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Best Online Ayurvedic Treatment Centre, Clinic & Video Consultation Platform

Nowadays Almost Every doctor provides online consultation and this is quite common after a pandemic. There are lots of online platforms i.e Practo, Lybrate, DigiQure, Healthtap, Alveda etc. Apart from all these platforms, Planet Ayurveda is one of the best Platforms for consulting online through WhatsApp/Botim/Zoom video consultations. Here below we will discuss the best Online Ayurveda centre and video consultation platform "Planet Ayurveda".

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Planet Ayurveda the Best Online Ayurvedic Treatment Centre!

Planet Ayurveda is a FDA, ISO, GMP certified company offering numerous classical or patent ayurvedic medicines all over the world. This company is a venture of "Krishna Herbals" a US-FDA certified company and came into existence in 2002. Planet Ayurveda is exporting good quality Ayurvedic formulations to numerous countries i.e Japan, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Canada, Australia etc. We have Planet Ayurveda's Authorized distributors in various parts of India or across the world. Our regular patients go to them in their respective countries and buy their medications.

Planet Ayurveda always works for their patients and takes care of their safety as well by manufacturing 1st class products under the guidance of expert Ayurveda MD doctors and these products are devoid of chemicals, preservatives, additives, fillers and binders thus causing no adverse effects at all. Planet Ayurveda is headed by Dr. Vikram Chauhan an MD ayurveda expert doctor who has more than 25 years of experience in clinical practice or Product manufacturing. Not only that, we have MSC biochemistry people, Phd Botanists who always look after the quality of the product and make sure that our patient gets the maximum results with no side effects.

Planet Ayurveda the Best Video Consultation Platform!

Planet Ayurveda is one of the best Video Consultation Platforms because we have a qualified team of doctors who always work for you and are available at your service. Earlier it was difficult to book a consultation but for now you have to do a few clicks and your consultation will be booked.

How to Book an Online Consultation?

To book an online consultation with Planet Ayurveda experts you have to follow the following steps.

  1. You have to click on this link:- And our experts will be shown on your screen.
  2. Open the Planet Ayurveda expert doctor’s Profile and select the date and timing or fill the required details.
  3. Select the payment mode and do the payment.
  4. Your consultation will be booked.
  5. Then our expert Doctor will call you and guide you as required with medications, personalized diet charts, lifestyle modifications.

Or there is one other way to book the online consultation with Planet Ayurveda expert doctors as follows:-

  1. You can Call on +91 620-912-34546, +91 628-081-0409 (Our Helpline Numbers) and mention your health concern to our executive.
  2. They will suggest you to the doctor according to your health concerns.
  3. Then you have to let them know about the suitable timing and date.
  4. They will give you the payment option then do the payment or share the screenshot with our team.
  5. Our team will book the consultation for you as per the availability of slots, then our expert Doctor will call you and guide you as required with medications, personalized diet charts and Lifestyle modifications.

Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his team of doctors always focuses on the cause of the disease and manages it completely by using Ayurveda logics and principles. Our expert Planet Ayurveda doctors always provide you with personalized diet charts by analysing the Prakriti (Body type) and Vikriti (Pathology). They also do regular follow ups to check the current condition of the patient and are always available for Guidance or provide useful recommendations if needed. Planet Ayurveda doctors always take care of Patient-doctor Privacy policy and make the patient more comfortable or vocal.

In the end, it can be concluded that Online consultations are the safest way to consult with your experts online while being at your home with no travel expenses and long rush of lines. But choosing the best platform is alway in your hands. So choose wisely and carefully! For any kind of health queries must consult our experts and get your personalized treatment with all the guidance.


FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) regarding Ayurveda Consultations

1. How Is Our Treatment Different From Other Online Platforms?

Planet Ayurveda doctors always guide you with the personalized approach of medicines, diet charts and lifestyle modifications by analyzing the Prakriti (Body type) and Vikriti (Pathology) of the patients and mainly emphasises on the root cause of the disease.

2. How Can One Make Payment And Is It Secured?

Yes it is safe and secured. Payment can be done by Paytm, Google pay, PayUmoney for Indian patients. For International patients it can be done by Paypal, Razorpay.

3. What Is The Duration Of 1 Slot?

For Dr. Vikram Chauhan 1 slot is of 10 min and for team experts it's 15 min.

4. What Is The Expected Time Of Delivery After Consultation?

The delivery of medicines will take 5-7 working days after the consultation.

5. Can I Share My Previous Report Or Prescription With The Doctor?

Yes, you can share your reports and prescription while having consultation with a Planet Ayurveda doctor.

6. Can We Continue Allopathic Along With Ayurveda?

Yes you can but you have to maintain a 1 hour gap in between both of them.

7. What Can We Expect From A Doctor During Online Consultation?

Our expert Doctor will call you and guide you well as required with proper Ayurveda medications, personalized diet charts and Lifestyle modifications.

8. Are The Medications Prescribed By The Doctors Safe?

Yes, Planet Ayurveda medicines are totally safe and devoid of adverse effects. Planet Ayurveda products are FDA, ISO, GMP certified and manufactured under the guidance of expert Ayurveda MD doctors or are devoid of chemicals, preservatives, additives, fillers and binders.

9. How Long Does Ayurveda Rx Take To Give Results?

As far as the recovery is concerned it is depending on lots of factors i.e Age, severity, body type, Pathology of disease or most importantly the body response and is different for every patient. But in approximately 2-3 months the patient may see the recovery in their symptoms.

10. Is Ayurveda Helpful In Chronic Diseases?

Yes it will be helpful with the right approach of treatment or medicines and manages the condition very well.

11. Is Ayurveda for Everyone?

Yes it is for everyone including elderly, children and young adults. However it is important to always consult with an Ayurveda expert before taking any medicine.

12. Can I Talk To My Doctor For Queries After Consultation?

Yes you can talk for 10 days on call after having consultation regarding your queries after that the consultation will be paid.

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