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Be A Survivor Not A Victim!!

There's nothing we can say is remotely heroic with gaining recovery from a disease. It's not a heroic experience but rather a suffering. Coping up with any diseased state can bring out a mind, depressed and a body that has failed. The whole thing sucks. We know that. Especially if what we are fighting is something like cancer.

From identifying the symptoms, to the diagnosis, and to the treatment and in cases of hopeful recovery, the patient is left scared, depressed and is usually dealt with a pragmatic approach of let's hope for the best. This pragmatic approach is to be replaced by belief.

Belief in one’s own body and belief in one’s own strong mind. Because the moment you start giving up your mind on something, your body naturally starts failing. So it's time we start by healing our minds first, before we treat our body.

Pranic Healing

What is Pranic Healing?

Pranic healing is based on the significant idea which states that our body possesses an innate ability to heal itself. Pranic healing utilises the ‘life force’ or ‘energy’ for effectively promoting the ‘no touch’ treatment of restoring one’s vitality. There are a thousand hundred stories revealing how the non touch system has successfully healed people physiologically and psychologically. This system of healing completely relies upon the miraculous energy within our body. It is otherwise called the 'prana’ in Sanskrit.

The ancient esoteric healing method nearly 65 years old is rediscovered with an aim to provide immediate help to the patient via self discovery. Although the spiritual modes of treatment have been considered to be outdated due to the lack of scientific evidence, if an ancient mode of treatment can overcome the drawbacks of the conventional modes of treatment, then it's high time we summon back this comprehensive and revolutionary natural healing system.

Fundamentals of Pranic Healing :

  1. The primary stage being the 'Principle of self discovery.' For identifying one's own energy spectrum.
  2. The second being the 'Principle of life force.' The maintenance of that energy field for a powerful vitality of the body.

What is Prana or Life Force?

It can be described as what helps you breathe and exist. Th/hat which gives you the consciousness, the vitality of your soul, the ultimate energy without which we all cease to exist. It is the energy source within ourselves, the disruption of which leads to the unhealthy state of psyche and body.

It is the universal source within oneself and is not to be considered as the healer's energy. This energy field is all around us. It is pervasive and unseen. The same which is known as the essence of prana. This prana is focused on all throughout the healing sessions. When one understands how to live accordingly coordinating with this life force within ourselves,balance is brought about in all aspects of the living.

  • Negative impacts turn into positive results.
  • Sickness becomes wellness.
  • Lack turns into diversity and abundance.
  • Stress paves the way to peace of mind.
  • Failing relations even can come out to be formed of a better bond stronger than before.

This method of ancient healing is also known as the ‘Reiki’ process.

How Pranic Healing Works :

Pranic healing works without touching. It is basically a three step procedure involving,

  1. Checking : assessment of energy abnormality within the energy field of boddy.
  2. Cleansing : removes the toxins via correcting the energy imbalances.
  3. Energizing : it is the vitalising and replenishing of the prana aka the life force.it is the charging up of the life force.

This acceleration of the prana is acquired also under the influence of the basic natural existants like air, earth, fire etc that contributes the energy for the same.

Ayurveda And Diseases

This science explains diseases as those which cause pain, both to the body and the mind, in the sense that they affect both. They cause a cluster of symptoms as a result of the sequential pathological events happening inside.

As per the ancient science of ayurveda, diseases have two distinctly separate substrates. The body and the mind. Almost all diseases affecting the body leave their mark up on the mind and vice versa. The agony and suffering of any somatic disease is well known. The somatic impact of psychological diseases set examples for the psychosomatic diseases in the same manner.

Ayurvedic Treatment And Cancer

The excruciating experience of dying cancer patients can be ameliorated by making use of Ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda can be helpful in the management of cancer in many ways such as-prophylactic, palliative, curative and supportive.

Ayurvedic medicines help to improve the quality of life of the patients through various pharmacokinetic mechanisms.

Conventional methods of cutting (surgery), burning (radiotherapy), and poisoning (chemotherapy) can come out to be really complicated when the carcinogenic cells undergo further mutations including resistance to therapy, refraction from treatment protocols, leading to the progression and recurrence of cancer. Detection of malignant or benign tumors at the early stages are also at times practically impossible.

There are studies that show pranic healing and similar ancient methods of therapy which depend on no touch, no drug, energy based interventions in person and distance healing helps in various simple and complex conditions including palliative care in cancer. In conditions similar to metastasis carcinoma, where the conventional medicines could show limitations when it comes to treatment methodologies and their effectiveness in the patients, alternate and complementary therapies like Ayurveda, Reiki or pranic healing can play a vital role.

Why Pranic Healing in Cancer ?

These are recognised as a form of mind-body therapy. Increasingly considered as important to pull someone out of the consequences of diseases like cancer. It aims at recovery both through body and mind. Pranic healing is known to reduce the metabolic activity and the size of previously noted metastatic cancer sites. Because over everything the best defense against the diseases lies in the strength of body and mind, and cancer is also no exception from this.

When the most entrusted conventional methods fail, we better start giving the complementary and alternative mode of treatments a chance. If it could heal and help us out of the most devastating diseases like cancer, then why only rely on the 'evidence based research’ only?

Because no diseases are simple. Nor are they fun. Suffering is real. And if healing is an option given by a science, then make that option our choice. Our choice to pave the way towards a healthy living.

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