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What are the Health Benefits and Uses of Sweet Violet (Viola Odorata)?

Sweet violet, Viola odorata

Viola odorata propagates itself by sending out its own scions or runners from its main plant after every summer flowers, which when land on the ground turn into seeds and new plants germinate from them. This process keeps going on and it makes itself free from its seeds. But these are not very beneficial, you have to prepare the land every year to reap in the maximum benefits. The soil should be sandy that is prepared by deep digging.

Viola odorata, most of this species is unappreciated but is a vital tonic herb. All parts of this plant can be used to make many herbal remedies like roots, bark, leaves, and flowers have a clear medicinal value. Viola oil is completely organic and have no synthetic ingredients and can be used by people who possess a fragile cum sensitive skin texture. It can change your mood in a positive way with its seductive fragrance.

Salicylic acid, one of its ingredients, is found in the fresh parts of plant, acts as a disinfectant and tissue solvent, which can be applied on the skin texture to soften the hard skin and ward off warts and corns. Its leaves contain an abundance of vitamins A and C. This plant's root possess lots of minerals and its flowers and leaves make a superb salad.

Its leaves are nutritious, contain polysaccharide and anodyne (has pain killing strength) and is diuretic. It has the power to deal with cancer build up. When its quarter jar of leaves are boiled in water for about 15 minutes, it proves good for fibrocystic breast disease, mastitis, if gargled proves good for mouth erasing gingivitis, reduces the pain of the mouth cancer and heals herpes. When you drink it with tea, it proves to be good for the nervous system, eyes, bronchitis, ear infections, and sinus infections. Its leaves can also be used at the back of your neck to reduce stress, insomnia and help the nervous defaults. Its small leaves have been used as ointment and compressed form helps in healing wounds, swellings, herpes lesions, severe conjunctivitis, and skin rashes in a fast way.

Viola flowers (seed - bearing), which are green in color and are hidden, sprout out in the fall and are anti-scorbutic and laxative. All are edible and blend with olive oil to heal tinnitus. If you have a sore throat, constipation, stomach ache or digestive problems, drink its syrup or soup. Viola roots are diuretic, expectorant, emollient, anti-pyretic, cathartic and emetic, which helps to treat cough, fever, and soothing sore feet. It can prove to be poisonous if taken in excess as 'everything in excess is bad.' Its tincture drops are used for respiratory troubles, to break up mucus and cool the body temperature . It reduces the blockage and makes the flow of urine easier. Its tincture also helps in a healing cough, lowers inflammation, clears the remaining effects of pertussis and minimizes hysteria. Its fresh roots are grinded and soaked into vinegar for some hours, these are beneficial for cracked or infected feet, even if you are a diabetic. For scabies blend it with your green bath soap and sulfur flour or some ointment, keep using it until scabies completely vanishes. Its tincture is also good for relieving pain in the heart.

Some people are naive to dermatitis, from its leaves if used externally can prove to be poisonous. If its doses are taken in excess (from its flowers, not the colored pseudo-flowers), can sometimes cause acute stomach upset, high blood pressure, nervousness and breathing troubles.

Make violet flower vinegar, which can be used with salads and marinades. Stir its flowers in fresh yogurt and leave it overnight, it enhances the taste of yogurt.

These are also superb while decorating the cake. Better crystallize them and sell commercially. You can also make litmus solution at home by putting the flowers in a bowl and add water in the bowl. Boil it, and leave it overnight. Strain it in the morning. It turns reddish purple, now use this solution to know whether your bilberry plants soil needs to be acidifying. Viola oil is good for all skin types.

  • Moisturizes intensively
  • Eradicates all scars and blemishes
  • Makes the skin totally flawless and supple

Both herbs and oil keep the body hydrated and saves it from photo toxicity. Get 10 to 15 grams of Viola oil and massage your face cum body. The oil gets absorbed quickly. Remember this thing to always spray some rose water on the part you have done its massage, to keep the skin hydrated.

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