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Tinospora cordifolia - Guduchi Ghan - Giloy Satva - Uses and Benefits

Tinospora cordifolia

Tinosporia cordifolia is a plant commonly known as Guduchi or Giloy in India. This is a herbaceuous vine of the family menispermaceae and is indigenous to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

This creeper climbs over the bigger trees and has many medicinal values. There are a lot of researches going on Guduchi worldwide because of its healing properties and benefits in healthcare. The Giloy creeper which grows on Neem tree is said to posses more medicinal values than growing on its own because Neem itself being bitter in taste and having excellent blood cleansing properties, it enhances the efficacy of Giloy in Cancer and other blood disorders.

What is Guduchi ghan or Giloy Sat / Giloy Satva ?

Guduchi ghan is a concentrated extract of Tinospora coridifolia stems taken by processing it in water. This is also called Aqueous extract of tinospora cordifolia.

Important Uses of Giloy and Benefits of Tinospora cordifolia

  • The stem juice or stem powder of the twine is used for many types of Cancers. It is known as immunomodulatory herb. It helps the immune system to understand the cancer cells and control them. Giloy satv or the herbal extract of tinospora cordifolia is also used.
  • The cancer responds very well to Guduchi powder or Guduchi Satva. The latest research of Giloy Satva on Cancer proved that the effects were similar or better than the modern chemotherapy drug - doxrubicin

Other uses of guduchi are:

  1. Gout
  2. Arthritis
  3. Cancers
  4. Inflmmatory conditions
  5. Fevers of Unknown origin, chronic fevers, low grade fevers, unexplained weakness and tiredness
  6. Liver diseases - liver cancer, hepatitis, jaundice
  7. Skin diseases- very effective in Psoriasis, Eczema, Ringworm, Lichen planus, acne, blood purifier in general.
  8. Auto-immune disordres - Nephrotic syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis
  9. Low Immunity - Blood cancers, Malignant tumors, low immunity conditions.
  10. Blood pressure
  11. Sexual weakness
  12. Leucorrhea, Painful menstruation
  13. Low appetite
  14. Very useful in Diabetes and weakness due to Diabetes

Synonyms of Guduchi

  1. Amrita - The herb is popularly called "amrita - means Elixir of life - because of its so many healing properties.
  2. Chinn-ruha - The herb is also called "Chinn-ruha" - Ruh means soul and Chinn means separated. It is a popular analogy in Ayurveda that it brings back the soul in the dead…i.e. even if the soul is separated from the body and the person is dead, it brings back the life to the dead person.
    This is just an analogy given in ancient texts to decscribe tremendous healing powers of Guduchi.
  3. Kundalini - because it is a twine and the stems are circled like a Kundalini
  4. Chakralakshanika - because the cross section fo the stem reveals various "Charkas' i.e. spokes like a bicycle wheel.

Major Alkaloids in Tinospora cordifolia

Berberine and Giloin

Properties of Guduchi as per Ayurvedic Principles

  • Rasa (Taste) - Tikt, Kashaya (Bitter, Astringent)
  • Guna (Physical Properties) - Guru, Snigdh (Heavy, unctuous)
  • Virya (Potency) - Ushna (Hot)
  • Vipaka (Metabolic Property) - Madhur (Sweet)

Benefites and effects of Guduchi Satva on Body

It is cooling, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, blood purifier, alleviates Pitta dosha, gives strength to heart and is "rasayana"

What is a Rasayana?

Anything which gives strength to the body by improving its healing mechanisms, improves eye sight, useful in diabetes, blood pressure, improves body's immunity ,maintains the normal homeostasis, improves longevity and fights all the diseases within the body is called "rasayana". There are a few herbs which are kept in this category by ancient ayurvedic rishis. The Giloy is at top of the Rasayana herbs. The other rasayana herbs are Ashwagandha, Amla, Haritaki (These 2 are ingredients of Vara Churna - which is also a rasayana).

Tinospora Cordifolia - Guduchi Satv for Cancer

Giloy is getting popular for its role in cancer and even many trials are going on for its immuno-modulatory capacity in treatment of AIDS patients. Ayurveda practitioners use guduchi satva for almost all the diseases and all their prescriptions do not go out without prescribing giloy satva to their patients, because it is rasayana and balances the tridosha and helpful in almost all the diseases.

How to use Giloy satva in Cancer?

Just take 500 mg to 1000 mg dosage, twice daily in case of cancers. In case of blood impurities, skin diseases, gout, the dosage can be 500 mg twice daily

Buy 200 gram Giloy sat and make 400 equal dosages and wrap them in paper to make sachets. Each sachet will contain about 500 mg powder. Consume 1 sachet twice daily or 2 sachets twice daily.

To buy Guduchi Powder, please visit

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