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Ayurveda And Women's Health

WOMEN, The center innovation of Mother Nature. According to Ayurveda and ancient Vedic medicines, the woman is defined as Sakthi, the mother of creation and civilisation. Speaking of the Sakthi or the health of a female, it encompasses various common and rare health threats and factors that affect the life of a woman. To speak of, the health of a woman indirectly affects the health of the future generation as well as the soundness of the family. If a mother falls sick, her children endure. If a working woman falls sick, her company is affected. A single woman may not affect the family or company. But what if it is a bunch of potential women. FEMALE HEALTH IS IMPORTANT.

Ayurveda, the science of life, is forever involved in enabling women to combat these dilemmas effectively. Let it be physical health, mental health, stress factors or any other energy releasing activities, Ayurveda proves to have a great role in alleviating illnesses. The female hormones, a major facet of every woman's life, determine her progress, outcome, moods, and lifestyle including physiological and emotional changes.

From the menarche to the menopause, a woman habituates a phase. From pregnancy to delivery, she molds herself into another phase. From mother till death, she plays in another phase. All these phases always bestow bulk to the major part of our expanding society. Such a feminine strength needs to be taken care of, needs to be treated, needs to be cured.

Ayurveda & Women's Health

Planet Ayurveda Presents - Women's Health Through Ayurveda

A woman plays multiple roles in her day-to-day life. From being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a mother, a friend, a working woman, and a breadwinner, altogether the loss of energy and lack of nourishment is beyond thought. A promising health-supporting system, a proper diet regimen and proper supplements can help a woman to become another WONDER WOMAN.

A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mindset. In addition, a healthy and fit body throughout life always reinforces a person's confidence and beauty. Being a woman, the role of beauty and healthy glow is unprecedented. Who doesn't ask for healthy skin and a good figure with a well-defined health system? Allow us to support and guide you through the journey of becoming a Wonder Woman!

Planet Ayurveda - For The Woman

Planet Ayurveda with its wide range of natural and authentic Ayurvedic products ensures you a fresh, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. The products of Planet Ayurveda are safe, pure and effective. Consistency being the key factor with 10,000+ quality control tests that are conducted annually, Planet Ayurveda assures the distribution of reliable formulas that are Non-GMO and Gluten-Free. Our products offer you complete inner and outer health without any side effects.

Our Benefits

  1. 100% natural products
  2. Authentic and raw Ayurveda products
  3. Free from chemicals, extra colors, fillers and yeast binders
  4. An accessible range of products with supreme quality
  5. No side effects and quick remedy
  6. Available at reasonable costs

Female health is a way more significant thing in our society than is being neglected knowingly or unknowingly. From a playful girl to a mature woman, the transition has major and minor phases. Each phase is hindered and the journey is a lifetime thing to remember. Even though a woman is not admired for her achievements, it's high time that we shower them with the love and respect that they deserve. Let their hard work be specified. Physical support is of great significance when it comes to a human.

To wake up and organize a whole system, immense stamina, immunity and disease-free life are necessary. The barriers and impediments faced by a woman to develop in our society are limitless. Even then, they manage to rage off those pillars of restrictions and chase their dreams. How do we support it ??? By providing the right health companion.

Herbal Remedies For Women's Health

This miraculous combination of triads helps to maintain the capability of women. The pack of simple three formulations, the three formulations that can become a major part of maintaining the entire woman's health. A woman is always defined as the symbol of care, sacrifice and hard work, forgetting to take care of themselves. This is where the role of the wonder woman pack arises. The potency induced in the formulations supports the woman to maintain her physical and mental health.


  1. Female Health Support - 1 capsule twice daily with normal water, after meals.
  2. Brahmi Capsules - 1 capsule twice daily with normal water, after meals.
  3. Youth Restora - 1 capsule twice daily with normal water, after meals.

Product Description

1. Female Health Support

As the name defines, these products support the entire female health and are very effective in balancing the female hormones and are a remedy for various gynecological problems. Also, it works effectively on the female reproductive system and enhances its ability to function. Lodhra, Ashok and Shatavari are the major components of this formulation beneficial to the body even in the reproductive stage. This can be provided to all the females of reproductive age and postmenopausal females.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily after meals.

2. Brahmi Capsules

Prepared from the standardized extraction of brahmi herb, it is one of the four medhya rasayan that is responsible for the coordinated functioning of the mind and brain. In addition, these capsules help in delivering relief from the aggravated stage of vata in the female body that is responsible for constraints like irregular periods, mood swings, hormonal imbalance, ovum degrading, improper formulation of dhatus etc. The major part of Brahmi capsules is that it endorses the female body to have a good and maintain hormonal balance and pacify the Vata dosha.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily after meals.

3. Youth Restora

Youth defines beauty and beauty defines women. The name of the formulation must have defined that this formulation focuses on protecting the youth and preventing ageing in the females. Being young contributes you immense energy and stamina to work in day-to-day life and hence such stamina and energy can be strengthened by youth restore capsules. In addition, it also provides proper digestion, balances tridosha in our body and also rejuvenates internally.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily after meals.

Let's Sum Up

The Wonder Woman Pack symmetries health, regulates mood swings and stress, supports balancing female hormones and also rejuvenates both mentally and physically. This is a 100% vegetarian formula that guarantees you and your family a wonderful healthy woman. Let every girl, and every woman reflect on their capabilities and talents throughout the world. Planet Ayurveda is here to support you healthily. Your vigor and enthusiasm should be your companion to fight and conquer your dreams. When we are here, never negotiate with your health or body.

Join us and experience the miracle of this hybrid.

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