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How to Relieve Stress Naturally with Ayurveda and Herbs?

Mental tension has grown many folds from last 40 years or so. Technology (mobiles & Internet) has changed our lives and now everyone is doing several works at a time and being in touch with so many people at the same time. This has lead to too much burden on one's mind and causing stress, lack of concentration, lack of focus, attention and memory. The brain fatigue has become very much common now.

What Happens in Stress?

We are all humans. Just assume that we are the machines made by nature (God). The body is designed in such a way by almighty that we always react in same manner in certain situations. For example, imagine yourself in a jungle and suddenly a lion comes in front of you and you are in a fearful state. You have only 2 options – fight or flight.

In either case, your body needs strength and stamina. The body turns on the mechanisms to improve strength and stamina to temporary fight the stress or the fearful state.

What are the Mechanisms to Fight Stress and what Actually Happens Inside the Body?

The muscles need oxygen, the muscles need glucose, the muscles need nutrients to handle this fearful situation. From where these will come?

The respiratory rate increases suddenly to provide sufficient oxygen to the muscles. The liver immediately breaks glycogen stores to provide glucose quickly and raise the sugar levels. The heart starts beating faster to provide quick blood supply to muscles. The blood vessels constrict to raise the blood pressure. Everything required to fight the lion is poured by the body cells into the blood to overcome the immediate threat and fight the fear.

These all automatic systems are fitted in our body naturally. The heart rate, respiratory rate, conversion of glycogen into glucose and muscle tone increase are all controlled by autonomous nervous system. The nerves system immediately ask the kidneys to release adrenaline into the blood to improve circulation and increase pumping capacity of the heart. The pancreas immediately releases insulin for better utilization of glucose by the muscles. The liver immediately converts the glycogen into glucose by using short cut methods which are not the usual methods of conversion in the body. This is called anerobic breakdown or the lactic acid metabolism, leading to accumulation of lactic acid and carbon dioxide in the body.

What is the Relevancy of this Lion Story to Today's Time?

Yes, the main question was How can I relieve Stress naturally with Ayurveda and herbs and what is the relevancy of this lion story, but here is the explanation what we are doing now a days - As you know, that the Lion generated the fear in the body. In today's time, everybody is living in constant state of fear.

  • The fear of losing a job
  • The fear of career
  • The fear of future
  • The fear of husband-wife relationship.
  • The fear of divorce
  • The fear of father-son relationship
  • The fear of business failure
  • The fear of getting looted, kidnapped or scammed ( if you are rich )
  • There are so many other fears which are endless and these fears are there in people's mind causes chronic stress.

The laws of nature are still applicable to this mammal (the human being). Just give a very good news to a person and you note down his heart beat, his eyes, his face, his digestive system, his skin, his face, his eye brows, his hair, his liver are all happy just by listening to a good news !

Similarly just give a bad news and you can notice what happens to body. Some people can even die due to heart attack or some may suffer from loose stools or diarrhea, vomiting and some may even fall because of vertigo. This is how our body works. We are under control of our thoughts and our thoughts are controlling our hormones & Neurotransmitters and our hormones/neurotransmitters are controlling our organs.

If the thoughts are positive, all the organs are happy and if the thoughts are negative, all the organs start to malfunction. This is how our body is made to behave in stressful of happy situations.

From where the Blood comes From and what is the Outcome of Stress?

Stress is the root cause of all the diseases as per Ayurveda and all the natural methods should be followed to relieve stress naturally. The blood containing all the nutrients goes to heart, muscles, lungs, brain which are needed to fight the fear.

This leads to the following problems:-

Blood pressure and Heart Problems

Because too much chronic stress causes sustained release of adrenaline causing the heart to keep pumping always and keep the BP at a higher side always.


Because too much conversion of glycogen into glucose leads to raised glucose levels, leading to worn out pancreatic cells which produce insulin

Fatigue, Lethargy, Tiredness

(Accumulation of lactic acid and carbon-di-oxide due to anerobic glycogen conversion into glucose)

Digestive Tract Diseases

Stomach Ulcers, Lack of appetite, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, Constipation, Sluggish or fatty liver, Cancers of the liver and digestive tract – because the blood from these organs is gone to feed the muscles and these organs get diseases due to continuous short supply of nutrients, oxygen and blood supply. Body does not give priority to Digestion when it has to fight a lion.

