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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Karnal, Haryana | Case Study #49

Aman didn't Get Any Medicine to Cure His Liver Cirrhosis

Basically Aman belongs to Karnal, in Haryana but at present is working in Noida, a sub-town of New Delhi that has enormous medical facilities. He was working normally and enjoying his life when all of a sudden he felt pain in his abdominal area in January 2019. He went to a pharmacy and got a pain killer that did reduce his pain. After 2 or 3 days the pain again started. This time it was so severe that it was unbearable and he consulted a doctor, who admitted him in the hospital and did many tests. He also felt like vomiting and did vomit and blood comes out from his mouth. The doctor did the endoscopy test that told him that he was suffering from ulcer, jaundice and liver cirrhosis. The doctor performed a final fibro Scan test and told him that he had 75kpa, the maximum amount in a person.

It was clear writing on the wall that his liver was badly damaged. "Do you have any medicine that can rejuvenate my liver?" he asked the doctor. "Yeah we do have medicine but the condition is very bad. My medicine is not going to be effective on such a high reading but can save your liver from further damage," replied the doctor. "What percentage is still fine?" he again asked the doctor. And the doctor replied that his liver was 90% damaged and only 10% fine and he has to survive with that 10% only. Aman was shocked to hear the reply.

"OK doctor, do give me the medicines that can save my liver, I am ready for it," he said to the doctor and the doctor prescribed the medicines to him. The doctor also suggested that this medicine can hold the liver for 5 to 7 years only and he has to go in for a liver transplant after that. He paid the doctor and went home after purchasing the medicines from a pharmacy. Even his wife saw the expression on his face and didn't ask him anything as she already knew that something was very bad. He started having those medicines that were prescribed by the doctor. After some days he felt the symptoms enhancing when his legs turned red, he felt the pain in his right shoulder that had got frozen and he used to lie down with the fever more frequently.

But still he was feeling very weak as he lost his appetite and he used to eat very less food. But life was just going on and not heading in a positive direction. One day an idea struck in his mind that why he didn't try any other medical lines like Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Acupressure. He took out his mobile and searched the net to find a cure and very soon was impressed by Planet Ayurveda that claimed to have a cure for liver cirrhosis. In fact he saw a video of a person who had suffered for a long time from liver cirrhosis and after obtaining the medicines from this divine place felt totally fine. He was impressed and watched many more videos with all praising a particular Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan. They all looked genuine and not acting or anyone who is forced to do the act. He shared these videos with his wife who said that this might be his final destination.

In fact Planet Ayurveda is a well known name in the present times due to the quality of products it makes. The material that comes to this Planet Ayurveda to produce various medicines is first checked in a modern lab that sees to it that this has come from natural or organic grown plants and trees. If any fault gets detected the whole lot is dismissed without hearing any kind of excuses. Planet Ayurveda relies on the quality of its production, which is managed by a highly qualified pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, she is even a gold medalist while pursuing her degree. Both doctors are experienced, have a name to maintain, are renowned and hold quite a nice reputation in the Ayurvedic world. This is the reason that Planet Ayurveda is expanding at a hectic pace.

Aman took out his mobile and dialed their number and a lady asked how she can help him? He said, "This is Aman speaking from Noida and I am suffering from liver cirrhosis, do you have a cure for that?" "Sure sir if you intend to see the doctor yourself, you are welcome and sir we have the remedies to cure all kind of diseases in natural way, but before coming get all the papers related to your disease, all the lab reports, clinic slips and everything along with you and reach here at 9:30am as the doctors serve on first come first serve basis." Even Aman was pleased to hear such a positive response and began thinking that Ayurveda should prove lucky for him.

He booked a train ticket from New Delhi to Chandigarh and on the fixed day reached Chandigarh. From the railway station he took a cab and reached the HQ of Planet Ayurveda. He was pleasantly surprised to see so many patients already waiting for the doctors. He went straight to the receptionist who got him registered and asked him to wait for the doctors. He sat on a chair in their AC lounge. He heard his name around 1:15pm and got off from his chair and went to the doctor's room and introduced himself. After the greetings he showed his disease related papers to the doctor who studied them carefully. Then the doctor asked him to narrate his history and when he was speaking, he kept scribbling the names of many medicines on his registered slip. When Aman had finished the doctor said, "Look Mr. Aman, you need to take these medicines from our pharmacy and follow these prescriptions here," and pointing his index finger on the slip and also gave him another sheet of paper and added, "Here is a diet chart that needs to be followed strictly, the foods to take and foods to avoid and your liver will become healthy very soon." "For how long sir," he asked out of curiosity. "It will not exceed 6 months but keep providing the information to me every month or whenever you get the test done, ok and get well soon," the doctor bid him goodbye.

Watch the Video of This Patient

He came out from the doctor's room and went straight to the pharmacy and got his pack and left. After 3 months medicine his fibro scan number has been reduced and he is feeling elated. Even the lab owner has been stunned that how can Aman able to rejuvenate such badly injured liver so soon. Aman told him jokingly, "Through magic," shocking him more.

"How much more medicine do I need to have sir?" he asked the doctor who replied, "Just 3 or 4 months more and it will become absolutely normal. And stick to the diet I recommended and your liver will remain intact all the time." "Sure sir sure," he replied and was feeling as if floating in the air. Planet Ayurveda was indeed his final destination.

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