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Effective Herbal Remedies for Diabetes Treatment

Best Ayurvedic Tips by Dr. Vikram Chauhan (MD-Ayurveda)

Interviewer: Good Morning Dr Vikram.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Good Morning.

Interviewer: As you know diabetes is a very dreadful disease and people even youngsters are suffering with this so I want information about the disease, how people can get rid of this?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Diabetes as you know it's a condition where too many calories one consumes and less utilization of them leads to imbalance in the system, imbalance of the carbohydrates metabolism. This is called diabetes. So body is not able to control the sugar level. There is too much influx of sugar. Too much sugar coming in your body and insulin is not able to control it. There is an organ called pancreas in our body, which controls sugar level by releasing the insulin as per requirement. But if there is too much flow of carbohydrates in the body, too much intake and there is no burning of calories, no exercise that leads to diabetes.

Interviewer: Sedentary life style and bad food habits.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yeah! Bad food habits and sedentary lifestyle leads to it. It's called silent killer because person doesn't know he has diabetes, he has become diabetic. Because it appears slowly and slowly. He feels fatigue and tired and when he goes to the laboratory he comes to know he is diabetic now. Now-a-days especially in 21st century there are lot of patients, number of patients have increased. You know after seventies or eighties there has been a revolution the way we work. Drastic change has come in the way we work. Life style has become so hectic. It is like, all the time people are living in too much stress. Stress has also a role to play in diabetes. People like in India and China, they have big population and many of them are becoming diabetic. It is spreading like epidemic in these countries and even in Gulf worlds like in America, Europe, lot of people they are becoming diabetic. So stress is also one of the reasons. Because you know stress causes immediate release of adrenaline and the cortisol. Due to cortisol sugar level goes up immediately. Whenever you are fearful, whenever body and mind are in stress, whenever you feel fear, if you see a lion you feel fearful, immediately you feel unsafe, insecure, and you want to do something and that something feeling to protect, to get rid of that situation, your body secretes cortisol and adrenaline. So blood pressure and sugar, they both go up. Now a days you know lion is permanent in our body, lion of insecurity, our career, of our life style, of our financial condition, of our relationship, so all the time we feel so much pressure, lion of our jobs, so much pressure on the mind, there is continuous release of adrenaline and continuous release of cortisol leading to lifestyle disease like Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. So the best way is relax yourself, take your time out, number one. Second is meditation and yoga and exercise and burning of the calories. Third is taking care of diet, very important. Fourth is of course some herbs, some herbs and spices. There are herbs like turmeric, herbs like jimnimba. Herbs like Bittermelon, Amla (Indian gooseberry) they are very good for maintaining the sugar level. So it's a combination called Madhumehantak churna. Madhumeh what we call diabetes in Ayurveda, in Sanskrit language. So in Madhumehantak churna, antak means to end it. Antak. Madhumehantak churna is a combination of various herbs. So this works on pancreas, they work on blood to keep the sugar in control. There are some herbs like Gymnema, Bittermelon.

Interviewer: Ok so these herbs basically control sugar levels.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: Yeah! Basically they control sugar levels. They don't have side effects. Many diabetic patients keep on taking anti-diabetic pills which cause side effects in the long term. So sugar is controlled by the use of herbs, it's all natural, better to switch towards herbs.

Interviewer: Of course one has to use these herbs for long time. Are these herbs to be used for life long?

Dr. Vikram Chauhan: I would say, if the levels are maintained by diet and exercise, even if you take herbs for lifetime that doesn't matter. It's just like your food. They are very safe. Especially if they are manufactured by good company. So they are safe.

Interviewer: Ok! Thank you very much Dr. Vikram, for guiding about it in such a detail.

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