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The Adverse Effects of GMO Food on our Health

Genetically modified foods are commonly called as GMO Foods, and have other names as genetically engineered foods and Bioengineered foods. These foods are produced by injecting organisms into it whose DNAs are modified through genetic engineering. In today’s world, we generally get involved or listen to the discussions about Organic food and Chemical Food. Are GMO foods same as chemical foods or something else? And what are the organic foods? Many questions and many solutions are available but nothing is without the negatives.

Genetically Modified Foods, GMO Foods

In between all these, one thing which is mostly being ignored but acts as the wonder in the last is the most ancient and traditional way of life and system of medicine i.e., Ayurveda.

This is our problem that we value something when we are about to lose it or after losing it, same applies to our choice of treatment. We reach Ayurvedic Experts when all other options fail, it is not that we don’t have trust in Ayurveda, but lesser than it deserves. And at last we completely believe in it because all the others have broken it. But, still say that Ayurveda takes time to show results. Have you ever thought that the treatment which can help at the last stage of the disease when it becomes the most chronic, then how efficiently it can help at the initiation of the disease? Just think once, Ayurveda combats a chronic disease by taking some more time but it does, so isn’t it capable of treating an acute disease within no time? Especially, when it works with a basic principle of preventing the severity and eradicating the root cause.

But, we humans are habitual of wasting our resources carelessly for our greed and profit ignoring the long term losses due to the same acts. Likewise, it is in the case of food. From the ancient period, fruits and vegetables are considered as the most healthy eatables because these are plant based food. But, what is started to happen? We made it also, a profit earning business and then started the competition and race. But, as it is said, what goes surely comes back. We disrupted the natural growth of plants and trees, and consequently the same happened to us. We forgot that the consequences of tampering with Mother Nature can never be inseparable from us, as we are a part of Nature.

An old Phrase is very true and suits in all the conditions, whether it is for good or bad. It is, “Every big thing starts from a small step and have its own pros and cons, whether its success or failure”.

Likewise, genetically modified foods have their own positive and negative aspects. The difference is its adverse effects on our health are more than the good ones on our wealth. Various studies claim that the genetically modified food has a higher nutritional value and better taste than the organic food. Also, it can be kept safely for more period of time to avoid the wastage and longer use. No doubt, when it is about being time and cost effective, the GMO foods will be the best, but what about being health favorable? Isn’t it necessary?

Just think, for an instance, the oxygen cylinders that are available in the market for the patients of cancer and such life threatening diseases and the oxygen that we get from trees. If we say, the oxygen cylinders have the same ability or even more because it saves the life of a person when a person can’t breathe naturally, so will it be fine to say? It will not change the truth that these are temporary measures and cannot be made permanent; otherwise the whole natural cycle will be disturbed. That is what we have done with our food. Genetic engineering was a good development for the times of crisis and weather changes or natural calamities to grow food and fulfill the need of the population. But, we made it permanent. Because it started to provide us with the following short term benefits:

  • More food at Less Cost
  • Sooner growth of fruits and vegetables
  • More varieties as genes of different varieties can be missed to make many new types
  • More nutrition due to the mixture of various genes

And the list ended. Can you think of more benefits of GMO food? If yes, write to us, we will surely listen to you and do more research on it. But, if we start analyzing its negative effects, the list will continue longer. So, let us have the most common negative results of GMO food here:

  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Cancerous particles
  • Lifestyle diseases
  • Disruption of Digestive Fire
  • Weight Gain
  • Early puberty
  • Excess Nutrients supply than the required amount to various age groups
  • Abnormal appetite
  • Disturbed Sleep
  • More Digestive problems
  • Unnatural growth
  • More accumulation of toxins
  • Higher risk of tumors and Blockage

And the health risks will continue to be added by various Health professionals, nutritionists, dietitians, and all other related organizations. Still, the debate is going on this topic and the result is far to be declared because it is all about business, wealth, economy and other aspects worldwide.

On the other side, Ayurveda, which always focus more on human’s welfare than earning wealth will never favor this concept. It believes to stay connected to nature and its gifts to humans. Even Hippocrates, who is known as the father of Medicine also said, “Let food be thy medicine”. At that time, he would never have thought that the coming generation will understand his theory in this way and will start growing the food with the use of medicines. Isn’t it funny?

It is but above all, it is severe and threat to life. There are many examples showing that a minor change in genes can cause a lot of problem in humans, it can affect his natural growth and appearance. Likewise, modifying the genes of the plants and trees is not only affecting their growth and appearance but also the human health. It is also true that the present generations understand it now, therefore the demand for Organic food products are increasing rapidly. But, as we have already discussed it is all about business and money, the organic food costs higher than the GMO food after reaching the market. And those who grow it, cannot afford to buy it then because of their living standards and the incomes. It has become such a vicious cycle, stepping out of which seems too difficult. Yes, it is difficult as we have provided it more strength due to our own actions but it is not impossible. It is late, but not too late, it is still easy to control it at this stage to save the environment and generations further. If we start trying today, we can succeed soon, but if we ignore it even after experiencing its adverse consequences, then we will not be good ancestors for our children.

The current generation is blessed to get a chance for adopting changes that can safeguard and preserve the environment. We should not miss it. Let us take a step towards good, it is in the minds of numerous people, the only delay is to take an initiative. Be that first step at the smallest level you can, other people will surely join you.

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