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How to Treat Acne in Ayurveda?

Acne is highly disturbing and stubborn disease that every third teenager is facing in this modern era. It is a very painful condition for the young generation because it leaves behind ugly scars. Oily skin, microbial infections, blocked pores , and dead skin are the major factors responsible for the onset of this disorder.

Acne Treatment

According to Ayurveda three body energies (doshas) - vata, pitta ,and kapha are responsible for all anomalies in the body. In the same way vitiated pitta dosha is responsible for onset of acne in the body. This disturbed pitta dosha of the body along with other two doshas and causes serious symptoms. Pitta dosha of a body is the symbol of heat and fire in human body. Spicy, oily, sour, processed and carbonated foods aggravate pitta dosha and harmful toxins and dust particles that penetrate in body and both the factors reaches in the skin and deep tissues to cause this problem called acne. Ayurvedic term used for this disorder is called pidika (yauvan pidika). Rasa (plasma), rakta (blood), masa (skin) and lasika (lymphs) all are affected in this problem. Ayurvedic principles are based to know the major root cause of this problem and to treat problem naturally with causing any ill effects to other vital parts and organs of the body.

Major Factors Responsible for Acne (Yauvan Pidika)

  • Improper diet is first major cause for the arrival of this disease. Teenagers suffering with indigestion (ajeeran) and constipation (vivandh) are at the major risk of this disease.
  • Disturbed eating habits like adhyashana (more food is consumed when previous food is not digested), virudhashana (high consumption of incompatible foods) and vishamashana (consumption of food without desire and hunger) are the other factors responsible for this disorder.
  • Artaav (menstruation) related problems in females are also responsible for acne.
  • Anidra dosha (sleeping anomalies) and disturbed sleeping schedules are also major cause for this disorder.
  • Higher consumption of spicy, oily and non-vegetarian foods.
  • Excessive use of cosmetics and other facial products.
  • Decreased level of retinol in body.

Home Remedies for Acne

Ayurveda is very natural system of healing to treat this harmful condition naturally. It is miraculous natural way to get rid of acne and makes our skin very healthy and glowing. Here are the detail of miraculous herb of Ayurveda that are used as natural remedy for treating this condition.

1. Amla (Emblica Officinalis)


Yes Indian gooseberry is very amazing and wonderful remedy for treating this condition. You cannot deny the immense and miraculous effects of this beneficial herb of Ayurveda. As we all know that constipation, digestive problems and harmful toxins with vitiated pitta dosha are responsible for the onset of acne. Amla help to aid with all the underlying symptoms of this problem and give relief for the sufferers of acne. This herb of Ayurveda is very powerful anti-oxidant that help to fight against various harmful toxins and free radicals that penetrates in deep tissues and causes acne. Amla juice help to reduce acne and also good for healthy and glowing skin. This amazing drink is very beneficial for our stomach, it helps to stimulate digest and combat with chronic constipation and give relief from this problem. It also act as a detoxifier that helps to remove impurities of blood. It is also beneficial for the health of our eyes and cardiac system. Anti-bacterial nature of this herb also helps to fight against serious infections of the skin caused by microbes. At the end, we can say that with the help of this powerful remedy of Ayurveda you can say good bye to this scary and painful condition of skin called acne.

2. Neem


Neem is another amazing herb of Ayurveda that offers multiple health benefits. This herbal remedy is used for treating various skin conditions like acne, pimple and other fungal infections. neem paste applied externally to reduce acne and also help to reduce ugly scars. Its anti-bacterial nature help to inhibit the growth of microbes and toxins that cause acne and pimples. Oily skin is one major cause of acne and this herb help to control excessive production of oil from the skin. Leaf paste of this herb help to remove pigmentation and dead skin. Regular use of this herb not only help to treat acne but also give clear, healthy and glowing skin. It is powerful anti-oxidant that help to eliminate impurities and harmful radicals that are responsible for acne.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea

green tea is also very powerful solution for treating this condition because of presence of higher concentration of anti-oxidants and catechins in green tea. Effective anti-oxidants present in this natural tea help to eliminate toxins and give relief from acne, pimples and dead skin. Regular use of this herbal tea help to reduce inflammation and also beneficial for healthy heart.

4. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera

aloe vera is the very miraculous herb of Ayurveda known for its amazing beauty and skin related benefits throughout the world. The thick pulp of this herb is used for treating various skin disorders. Nature serve this herb with various moisturizing, coolant and skin protective properties. When we need safe herbal treatment for acne and pimples aloe vera is the best remedy to treat this condition. Anti-microbial properties of this herb help to reduce the growth and redness of acne. Coolant properties of this natural remedy help to cure irritation and burning sensation of the skin caused by this problem. This herb help to remove dark pigmentation of skin and it help to remove dead skin. Regular use of this remedy help in the regeneration of new healthy and glowing skin. It helps to sooth our skin and help to open the blockage of sweat pores. Its anti-inflammatory nature help to reduce excessive inflammation of acne and pimples of skin.

5. Cucumber


high water content is very essential for glowing and acne free skin. Cucumber is the best natural remedies to stay hydrated and to get the acne free skin. Cucumber is a powerhouse of minerals and nutrients that help to maintain skin complexion and healthy skin tone. Anti-oxidant present in this natural remedy help to combat with the free radicals and fungal infections that cause painful acne and ugly scars. To get rid of from this problem you can opt cucumber juice and you can also apply cucumber paste on skin directly. It helps to reduce inflammation, excessive pain and redness of local skin. Its calming effects also help to reduce the burning sensation of skin.

Above mentioned natural remedies are the simple and natural solution for treating acne according to Ayurveda. Acne is very major problem in this era for teenagers, pregnant ladies, girls that are menstruating and females that are using excess of contraceptive pills. So these natural remedies are safe and satisfactory treatment for the sufferers of acne. Various skin care products, cosmetics, over use of acne medications, antibiotics and laser surgeries are not permanent solution for this annoying problem. These products and procedures leave various harmful side-effects to skin and other vital organs of body. So Ayurveda is natural and holistic approach to fight and heal this problem safely. According to Ayurveda principles healthy diet and stress-free and happy lifestyle is also another solution to aid with this problem.

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