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Ayurvedic Principles for Nature Gazing & 5 Elements of Life

Ayurveda And The Five Elements

In today's world, we live in a space that is constantly troubled with traffic and tension of all sorts. Life itself is a nightmare with deadlines to meet, families to handle, a pandemic finding its own way to finances, keeping aside our own needs for the future and much more. While we are strugglings to move out of the odds and try to make ends meet, the state of your mental wellness is a question for most. It is the right time to revert back to our roots and find the right healing for your mind and body.

5 elements of life, panchmahabhoot siddhanta

Panchamahabhuta Siddhanta

Ayurveda, the holistic branch of Indian science, focuses on the eternal well being of all the organisms in this universe. This branch of science is governed by basic theories that root the foundation of all the concepts in ayurveda. One such evident theory used all about in ayurveda is the Panchamahabhuta siddhanta or the theory of the universal elements where man is an epitome of the universe. According to this theory just like how the universe is the combination of all the five elements so it is for the human body being the permutation and combinations of sky, air, fire, water and earth. As all the elements originate from ether or sky, so does this same transition occur in a human during gestation. Ether moves to become air, air has friction to form fire, fire becomes dense to take water form and water coagulates to form earth. This model is adopted while the zygote takes form into the fetus.

With the elemental theory, despite every single cell being a combination of all the five elements, each element has its own characteristic importance with regard to each sense faculty. The ear or the ability to hear is due to the presence of ether in the olow space. While the sensation of touch by air, the power of vision by fire, the taste perceptions by water and the quantum of smell within everything and ability to smell is regulated by earth. Even the bodily entities of the Vata, Pitta and Kapha are the combinations of these elements.  As we get involved in various physical activities that connect us with the elements, it brings  about a spark that reunites us with the elements that root us and thus guides us to your inner healing.

Getting Back To Your Roots

There are simple techniques that connect us with the inner self and the energy around, introducing Yoga and medication in your life is one way to process this energy while other procedures involve stargazing or spending time in nature. The better you take the initiative to establish the connection with your surroundings, leaving all your worries, that moment the process of your inner healing begins.

Connection With Ether

The first element or ether resides on the ear. While we get involved with nature viewing and feeling the creation around, the slightest rings of this nature awakens the ether. Listening to the chirping of birds, the flow of rivers, the thud of a thunderstorm, whistling wind past your ears and lots more  all establish a strong connection of the ether, your body and the universe. Having made the connection knowingly or unknowingly it all transcends your inner energy.

Connection With Air

Air with the involvement of Vata dosha coordinates the sensation of touch of every individual. While we walk barefoot on the ground, feel the soft touch of flowers, play ground in the ground on  a bare foot, propiocept our cravings, the air entity residing within the skin gets activated through the Vata factor. The sensation that we receive while walking barefoot on the ground helps us to understand the various textures which stimulate the air as well as the mild constituents of earth.

Connection With Fire Entity

As mentioned previously fire controls the visual perceptions including the visual field, visual acuity and color coordination. While you spend hours watching the subtle rain, gazing at the brilliantly lit night sky, engraving the lush green around you, and creating your imaginative figures in the cloudy sky, the fire entity residing within the eyes are brought to life through the Pitta entity.

Connection With Water

Among the five elements water entities process the subtle taste sensations. The ecstasy that you experience while you indulge in confestations of varied flavour, the sweetness of honey to the astringent feel after biting on to an ash guard are all the connections that we are constantly creating with water. Unlike the other entities, water is most required to synthesize our energy.

Connection With The Earth

Mother Nature is all around us, but for the minutest entuy to be activated within the body the smell sensations must be stroked to life. The fruity smell of a fruit bowl, the pleasant smell of your garden, the smell of the earth on the first rain, the strong aroma of freshly cut grass  and all others that you can think of, all helps to create that much needed connection of the body with the earth entity through the nose.

It is important to know that the connection of the body to the energy outside to facilitate healing requires for all the five elements to be involved simultaneously. While you play in the rain, the sensations of sound, touch, vision, smell and taste are all involved together which uplifts the Manas or the mind and guides it for healing. While the mind is intact, it is easier to tackle any physical challenge that comes your way. This is achieved by practising yoga and other medication techniques that redirect our energies with the connections we make with nature and its energy around.

Ayurveda offers many paths towards increased vitality of the body, the ones that serve our long term health. Perhaps even more significantly your results will help you to generate a personalised set of recommendations tailored for your specific needs. As you get involved with constant practices that connect you with nature and their corresponding healing, you will find your own path for healing that calms your mind and helps you to focus better.

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