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Tinospora Cordifolia (Giloy) - Uses, Benefits, Dosage and Indications

Tinospora cordifolia, Giloy
  • Scientific Name: Tinospora cordifolia
  • English Name: Gulancha tinospora
  • Sanskrit Name: Guduchi, Giloy

Description of the Herb Tinospora Cordifolia

It is a climbing shrub. Barks are gray-brown or cream-white and warty. Leaves re broad, pointed at the tip and having margin. Small flowers appear in summer and fruits in winter. The plant climbing on a neem tree is considered to be therapeutically more useful.


It grows in tropical and sub tropical regions up to an altitude of 300 meters.

Uses of Giloy

  • Useful herbal remedy for infections, recurrent fevers
  • Giloy is useful immunomodulator- useful in low immunity
  • Giloy is useful for cancer of all types
  • Giloy is useful in High uric acid
  • Giloy is useful in all types of flu

Part Used of Giloy


Phytochemicals in Giloy

Its principal constituents are tinosporine, tinosporide, tinosporaside, cordifolide, cordifol, heptacosanol, clerodane furano diterpene, diterpenoid furanolactone tinosporidine, columbin and b-sitosterol.

Medicinal Properties of Giloy

It is Ant periodic, Antipyretic, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory. It is a constituent of several compound preparations. It is used in fever, urinary disorders, dyspepsia, torpidity of the liver, skin diseases, secondary syphilis, rheumatism, constipation, tuberculosis, leprosy and general debility. It is also used in treatment of rheumatism and jaundice. It is a blood purifier and may be useful in AIDS and other immune diseases also. It is also being proposed for cancer patients before and after chemotherapy.

Indications for Use of Tinospora Cordifolia Herb Powder

  1. It is a very useful treatment for gout and high uric acid.
  2. It is a natural blood purifier and is very useful for skin problems like Acne, Psoriasis, eczema, Lichen planus and others.
  3. It is an immunomodulator and is useful for immunity deficient conditions like AIDS and other auto-immune disorders.
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  5. Effective for many types of cancers
  6. Effective detoxifying herb, useful in urinary tract infections. The stem decoction is used to imrove resistance to recurrent infections. Giloy is excellent for jaundice, Gout, Skin diseases, Cancers, Rheumatism and other diseases mentioned above.

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