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Case Study No: 126 | Liver Cirrhosis - Aman

Aman from Karnal had a Severe Liver Cirrhosis

Aman from Karnal had a severe Liver Cirrhosis and his tests revealed that his liver was 90% damaged and he has to make the rest 10% work for him. The reading of the test is 75kpa. The doctors told him that he has to get his liver transplanted or take medicine for the rest of his life. He felt that he will take the medicines and survive on the remaining 10% of his liver. Initially he felt the pain in his stomach. After 2, 3 days the pain became severe and he got admitted in a hospital. The doctors warned him that he may not survive for more than 5 to 10 years. He came under stress and started taking the medicines. The doctor said that he has to complete this course of medicines for 3 months and he did exactly that.

One day one of his relatives came from Ahmedabad and told him about Planet Ayurveda. His brother had got his liver reversed from there. He asked him to go to Mohali and get the treatment from Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who is highly qualified. But before coming to Mohali he checked the videos of Planet Ayurveda on YouTube. He saw many patients coming with different diseases and getting the cure. He was highly impressed after watching the videos. He took out his mobile and dialed their number.

The phone was picked up by a sweet sounding lady who asked him that how Planet Ayurveda can help him. He narrated the whole story about his liver and asked, "Do you have a remedy that can cure it?" "Yes sir, we do have a remedy that can treat your liver, but for that you have to come to Mohali, near Chandigarh and meet the doctor personally. Are you ready to do that?" came the reply. "Sure ma'am, no problem. Give me the date when I should come," said Aman. "Let me see," the lady on the phone said and fixed a date. And she also asked him to bring all the papers related to his disease, the lab reports and the clinic slips along with him and reach the clinic at 9:30am as that was the time when the clinic opens and the doctors examined all the patients on first come first serve basis.

In fact by now Planet Ayurveda has earned a name by holding a special reputation in the Ayurvedic world. It is well managed eloquently by a highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan who has earned a gold medal during her studies. Both watch the production of medicines with vigilant eyes. The raw material that comes to make all medicines is first of all gets checked in a modern and tech-savvy lab. Firstly they check the origin of raw material that it has come from natural or organically grown plants & trees. If any fault is detected the whole quota is rejected without hearing any kind of excuses. It is a main and well known fact of Planet Ayurveda that by now it has become a renowned name in the Ayurvedic world. It has gaining popularity by leaps and bounds all over the globe. It's has a tag line that says 'holistic healing through herbs.'

On the fixed date he sent one of his relatives on the behalf of him to get the medicine from Planet Ayurveda as he was not sure about Ayurveda and wanted to see the effects that those medicines make and the relative was mesmerized by the fact that was before his naked eyes. Many people were thronging at their threshold. His relative went inside and reached the receptionist and introduced himself. The receptionist who was smiling all the time took out a Planet Ayurveda letter pad and wrote down the name of Aman and Took him to the assistant doctor, who was sitting in a different room. The assistant noted down all the symptoms that he was feeling, and told everything about them fever, vomiting with blood, and he had redness and swelling in his legs. The assistant then asked him to wait for his turn.

The relative came to the AC lounge and waited for his turn. His turn came around 1 pm when someone said the patient's name Aman a bit loudly. He was ushered in the doctor's room where he sat behind a huge table. After the initial greetings, the doctor asked him to show him all the papers related to his relative's disease, which he did quietly. The doctor scanned all the papers carefully and asked him about the patient's history that he narrated quite honestly. The doctor kept writing the names of medicines on the sheet of paper when Aman's relative was speaking about his medical history. After he had finished the doctor turned towards the relative and said, "Look Aman needs to take our Liver Care Pack and the prescriptions are written over here," and showed him the piece of paper and then he opened the drawer and gave a sheet of printed material and said, "Here is a list of foods your patient need to eat and the foods he should avoid having." He took that sheet and tucked it in the file. He bid the doctor goodbye, who did ask him to keep reporting the results every month.

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He came out of the room and headed towards their pharmacy which is located right opposite the doctor's room. He bought his pack and left the premises after that. Aman began the medication the next day and within 3 months has come out from his disease almost completely. Last week he visited a lab and got his test done and everything is normal. This time the reading of his liver test is 20kpa. He felt elated after that because he has said bye to his horrible disease.

This time he came himself to visit Planet Ayurveda and got the medicines for another 3 months as asked by the doctor and made a video for YouTube along with the Dr. Vikram Chauhan and urged everybody with any kind of disease should first of all see the doctors over there and said that nobody will have to go anywhere else. He was exalted by the doctor, especially Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

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