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What is Ulcerative Colitis and How to Treat it Naturally?

Helpful Information Shared by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer: Welcome Dr. Vikram.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Thank you.

Interviewer: Please tell us about ulcerative colitis from which many people are suffering these days.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Basically as the name says ulcerative colitis, colitis is inflammation of the colon, ulceration means ulcer in the colon. So there is the formation of small ulcers like small wounds, some time they bleed also causes lots of not only physical problem but also mental agony to the patient. If one sees his blood going out of stool he feels mentally very upset, very painful for the... agony. So it is ulcerative colitis. The main cause of all the digestive system problem is the way we eat. It's very important, the food habits and the way we eat. Drinking too much cold water along with cold drinks and cold water, cold liquids along with the warm food. So it causes the problem with the stomach. You see because digestive fire is there and we are putting cold drinks on that digestion.

Interviewer: Lots of spices also cause the problem.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: That is one of the major reason, a lot of spices. Of course, they are going to cause ulceration and gastritis. Irregular food habits, wrong food combinations, and a lot of spices. All these are the factors. First of all, they don't cause the immediately ulceration. Initially, there is irritable bowel syndrome. Initially, there is indigestion, loss of appetite. Then slowly there is ulceration this in large intestine.

Interviewer: So if someone suffers with this condition, is there any treatment available in Ayurveda for this condition?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yes there are wonderful remedies. There is wonderful treatment in Ayurveda because ayurvedic medicines they are most effective in the digestive system problem. Especially the ulcerative colitis. So it is possible to cure ulcerative colitis in Ayurveda and there is dietary modifications are also needed. And in case of bleeding, one can use very common things like flowers of marigold. I want to tell viewers marigold petals, you can just take the juice of marigold petals to stop the bleeding. You can even use simple grass called druva grass in Ayurveda. Simple grass can be used. There is a tree called seesam, Dalbergia tree. The leaves of that tree Dalbergia sissoo, they are very commonly grown in India and elsewhere in the world.

Interviewer: They can be used directly.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Directly, leaves of Dalbergia, the petals of this marigold flower. Marigold is available, marigold is very common and these are the common things, cooling herbs gave instant relief. This grass is everywhere. One can cut the grass and make the juice. 3 spoons full morning and evening and bleeding stop and disappears. So it heals ulcers also. Liquorice is also good. Consuming liquorice, mulethi you know in small quantity. These are small home remedies for ulcerative colitis.

Interviewer: Are there any, you can say products which can help?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Majorly in case of major problem one can use vatsakadi churna. It is a wonderful combination which heals the wound, which stops the bleeding, which controls the inflammation, stops the inflammation. Vatsakadi churna is classical ayurvedic formulation. So there are some other like the combination of ancient formulations made into Vatsakadi churna, made into Kutajghan vati. Bael fruit juice is there, bael fruit powder is there. All these, bilwadi churna is there. Bilwa herbal jam is there. Combinations we use in Ayurveda. Piyushwali rasa is there, niruptiballabh rasa is there. All these combinations, trinkantmanipisthi we use for bleeding, bolbadh rasa we use, bol parpati we use so many combinations.

Interviewer: So this ulcerative colitis condition, is it very painful also?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yeah! it is painful. It causes pain in the stomach.

Interviewer: So is there anything for pain also in Ayurveda?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: I want to give you some simple remedy for getting rid of gas, pain in the digestive system. Whenever there is gas and flatulence, there is a pain just take cumin (jeera), cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and thyme seeds (AJWAIN). So cumin, fennel, and thyme, just take one teaspoon full of these herbs, these spices and boil them in about 400 ml water. Just 12-ounce water. Just boil 400 ml water with one teaspoon full of each of the herb and then keep it boiling until it remains 1/8th, only 2 ounces remain, only 50 ml remains. Just filter it then consume it. It will help a lot in the gas problem, acidity, in pain due to any reason can be given to children also. If small child complaining of flatulence then give just one teaspoon of decoction.

Interviewer: That's great. That's very great. Thank you Dr. Vikram for sharing such nice information and viewers you are lucky enough to have so many home remedies for this condition.

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