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Antrakutara Gutika (Vati) - Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage


Antrakutara Gutika (Vati) is an ayurvedic formulation. This is formulated from the mixture of herbs and mineral. This is known to treat various body ailments.


  • Hingula - Red Sulphide of Mercury (HgS)
  • Kuberaksha - Caesalpinia crista
  • Yavakshara - Hordeum vulgare
  • Nirgundi - Vitex negundo
  • Lashuna - Allium sativum
  • Tankana - Borax (Sodium borate)
  • Hingu - Ferula asafoetida
  • Vacha - Acorus Calamus
  • Abhaya - Terminalia chebula (Chebulic Myrobalan fruit rind)
  • Saindhava - Black salt

Medicinal Properties

It is poly herbal tablet formulation which possesses various medicinal properties. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and helps to reduce the inflammation and pain. It is useful in the management of inguinal hernia, menstrual pain and abdominal cramps. It has various medicinal properties like carminative, digestive stimulant, anti-spasmodic and also acts as an excellent detoxifier. It also improves the appetite and helps in anorexia. It acts as digestive stimulant and helps to enhance the acid secretion.


  • Udara (Stomach problems)
  • Shotha (Inflammation)
  • Udavarta (Painful menstrual discharge)
  • Antra Vruddhi (Inguinal hernia)


125 mg two times a day along with honey or water.


Take the medicine under ayurvedic doctor's prescription.

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