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Articles on Ayurveda - By Dr. Madan Gulati - MD (Ayurveda)


Dr. Madan Gulati

Dr. Madan Gulati is one of the most renowned names in the field of Experienced Ayurveda practitioners from India. He is BAMS, M.D. (Ayurveda– Gold medalist) in Ayurvedic medicines and has been practicing Ayurveda for more than 35 yrs. He also specializes in Panchakarma and Yoga. He has served as the torch bearer for the entire Planet Ayurveda team over the years. His experience with Ayurvedic medicines has been instrumental in the effectiveness and success of the various unique formulations under the name of Krishna herbals.


Dr. Madan Gulati is a world famous practitioner who specializes in the metal based Ayurvedic preparations (Rasa shastra). His research work includes a study of the effectiveness of "Potali rasa" in the treatment of Amoebiasis. He also has a very vast and deep knowledge of other concepts of Ayurveda. He has been running his private Ayurvedic clinic in Chandigarh. He also visits Planet Ayurveda as a senior consultant. His list of patients includes people from all over India and abroad. He also visits different countries for guest lectures and consultations. He has been to Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France on various occasions for providing his expert views and consultations related to Ayurveda.

His has been a glorified career which has been garlanded by numerous honors and awards from the various organizations including Vaidya shiromani award for exemplary service in the field of Ayurveda, from the Advisor, Department of Ayush, Government of India.

He has also served as a very successful administrator heading many dispensaries and medicinal plant board in Chandigarh U.T. Currently he is serving as the Deputy Director (Ayurveda) Chandigarh, U.T.

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Writing Style

He has also written many articles on Ayurveda for various magazines, websites and blogs. He is a guest writer on Planet Ayurveda and provides an in depth viewpoint on which ever topic he chooses to write on. His writings are exemplary for anyone who wishes to explore the naïve field of writing and research in Ayurveda. His years of experience is evident from his crisp and articulate style of writing. His appealing use of language coupled with the discussion of concepts makes for an ideal treat for any Ayurveda enthusiast.

Planet Ayurveda is a progressive organization which has a view to combine innovation and technology with an all-round detailing of Ayurveda. We strive to provide our readers with the best, latest and most authentic knowledge on Ayurveda and its use in the field of modern medicine. We lay special emphasis on expanding our literary database which is inspired by the ancient Ayurveda texts and modern research works in the field of medicine. The writings by our various authors are aimed at a mass appeal, with an objective to spread awareness and acceptance of the Science of Life (Ayurveda) to each and every corner of the world.

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