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Reasons Why You Should Follow An Alkaline Diet

As we all have studied chemistry, we are all familiar with the concept of alkali as well as acid. Acids are basically the aqueous solution which are the pH level below 7.0 whereas alkaline is considered when the pH levels are more than 7.0 Water is one which has a pH of 7.0 being neutral. Whereas acids are corrosive by nature and taste sour, alkalis are responsible for neutralizing the acids. During the digestion process, the stomach secretes different gastric acids which helps in breaking down the food. Our stomach has a pH level of 2.0 to 3.5 which is considered acidic but is healthy for digestion. However, sometimes our healthy eating habits and lifestyle lead to acid reflux, acidity and other gastric troubles. Most of the urban dwellers consume large amounts of acidic foods in their diet including colas, pastries, kebabs etc. When these foods are broken down then it leaves a residue behind considered as acid-ash which is one of the main causes for tummy troubles. So, it is important to include food that will help in balancing the pH levels and foods rich in alkaline are the best option. In this article we are going to discuss some of the best options of alkaline foods.

The pH Scale, Alkaline Diet


Alkaline foods are necessary for bringing balance and it is important to balance the meals with the mix of everything. Alkaline foods are helpful in reducing the risk of acid reflux as well as acidity in the body.  As most of the Indian foods have some sort of alkaline foods in them which helps in creating a balanced diet.

For example there is Typical Assamese lunch known as Khar where alkali is extracted from the banana peel. It is good for the stomach and eases digestion.

Alkaline Rich Foods

Here are some of the more foods packed with alkalines including:-

Green Leafy Vegetables

Most of the green vegetables are alkaline in nature and this is why the health experts advise to include it in the diet. They are packed with essential minerals which are necessary for carrying out the various functions of the body. This includes kale, celery, arugula, parsley, mustard and lettuce into the meals. It is advised to have them on a daily basis in order to balance the pH levels in the stomach.

Cauliflower and Broccoli

If you are a lover of sauteed broccoli or cauliflower these two are very good for your health. There are many phytochemicals that are very important for the body and you can even add green peas as well as beans in the diet. If you add them in a balanced amount then they are one of the best options to achieve good health.

Seaweed and Sea Salt

Both seaweed and sea salt have 12 times higher mineral content as compared to other foods. They are known for one of the best alkaline sources that are helpful in bringing many health benefits. You can also add nori in the bowl of soup or add some sea salt in the diet while making omelette, salads etc.

Citrus Fruits

It is always believed that citrus fruits are highly acidic in nature and they have an acidic effect on the body. But they are one of the best sources for including alkaline food and lemon, oranges as well as lime are one of the best options. They are the rich source of Vitamin C which helps in removing toxins from the system and reducing heartburn as well as acidity.

Seasonal Fruits

Many nutritionists as well as health experts have said to add seasonal fruits in the diet on a daily basis. They are packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins which helps in carrying out many functions of the body. They are rich sources of alkaline food including kiwi, watermelon, grapefruits, apricots, apples and pineapple.

Root Vegetables

These include vegetables like taro root, lotus root, sweet potato, carrots as well as beets are one of the greatest sources of alkali. They taste great after being roasted and especially with a sprinkle of seasoning.  It can be easily added into the diet and can provide the needed amount of alkali.


They are the great sources of fats which help in producing an alkaline effect on the body. They are high in calories but small amounts of chestnut, almonds and cashew can be added on a daily basis. These nuts are very healthy for the body and besides that they are a good source of fat.

Onion, Ginger and Garlic

It is almost added in every Indian food as it helps in giving greater flavor and can also be added in every vegetable. Along with that they can also be used in soups as well as salads and are helpful in making all kinds of vegetables.


Above mentioned article describes everything about the benefits of alkaline foods. All the food items are great options for balancing the pH levels and are great for maintaining good health. It should be added to the diet in a balanced way and can be consumed by anyone but if suffering from any health condition then it is important to discuss it with the physician.

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