Reproductive Organs Diseases

Ovarian cysts, irregular menses, uterine fibroids, Hyper and hypothyroidism, infertility in both males and females, endometriosis, low sperm count, loss of libido are all caused by lack of proper blood supply, nutrition and oxygen supply to these organs. Body does not give priority to reproduction when it has to fight a lion.

Loss of Hair, Skin glow, Nails Luster

Body does not give priority to these organs as they are not needed to fight the fears. The blood supply or the nutrition is all needed by the muscles to provide strength and stamina to the body to fight the immediate threat – the fear! That's why the skin looses its entire glow due to stress.

Muscle Stiffness

The neck and back stiffness is the common symptom of stress as the muscles get tired by remaining tight and due to accumulation of lactic acid and uncontrolled flow of blood and glucose.


Lack of sleep and irregular sleep is one of the major outcomes of the stress.

What happens in Chronic State of Fear?

The chronic fear leads to chronic stress and all the organs are affected as explained above. Now the big question is how can I relieve stress naturally?

How to Relieve Stress using Ayurveda Principles and Herbs?

First of all the understanding of the above mentioned mechanism are important. We should what our body is doing with our organs when we are thinking negative or fearful and remaining in stress.

What is the Way Out?

There are some ayurvedic herbs which are found to be very useful in helping the body fight the harmful effects of stress and neutralize the chemicals which are generated in the body during the fearful, angry state of negative thoughts.

Meditate to Relieve Stress

Regular meditation is very important to keep the feelings in control and getting rid of unnecessary stress. Sometimes the reasons for stress are genuine and the damage irrepairable and the circumstances are not in our control, but still we can slowly control our thoughts and our mind and relieve stress naturally. The best meditation is speaking to self and knowing the truth. Following the guidelines by spiritual texts helps to meditate and know the right path in life.

Meditate for about 10 minutes every day in the morning and before sleeping.

Herbal Remedies for Stress by Planet Ayurveda

Stress Support

There are some Ayurvedic herbs to relieve stress naturally and without causing any side effects. These herbs are blended to form a herbal formulation known as Stress Support. The herbs are made into extracts and are made into these vegetarian capsules. These herbs not only relieve the stress but also help to neutralize the chemicals, free radicals generated by the negative thoughts.

These ayurvedic herbs to relieve stress can be used without a problem. The rarest herbs like Ashwagandha, Jatamansi, Tagar and Bramhi are used in this formulation. These herbs are highly effective in combating the side effects of stress and are rich in natural alkaloids to protect the body from harmful effects of stress.


1. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) - The latin name of this plant says that it is somniferous in action. The herbs which help to induce natural sleep are called somniferous. Withania somnifera or Ashwagandha is a shrub and the root powder extract of this shrub is used as herbal medicine to relieve stress and body aches. The herb contains Withanolides which are having steroids like actions but with no side effects of steroids, therefore making them far superior than chemical drugs and steroids. The herb also improves natural strength and stamina and helps to keep the sugar and blood pressure in control. A lot of research has been done on active constituents of the herb Withania somnifera and every encouraging results have been found.

2. Bramhi (Bacopa monneiri) - A lot of research has been done on Bramhi on its role in improving memory, concentration and providing answer to the question how can I relieve stress naturally.

Bramhi is one of the constituent of the Stress Support capsules which are found to be very useful in improving memory and reducing stress. Tagar – Valeriana vallichi – This is an effective ayurvedic herb to fight stress, anxiety and hyperactive mind and that too without causing any side effects. Tagar is a popular herb used in India for its anxiety and stress busting properties.

3. Jatamansi (Nordostachyes jatamansi) - This is a cooling herb. It is used in ayurvedic medicines meant for blood pressure, stress and anxiety. The herb helps to control the anger, blood pressure, hatred, revenge and other negative thoughts. It keeps the mind cool and does not induce any artificial sleep.

These 3 herbs in stress support work in a synergistic manner to relieve stress naturally. The dosage of stress support capsules is 1 capsule twice daily. This product can be consumed with any other medicines, synthetic drugs as there are no contraindications.

This formula does not induce any sleep or not habit forming and does not contain any chemicals or harmful substances. So it can be easily consumed without any fear by any age group persons.

To buy Stress Support, please visit store.planetayurveda.com/products/stress-support

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