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Shilajit Capsules – Anti Aging Herbal Remedy

The most powerful anti-aging substance and Rejuvenator ever known to mankind is shilajit and luckily we have Shilajit capsules as the best anti-aging supplement. The herbal abilities present in the Shilajit capsules at planet Ayurveda drastically act upon your aging skin and turn it into young and glowing all over again. Its purifying and anti-oxidant properties lead to herbal remedy to care aging problems like skin aging issues, loss of memory/ physical charge up, etc. Feel the power and charm of growing young with shilajit capsules.

Shilajit contains around 84 types of minerals in a natural ionic form which are very essential for stimulating the equilibrium of energy metabolism in the body. The minerals in Shilajit are not like the mineral supplements prevalent in the market. These minerals are in ionic form and have since decades been absorbed by rich plant life and returned back to earth under much pressure and regenerations. So in much purified and fermented form, they are easily absorbed by the body cells.

Fulvic Acid is the major part of the Shilajit capsules that plays a vital role in getting into the cell walls and transmitting the minerals into the cells. This is the most significant feature of the Shilajit capsules that helps in arresting and reversing the aging process.

As the body ages, the cell walls become thick and it becomes increasingly difficult for the minerals to get properly transported into the cells – to the Protoplasm basically. Thus we see that our body cells do not get sufficient and efficient minerals and as a result, they are also not able to absorb the vitamins also. This is the major reason why aging and degeneration sets in.

Fulvic acid acts swiftly to develop into the curing health miracles since the 21st century. Scientists and doctors around the globe are now beginning to discover the positive effects of fulvic acid and are identifying its extraordinary potential and effect. Fulvic acid is created in soil amidst micro organisms and humus so that the minerals can be transported from the soil to the plants agitatedly. Fulvic acid is the best electrolyte ever known.

Nature’s Best Anti-Aging Supplement

Shilajit Capsules

Planet Ayurveda Shilajit has an edge over other available brands. We use 500 mg extract in each capsule. Our shilajit comes directly from Himalayas and the results are evident within few days. The effects are guaranteed !

Serving Size – 1 Vegi Cap

Servings Per Container – 60

Each 500 mg Capsule Contains – Best Quality Herbal Extract of Shilajit 6:1

Dosage of Shilajit

2 capsules twice daily, with plain water or milk after meals

The power of an electrolyte has been shown in several tests. The electrical potential of the body cell is reduced to null at death. These studies show very convincingly the physical well being upon reintroducing electrical potential. The cell gets reconstructed and becomes active and healthy during the process.

Loss of sex drive and impotence is often a sign of aging. Since ancient times, Shilajit, a gummy substance found in the rocks of certain mountainous regions of the world, is being used as a rejuvenating tonic affecting this problem drastically showing magical results. The pale brown to a blackish-brown substance made of organic plant matter, humus and minerals are extracted from the rocks of the Himalayas and some other parts of the world as well in the summer months in around May to July. The ability of Shilajit is documented in epics like Vedas and also Ayurvedic rich scripts including Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita.

Our shilajit capsules are not subjected to any solvent extraction, standardization, commercial processing or adulteration. The extract is naturally purified with filtered water before being clinically tested for safety. The origin we have chosen is high in the Himalayas, producing shilajit with the purest concentration of essential minerals and nutrients. Shilajit capsules of this quality and potency are extremely rare and are available just for you at planet Ayurveda.

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