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How to Treat Obesity in Ayurveda?

Interview of Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Hello my friends, now a day's you know this problem of obesity is in every household. Everybody in your neighborhoods, in your relatives, in your friends you see they are suffering from overweight. Even in every house now a days it has become so common that we are all affected by obesity. Being overweight is not only bad for the looks but also for puts lots of burden on all the organs. Internal organs like heart, like liver, kidneys, joints, and hormonal system. And pancreas also causing diabetes, so many problems are associated with diabetes this obesity. So obesity leads to so many problems so it is very important to lose weight and be in good shape.

So everybody now days they think that, there are only two ways of course to lose weight one is cutting the calories and second is increasing the burning rate of calories. So people are going to gym, people are doing all sort of exercises. And they have made mini gyms in the houses also but still it is good to exercise. But still they are not able to achieve their objective because the diet is still very high in calories. People they consume so much, so many calories that they keep on putting weight. So it is very important to maintain a balance in life maintain a healthy balanced diet rather than eating too many calories. Second exercise is ok. Exercise is very good. So these two things everybody knows it but difficult to follow. Difficult to do. So you can take help of Ayurveda.

Help of yoga, you can do some breathing exercises. Like pranayama, Kapalbhati you can just exercise in the morning. Kapalbhati, pranayama you can do. And if you are not able to do that then you should go for walk at least do some swimming, or jogging or play some game. So all these things you already know. People still they don't, they are not willing to do all those things. How to lose weight now in this context. So what we can do nothing is better than exercise you note down one thing. Exercise is number one, dieting I don't recommend, dieting because people they don't know dieting. They do crash dieting so I recommend improvement or modification in the diet. Increase just go over internet search, what are various diet plan. And also check out the various calories in different food items. Don't eat too many carbohydrates don't eat too many fats, and try to eat some fruits and salads every day. So all these things basic things you should follow and along with exercise. Other than that there are some herbal supplements. Ayurvedic herbs which are good like Triphala is very good.

Triphala powder, Triphala churna it can start the cleansing of the intestines. Cleansing of the whole system. So Triphala contains Haritaki, Amalaki, and Bibhitaki. So three fruits are there, these fruits they make product called Triphala. So Triphala capsules are available everywhere. And make sure they are of good quality. Triphala powder is better than the capsules. So I recommend powder. Other than Triphala there are some other herbs which are very good. Which are hot in nature slightly hot in nature and which help to burn the fat. They don't cause side effect or anything, there are some spices, some various herbs which are described in ancient texts they are very good for burning the stubborn fat and also moving cellulite and restore the shape of the body. So number one is Garcinia, garcinia is also called amalvetas in India so it is vilayti imli. And this is a fruit of, cover of fruit is used and extract is made of that fruit and then garcinia is useful as a weight loss supplement.

And other one is there is Kutki is there, Kutki is Picrorhiza. It is we have supplement called Stholyantak Churna. So Stholyantak Churna also contains about 10-12 herbs. Kutki is there apamarga is there, in Ayurveda apamargatudliya adhyaya (chapter) is there chapter is there in Charak Samhita. So this chapter is especially on this plant apamarga. There are although apamargatudliya adhyaya contains so many things but still apamarga is useful for this weight loss. And other than apamaraga there is shigru is also there, there is vacha is also there, Kutki is there, Mustak is also there, Mustak is Cyperus rotundus, shigru is Moringa Oleifera, and Kutki is Picrorhiza kurroa.

To remove water retention we use Punarnava that is Boerrhavia diffusa. So Terminalia chebula again this Terminalia chebula we use in Haritaki, Haritaki we use in Triphala. So vidang is there Emelia ribes, Emelia ribes is just like small peppers black peppers. So embelia ribes is there, guggul is there, guggul is Commiphora mukul so Commiphora mukul resin is used in this losing the weight so burning the fat from the body. So all these herbs which I have mentioned they if u whatever is available from them you can use it and one more thing in the morning you tried to don't consume to much water some people they consume so much water in the morning, it is not necessary it doesn't give good results. So just consume the water in divided form like 8-10 glasses a day is ok, so water should not be consume moreover one more thing after the meals water should not be consumed some people they consume lot of water after eating something. Dinner should be before about two hour before sleeping 2-3 hrs. It is good if you consume the dinner at if you take dinner at about 7 o'clock or 6 o clock, 6:30 or 7 o'clock. So you get lot of rest or the gap in the sleep between the sleep time and the dinner time. So it is very important to take care of these small-small basic things so dinner time sleeping is also very important.

Now a days you know Sleeping pattern have become lot of disturbed pattern because keep on working till late night, so sleeping in time is important getting up early is important when you get up early in the morning you set your body metabolic rate little high. So the body burns calories at faster rate so it is very important to get up early in the morning if you want to lose weight so these and don't sleep during the daytime, don't eat heavy food in the dinner, breakfast is ok, breakfast should be good. Lunch should be moderate, and dinner should be very light. You can incorporate very, the soup of vegetables in the dinner, so all these things you should take care. Definitely within one month you will be able to lose 5 to 5 kilogram. It is not good to lose more than 5 kg in a month. So 5 kg a month is ok. So this is all what I want to share so thank you very much. Thanks lot.

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