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Ashwagandha Powder Benefits

Ashwagandha is such a strong tonic for the body that has proven its efficacy, since ancient times. When you pay a look at its name, it appears nothing more than a jumble of words, but when you hear about it's benefits for your body, you will rush to include it in your daily diet. It is called an adaptogen that can keep your stress at bay. It makes your brain sharp, rejuvenates your immune system, lowers high blood sugar level, supports the endocrine system, revamps the cardiovascular system, act as a diuretic, anti-oxidant, and helps in combating the symptoms of anxiety & depression. It has more than these properties that once you try having it, I am dead sure that you are just going to fall in love with Ashwagandha benefits, which are immense. If you have tried many other tonics and all have gone down the drain, better go for Ashwagandha powder and feel the difference that it makes. It is a perfect potent adaptogen. Now we are just going to discuss, some of its true benefits.

True Benefits

Kills the Cancer Cells:-

Ashwagandha is potent enough to combat the cancer cells that are present in every human body. It directly hampers the growth of a tumor in several ways and cancer treatment becomes inevitable. It has an ingredient, withaferin, a compound that induces apoptosis, which is the pre-planned death of the cancer cells (1). Withaferin promotes the creation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) inside the cancer cells, obstructing their function (3). It also helps cancer cells to become less resistant to apoptosis. A study was conducted to judge its effects on the body, and this anti-cancer herb did show 70-80% reduction in tumor growth. So Ashwagandha should be taken in advance because cancer doesn't show any symptoms until it turns drastic, then it's no use of crying on the spilt milk.

A Stress-Buster and Adaptogenic Actions:-

All humans face stress on the day due to numerous reasons, during their lifetime. All our bodies have different structures, and everyone has a different way on how to handle stress. You might be able to tackle acute stress, but what if it becomes chronic, which causes a deficiency in vitamins and minerals. A person in stress just loses all hope of regaining, which can prove to be fatal if not treated on time. Ashwagandha has numerous anti-stressed properties that reduceyour stress to hit the ground. It puts a barricade on the path of stress travelling to the brain. A study was done on 60 people who were the patients of chronic stress and Ashwagandha reported a reduction in 69% on anxiety & insomnia, whereas theplacebo group showed a reduction of 11% only. So the power of Ashwagandha is so immense, that's the reason why it is called the king of medicinal herbs. (2)

Is Anti-Aging:-

Ashwagandha have many ingredients, which help in reducing the symptoms and progression of health harms, related to aging. While aging, a person loses his/her capacity to produce melanin in hair cells, making the turn grey or white. Ashwagandha is a tonic that enhances the blood circulation in the scalp & strengthens the hair follicles, and they begin looking healthy and shiny. It also is too good for people with dry skin and also helps in driving away from dandruff. Ashwagandha enhances the physical personality, which is the need of the hour in the present competitive world.

Enhance the Muscle Mass & Strength:-

It is a well-known fact that Ashwagandha increases power & VO2 max (how much oxygen you consume) and regulates the BP. It also helped to enhance the muscle strength and promotes lower limb muscle strength and makes you have a sharp mind, which acts spontaneously in the right direction. So having Ashwagandha can make you more muscular than by any other form. It becomes mandatory for sportspeople & bodybuilders to include it in their daily diets, as it will make them look ripped and enhance their performances. (4)

Make You Sharp by Boosting the Brain Strength:-

The nerve cells are often attacked by free radicals and Ashwagandha has anti-oxidant properties that save these cells from getting ambushed. It has a complete reversal of spatial memory linear. Taking off just 300gm of Ashwagandha root daily, improve the brain function, memory and attention. (1)

A Boon for Both Males & Females:-

It improves the testosterone levels and thus increases the fertility in males. Mainly it is the stress that causes infertility. Ashwagandha has the ability to do away with stress due to its anti-oxidant properties, thus it enhances the quality in their sperms. As when a person grows old there is a decrease in hormone levels, affecting their fertility, but when you consume Ashwagandha on a daily basis it gives you the power to enjoy life with full vigor. It reboots the enzymatic activity of metabolic pathways. It also stimulates the balance of seminal plasma, increases vitamin A, C, and E. A study was conducted to see the effects of Ashwagandha to reduce oxidative stress, which is associated with infertility & enhance the makers of quality of semen.

Thus using Ashwagandha powder becomes an essential item in your diet. Have it daily to keep the above-mentioned diseases at bay and enjoy a healthy life.

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