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Planet Ayurveda Products

Planet Ayurved a is a GMP certified manufacturing unit (ISO-9001-2008) located in pristine environs of Himalaya region. It is an established brand having retail chains across various countries. Planet Ayurveda came into existence in the year 2002 and it is a venture of Krishna herbal company, which is a US-FDA registered herbal company.

Planet Ayurveda is involved in exporting high quality ayurvedic products to various countries e.g. USA, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Japan and Africa. There are many regular buyers of Ayurvedic products online which prefer to buy online. There are many who go to our distributors in their respective countries and buy our products.


  1. Our Ayurvedic products are not made from raw herbs purchased from the market but from the standardized herbal extracts which are having certifications of highest quality, organic certifications or wild crafted or from the reputed cultivators who are in the business from so many years and are growing their crops organically.
  2. We do not believe in adding any preservatives or chemical, synthetic molecules, drugs, taste maskers, coloring agents, flavoring substances in our products. The products are 100 % natural and free from chemicals.
  3. In our capsule based products, the herbal extracts are used to be filled in our 100 % vegetarian capsule shells. There are many who use hard gelatin shells which are cheaper, contain chemicals and made from proteins of animal origin. Whereas the vegetarian shells are made entirely of plant cellulose.
  4. There are many who use only 250 mg regular herbal extracts to make their products. We are using 500 mg standardized herbal extracts and this makes the products effective and lesser dosage is required to achieve the desired results.
  5. Many manufacturers use 250 mg herbal extracts and add up 250 mg raw herb powders to make it 500 mg and also fight the competition. We do not follow such marketing tricks to allure the customers or camouflage them.
  6. We have a separate range of herbal powder blends which are made from pure herbs only and they are sold in bigger packaging like 200 gram jars as the dosage of pure herb powder is 3 to 6 grams, whereas the 500 mg capsules can't be used to meet such a dosage.
  7. The Planet Ayurveda company is headed by MD- Ayurveda expert doctor and there are qualified Ph.D Botanists, M.Sc. Biochemistry people who are working in the organization to look after quality control and make sure the customers get the best quality products. That's why our distributors do not want to keep any other company's products but only want PLANET AYURVEDA PRODUCTS.

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