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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Bhiwani, Haryana | Case Study #9

The lady is a native of Bhiwani, in Haryana and is a school teacher whose husband is a lawyer in the local court. After a brief illness her physical activity reduced to minimum and she felt that her body has grown weak due to the sickness. After a few days her eyes became weak and the vision got a little blurred. She being a teacher who has to study so many note books and various books during her duty hours, got worried. She thought of getting some tonic which can bring relief to her from these physical disorders. But her lawyer husband suggested that they should see a doctor first.

Both went to a local hospital and doctor after examining her asked them to get 2 tests done, a CBC and bone marrow aspirations. "Is everything alright doctor," her husband asked. The doctor replied that these were not serious tests unless they come negative, it is just to confirm. Both left the clinic and went to a lab and got her both tests done. The CBC report arrived in 2 hours and the bone marrow aspiration test report usually takes 3-4 days and the laboratory assistant said that they would directly send it to the doctor's clinic. Both took the report to the doctor who appeared serious after scanning the report.

We both looked grim and watching the face of the doctor seeking a reply curiously, what's wrong, why's he is looking so grim. The doctor after studying the report said, "I wanted to make sure and it is confirmed now, rest we'll know when the bone marrow report arrives." "What is it doctor, anything serious?" my husband asked. "It's both yes and no," the doctor replied. "What do you mean?" my husband said. The doctor then explained everything in detail, he said my platelet count was too low a mere 28,000 per micro liter of blood. But it does have a medicine and can be enhanced, but unless it reaches the normal stage i.e. 1,50,000 per micro liter of blood to 4,00,000 she has to be careful and take many precautions as her flow of blood won't stop easily if she incurs a wound or meets an accident. It will be an uphill task for the doctors to stop the bleeding and she will lose lots of blood deteriorating the whole situation, and taking my husband aside he warned that it can even prove fatal if she loses too much blood, so better get her healed as fast as you can.

"What happened? What was it the doctor was telling you all alone? Is everything fine," I was curious to know. My husband has always shared everything with me, no matter how grim the situation is. I being a teacher knows that sharing hardships lessens the weight by half and sharing funny thing doubles the impact. After hearing the whole story, my heart missed a beat and I said, "Where will you get me admitted or how long will it take to get the cure finished" and looked curiously at my husband. "It's not serious but can get serious, now you are never going to ride to school on your scooter and get set for a ride in the school bus," and chuckling he continued, "it will save money & life." I was about to cry, He patted me on the back and left. I sat on a resting chair and began thinking why me? But I am a lady who teaches school going kids how to face the difficulties in life, never be afraid of the difficult times and there is always light at the end of darkest tunnels. After thinking all these teachings we manipulate our kids and now I gained the strength to face this challenge head on and never say die.

In the evening my husband usually comes home by 8 pm, but on that day he arrived at around 7:15pm. I opened the door when he rang the doorbell and looked at him curiously. He assured me that he has done the enough research and said that he will go to an allopathic doctor in the morning and see that doctor. He changed and both of us had dinner and went to sleep. I thought that from tomorrow I have to begin a new journey that I have to finish with my husband holding my hand. I never knew when I passed out only to wake up at a precise time of 5am when the alarm went off.

While going to a hospital I asked him, "Will you stay in the hospital or leave, I know I can handle it myself, "He interrupted, "Today all my cases will be handled by my partner, I'll stay with you as you never know what the doctor says, what and when? OK?"

We both reached the hospital and gave this news to the doctor, who took me to the examining room and began examining me. Platelets were transfused in my blood and tests were done the next day and the count reached to 50,000 per micro liter of blood after giving me a tablet. Some hope kindled inside me. The bone marrow aspirations report also came down confirming the low count, but I was assured by the doctors that everything will be fine after a few injections and steroid tablets. They used to give me this dose every week and I spend that night there and next day used to do a CBC test. But my count kept fluctuating from 28,000 per micro liter of blood to 80,000 per micro liter of blood, but never exceeded this number. I inquired a hundreds of times from the doctors why it is taking so long to reach a normal level where as I do miss my school sometimes. The doctors assured that we will get you normal within a few weeks. These weeks stretched to six months, but we were still far from the madding crowd.

A close relative rang me up and asked to watch YouTube videos to find a correct way of dealing with this ITP menace. Both of us did just that and ultimately found a place called Planet Ayurveda. An admired centre that shines like the sun in the sky. To check its authenticity, my husband watched many more videos of the patients that looked really satisfied. He heaved a sigh of relief when he came to know that it was not very far and was close to their capital city Chandigarh.

First he did his own search on YouTube, Planet Ayurveda holds an authentic reputation and is run & managed by a highly qualified, immensely talented, having experience of several years by renowned doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, They always check the authenticity of their herbal extracts first which get tested in a modern lab, are these natural & organic, only then these help in producing the remedies that has rectified millions all over the globe. Planet Ayurveda is also alive and kicking at a very fast pace, both domestically and internationally.

Even my husband felt that cure is around the corner. He contacted them, it's adjacent to Chandigarh and asked us to bring in all the reports of the lab, clinic and everything when this ITP was first detected till now. We agreed and reached Mohali the next day in November. Dr. Vikram Chauhan scrutinized the whole reports and gave us herbal remedies for a month. The latest count stood at 34,000 per micro liter of blood and the doctor asked me to follow a diet plan strictly. My husband assured them that she will. In a month's time the count increased to 80,000 per micro liter of blood and the next month went up by 1,00,000 per micro liter of blood and last month it increased to 1,25,000 per micro liter of blood. Now we both are jubilant in the progress it has sown. I had an appointment with Planet Ayurveda this Saturday meaning today but could not reach due to some personal reason, but will go next week after fixing a date. We both are elated, maybe we learned the school of hard knocks. But I pray and advise that if your platelets count is low or diagnosed with ITP, look no further than Planet Ayurveda!!

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