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Planet Ayurveda Franchisee - Panchakarma Retreat and Clinic

Planet Ayurveda is a leading GMP certified herbal manufacturing company, a venture of Krishna Herbal company which is a US-FDA registered herbal export company from India. Planet Ayurveda brand products are quiet popular in USA, Europe, South east Asia and Australia.

Planet Ayurveda product range includes herbal vegetarian capsules, ayurvedic pills, classical ayurvedic products, herbal juices, natural herbal powder blends, herbal panchakarma massage oils, natural beauty products.

Planet Ayurveda Clinics are also popular for Panchakarma treatment, Ayurveda retreats, Ayurveda courses and yoga centers in various parts of the world. The first center ofcourse was established in India but the first franchisee was given in Macedonia, which is a small country in Eastern Europe.

Planet Ayurveda believes in nature's healing capacity and our mission is to keep the body and mind in a balanced state and creating a disease free society. The diseases can be mental and physical.

Complicated diseases like Diabetes, Blood pressure, Arthritis, Stress, Auto-immune diseases, Psoriasis are all treated by various ayurvedic herbs, minerals and panchakarma therapies at the centers.

We make sure that the consumers get best quality products and services from our centers and that's why Dr. Vikram Chauhan, appoints special staff at all our Franchisee centers.

What We Can do for You:-

  1. Provide the best quality staff for you -Ayurveda experts, Masseurs, helpers if needed.
  2. Provide the best quality set up - Panchkarma equipments, logo designs and interiors
  3. Provide the best quality products - Massage oils and all other Planet Ayurveda products
  4. Provide necessary training
  5. Provide information brochures, literature, catalogs and later you can develop them in your own language at your own place.

Planet Ayurveda - India is looking for reliable persons and agencies for tie-ups and franchise opportunities to provide better Ayurveda services to people across the world.

Best opportunity to start a business related to Ayurveda and generates profits. Join hands with us for prosperity and let us grow together.

Panchakrama treatment and Ayurveda retreats is a fastest growing concept due to stressful lifestyle and dreadful diseases coming up every other day. Planet Ayurveda offers not only business opportunity to make good livelihood and lifestyle but also helps to know other humans better and help them in their stressful diseased state.

What are the Franchisee Benefits?

  1. You can use the brand name "PLANET AYURVEDA" as it is a catchy name and already popular.
  2. As soon as you become a franchisee of your region, We will forward all our queries directly to you. This will ease our burden and improve your business.
  3. Planet Ayurveda is backed by senior Ayurveda consultant - Dr. Vikram Chauhan, MD, who has a 14 years experience in the field of Ayurveda. He is not making his living from consultations but still loves to treat them, gives lectures and consultations at various centers.
  4. Dr. Vikram is willing to share his expertise of pulse diagnosis and other experiences with his franchisee holders and junior doctors.
  5. We do not believe in fake marketing but we know that if you provide better quality products, excellent services and good treatment to consumes and treat them well - they advertise for you in real !
  6. 90 % of our clients who visit our centers or our websites or purchase a product from us, they become our friends or associates. The reason is effective products and services¬ + hospitality and humbleness and genuine intentions to help the customers.
  7. We can go at any extent to help you in your initial set up hurdles. We can also help you in preparing the brochures, Catalogs, planning the revenue generation methods, planning the Panchakarma packages like - Rejuvenation / Relaxation / Detoxification.
  8. Though we provide you expert ayurveda doctors, but we can even send a team of doctors to your center to teach basic therapies and marketing techniques as per your country needs.

Prerequisites for Planet Ayurveda Franchisee

  • Have your own space of no less than 1500 to 2000 square feet in an accessible, central area.
  • It can be a bigger area, out of the city also for comfortable stay of the patients. (This module is different than the city center concept)
  • Have a passion for Ayurveda and natural healing
  • Must have background of business, any type of business is fine.
  • Demonstrate financial competence and stability.

If interested in associating with us, then please contact us with details of:-

  1. Your current occupation.
  2. Why you are interested in setting up an Ayurveda retreat and center.

Contact at -

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