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Prostate Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda

About Prostate Gland

Prostate is a walnut sized gland in male reproductive system. The literal meaning or prostate is "Guard" or a "protector". It really guards the male's genetic material by engulfing it into semen. 80 % of the semen consists of secretions from Prostate gland. The alkaline secretions help to provide nutrition to the sperms and alkaline media to ensure their survival in the acidic media of vagina. It is located just below urinary bladder and in front of the rectum. It surrounds the part of the urethera (urine tube).

How Prostate Cancer Develops?

The haphazard growth of prostate cells is mainly responsible due to ageing. The prostate cancer or enlarged prostate is found mainly in elderly men. As the men age, the prostate gland becomes bigger and blocks the urethera. This causes difficulty in passing the urine and can also interfere with sexual performance. The condition at this stage is called prostatic hypertrophy or benign prostatic hyperplasia. This is not dangerous at this stage and surgery is usually done to remove the enlarged prostate gland. In some cases, the problem becomes cancerous. Usually the cancer type in prostate is adenocarcinoma in 99 % of the cases. The reason is that the prostate cancers develop in the glandular part consisting of glandular cells. It is not good to ignore prostate enlargement and screening for cancer is must. Although in most of the cases, the cancer growth is slow but in some cases it can be rapid as well.

Causes of Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Cancer

  1. Age Usually patients above 60 years of age are diagnosed with Prosate cancer. All men above 50 should go for prostate screening tests like ultrasound exam, blood PSA levels to rule out enlarged prostate or prostate cancer.
  2. Race Mainly African-american men are more prone to enlarged prostate gland. Caucasians are more prone to prostate enlargement and cancers than Asian population.
  3. Family History  Prostate enlargement is also related to family history.
  4. Diet and Lifestyle  Protein rich diet, alcohol, non-veg diet and articifical diet is linked with development of prostate cancer.

Symptoms of Enlarged Prostate or Prostate Cancer

The symptoms of BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia) or even cancer of the prostate are overlapping and almost the same. That's why it becomes important to go for blood PSA evaluation to rule out development of cancer. Above 60, all men are advised to go for ultrasound exam every year to rule out the growth of prostate.

  1. Frequent urination - especially at night
  2. Interrupted flow of urine
  3. Difficulty in urinating
  4. Painful, burning micturition
  5. Sometimes blood in urine or semen.
  6. Pain in the back and hips
  7. Pain during ejaculation

How to Make Diagnosis of Enlarged Prostate Gland?

  1. Physical examination by the doctor -The rectal examination is done to ascertain the size and position of the prostate.
  2. PSA Test - A blood test indicates the cancerous or benign growth of the prostate.
  3. Ultrasound - It is an important tool to ascertain the size of the prostate.
  4. Biopsy - The biopsy test is done to physically look at the type of the cells and make sure if it is cancerous or not?
  5. CT Scan and MRI scans - These are important tools to quantify the size of the tumor or prostate gland.

Staging of Cancer

Usually the TNM classification is adopted to classify the spread of the cancer. T denotes Tumor size, N denotes the degree of spread to adjoining lymph nodes and M denotes further metastasis beyond lymph nodes.

  • Ist Stage - When the cancer has not yet spread to adjoining lymph nodes but it is present within the prostate itself and a very small sized tumor.
  • 2nd stage - The cancer is still inside the prostate and not yet spread to adjoining lymph nodes or any other organs.
  • 3rd Stage -  When the cancer starts to spread out of the prostate but not to lymph nodes yet.
  • 4th Stage -  The cancer has spread to the adjoining lymph nodes. Final Stage- When the cancer has spread farther than the lymph nodes.

Herbal Remedies for Prostate Cancer by Planet Ayurveda

Ayurvedic herbs give excellent results in prostate cancer. They help to shrink the tumor, improve the symptoms of prostate enlargement and reduce the PSA levels. The treatment can be given along with the radiotherapy or chemotherapy as it will prevent their side effects and improve the outcome. The results are excellent after using the Crab Care Package.

The combination of 6 herbal formulations helps to fight all sorts of cancers in the body and particularly prostate cancer. The combination works together to minimize the tumor size, stops the spread of cancer to other organs and improves the outcome of other ongoing treatments. If the patient is already taking radiotherapy or chemotherapy, adjuvant use of this package helps to improve the overall outcome. These herbal remedies for cancer help to rejuvenate the cells and flood them with vital energy, natural flavonoids, anti-oxidants. The herbs like Curcumin have been well researched for its role in treatment of cancer. Similarly Ashwagandha and Tulsi have numerous anti-cancer studies published in various international journals. There have been numerous clinical trials done on these herbs for their role in cancer. The product Kachnaar guggul is specifically used by Ayurvedic experts worldwide for swellings in lymph nodes, cancers, lymphomas and prostate enlargement. The herbs work in a synergistic manner to support the cells to perform their optimum functions. They help to stop the spread of cancer to various other organs. Chanderprabha tablets are classical ayurvedic tablets to improve sexual health, improve stamina, improve flow of urine and prevent urinary tract infections. Tulsi is another wonderful herb to prevent infections, treat various forms of cancers and improve urine flow.

  1. All these supplements can be consumed even if the cancer has already spread and it is a malignant cancer. These give excellent results in benign tumors as well.
  2. These can be consumed along with ongoing chemo or radiotherapy. These will help to improve the overall outcome and prevent side effects.


  1. Curcumin - 2 capsules twice daily, after meals with warm water
  2. Ashwagandha - 2 capsules twice daily , after meals with warm water
  3. Guggul - 2 capsules twice daily, after meals with warm water
  4. Chanderprabha vati - 2 tablets thrice daily, after meals with warm water
  5. Tulsi capsules - 2 capsules twice daily, after meals with warm water
  6. Kachnaar Guggul - 2 tablets thrice daily, after meals with warm water

All these can be consumed together without any problem in the above mentioned dosages, about 1 hour after meals. It is better if the patient consumes natural food and juices of beets, green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroot, wheat grass, aloe vera juice, amla juice. Try to avoid fried food, packaged food, citric fruits, non-veg diet, frozen food and also avoid alcohol. Consume more raw green vegetables, fresh salads and fruits and nuts. Pranayam - Breathing exercises of Yoga are the best for all prostate cancer patients.

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Why to Use Our Products?

The Difference Between Our Products and Others:-

  1. Vegetarian capsule shells are very expensive than hard gelatin capsules. We are using 100 % natural and vegetarian capsule shells made from plant cellulose. We don't use hard gelatin because that is made from cow throat cartilage, pig intestine cartilage and some chemicals. It's a low cost hard gelatin and most of the manufacturers use it to cut their costs.
  2. Raw herb powders are processed to yield highly potent extract. That's why our products work because we are not only using highly potent extracts but further standardize them to certain level to get desired results. The product is 100 % natural without use of any chemicals.
  3. We are using standardized extracts in our 100 % natural herbal supplements and not regular extracts.
  4. Many manufacturers use 250 mg raw herb powder and 250 mg herbal extract, but we are using 500 mg standardized herbal extracts in our vegetarian capsule shells. This gives us an edge over quality and efficacy.
  5. The cost of raw herb powder is minimum, the cost of herbal extract is 10 times more and the cost of standardized extract is further more.
  6. Our products are 100 % natural supplements, made from pure natural herbal extracts in 500 mg quantity in each capsule and used by patients from over 130 countries.
  7. This was about capsule based formulations. We have herbal supplements made from pure herbs, herbal tablets made from 100 % natural organic herbs.

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