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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Jaipur, Rajasthan | Case Study #6

Kushboo was too young when her low platelet count got detected. Actually she had incurred a wound in her leg, when she was just 5 and a half years of age and the blood got clotted. Everything looked normal, but she started crying after some days when she felt pain in her wound. They took her to a Mittal Hospital in their city and there she got admitted in the hospital and they did a minor surgery. But doctors soon realized that her platelet count is too low and got a CBC test done and the result was platelets were mere 8,000 per micro liter of blood. A normal count is from 1,50,000 to 4,00,000 per micro liter of blood. Doctors referred to take her Jaipur to another hospital.

The next day they reached Jaipur and she was admitted in the hospital for 6-7 days and was given many medicines. They never transfused any platelets but kept doing many tests. Her platelets kept enhancing and reducing, were never stable, from 8,000 they did enhance to 70,000, but again fell to 40,000 per micro liter of blood. All these proceedings never satisfied the parents. After a week they were further suggested to go to a hospital in Ajmer. They had no choice, as beggars can't be choosers, but went there after a few days. Kushboo's dad has a business of selling readymade garments, in Central Rajasthan, Mundwa to be very precise. It was getting disturbed, but it is a well known fact that dad loves his daughter more than his son, at least in India. Even at Ajmer they were never satisfied. It did enhance but by a meager rate. So the family left Ajmer too.

Then someone suggested to go to AIIMS, which has a franchise in Jodhpur, another big city of Rajasthan. They went there but to no avail. Even they couldn't enhance the Khushboo's platelets. They returned with a sorrow filled in the parent's hearts. How can they find a remedy that can cure their child. Her dad decided to alter the track and get allopathic treatment done. They visited many allopathic treatment centers at Jodhpur, Ajmer and Jaipur and the one at Jaipur was too expensive and he thought that it will certainly cure his child. It did and the platelets did enhance, reached up to 1,10,000 per micro liter of blood, but very soon came back to around 70,000 per micro liter of blood. Khushboo's dad had spent so much money that he was still back to square one. He had searched the whole Rajasthan, been to every nook & cranny. It was making him jittery. But he was a man that will never say die and as they say that there is always light after a long and dark tunnel.

He searched various Youtube channels to trace a remedy and finally landed at Planet Ayurveda, which is famous for manufacturing hundreds of remedies that are extracted from all natural, plants and herbs. All are tested in a modern lab, only after that these are used. First they check their authenticity under the watchful eyes of a highly qualified, experienced and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. This clinic is gaining more popularity and is flourishing to become a heavy hitter. He visited their various Youtube channels to know the authenticity of Planet Ayurveda and was a little hopeful that so many people were coming out from their clinics, totally satisfied and all of them had praises for them. All of them appeared to be genuine and nobody looked fake. He thought that let's give it a try and as the early bird catches the worm. He contacted them by his mobile and was invited to the headquarters in Mohali, near Chandigarh. He was asked to bring all the details, lab reports, clinic reports, details of all allopathic treatments done at various places. He fixed a date with the receptionist and decided to meet the doctors.

He traveled all the way from Rajasthan by train to Chandigarh and from there he hired a cab that dropped them at Planet Ayurveda. He brought all the reports and after going through them intensively the doctors had a long conversation with them and saw the latest CBC report. It mentioned that her platelet count was at around 19,000 per micro liter of blood. The doctors said that her remedy has to be continued for about six months and she has to bring a change in her diet plans. They were asked to work as prescribed strictly and her dad assured to do the same. All he needed was an authentic remedy that could enhance Khushboo's platelet count. Her last test was done on January 21st and the count stood at 1,20,000 per micro liter of blood. Never ever it has risen so much and now it will again be done within the next 15 days. The whole family left in a jubilant mood and praising Planet Ayurveda, where they do more and talk less. Now they were assured to get all remedies online. They need not travel all the way to Chandigarh. But all the remedies will reach their door step. It made them filled with ecstasy.

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