.
  • Along with another herb such as drumstick, ginger and Bodhi tree Partridgeberry helps to ease the lower back pain. You can boil a mixture of these three herbs in milk in equal proportion and drink this twice daily.
  • The paste of Partridgeberry herb, honey, and olive oil is very effective for abnormal nipple discharge. You can apply this paste over the nipple and after 10-15 minutes wash it.
  • For infertility related problems, decoction of Partridgeberry leaves and stem act like a wonder for women. Drink this decoction twice daily.
  • The paste of the Partridgeberry leaves help to get relief in breast soreness during the breastfeeding. There are various reasons behind breast soreness such as poor breastfeeding latch or not using breastfeeding pump correctly which leads to low milk supply and early weaning. All these problems can be treated with the help of Partridgeberry leaves paste.
  • The berries of the Partridgeberry are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. All these nutrients are helpful for the proper blood supply and bone health.
  • The berries of Partridgeberry also contains omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for your body. Partridgeberry is highly esteemed due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The antioxidant compounds of Partridgeberry help to reduce the oxidative damages in the body and prevents free radical activities.
  • Partridgeberry herb is a storehouse of flavonoids especially “quercetin” which shows great antihistamine activity in your body. This property of Partridgeberry helps to ease the symptoms of allergy.
  • The herb also treat many liver ailments, hypertony and gastric ulcer problem. The herb maintains the salt concentration in the body and by doing so it acts as an effective remedy for renal lithiasis, uric arthritis etc.

Along with these properties, the herb also helps to boost the level of good cholesterol, improve blood pressure and act as a cardiac tonic. The whole plant is useful for urinary disorders and infertility related problems in women.

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