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Case Study No: 1 | Low Platelet Count - Master Aayansh Kimtee

Master Aayansh Kimtee had a very low platelet count when he was diagnosed with a very low platelet count and at that time he was a mere 7 years old kid. He used to feel constipation and used to cry a lot while passing stools. He used to bleed a lot in his left nostril and usually complain about his headache, whereas his parents used to think that he doesn't want to go to school, so he is giving lame excuses. But when all these symptoms kept recurring quite frequently, both took him to a local private nursing home and the doctor after examining him asked for 2 tests, CBC and bone marrow aspirations. His parents took him to lab and got his blood test. "You'll get the CBC report after a couple of hours and bone marrow aspiration report will be handed over to you after 4 days, or shall I send directly to the doctor," asked the lab assistant. "No, I'll get it and show it to the doctor myself," his dad replied.

The CBC report came within the next 2 hours and when it was in his dad's hands, he asked the lab assistant "is everything fine?" "How could I tell?" the technician continued "That's the job of a doctor and I just have to check whatever the doctor orders, it should be done authentically." "OK" his dad said and paid him the money and the whole family returned to the car parking and took this report to the doctor concerned. The doctor after scanning the report frowned a bit. The lines of fear also appeared on their forehead and his dad was curious to know the facts and asked the doctor, "is everything fine doctor?" "Hmmm even I had a doubt, to confirm a gut feeling and know the facts, all these troubles he is experiencing is due to a low platelet count, meaning his out flow of blood will make an uphill task for any doctor to stop, if he incurs a wound or a cut somewhere accidentally. Both of you have to keep a hawk's eye on his physical condition and when he loses so much blood, it can also cause ….you know what, I mean?"

"How low is it doctor," asked his dad. "A mere 2600 platelets per micro liter of blood, whereas a normal count is between 2, 00,000 per micro liter of blood to 4, 50,000 per micro liter of blood" the doctor replied, "but don't worry, we will help him in fulfilling this deficiency." Let the bone marrow aspiration report come and when it did, it confirmed this deficiency. The very next day they got him admitted to that nursing home and his mom stayed with him and his dad went to attend a meeting with his partners in business. "Keep a keen eye on him as kids of this age often fight with each other and get wounded. Never let him run away from your sight, OK Aayansh, never give any trouble to your mom, OK bye" he left after closing the door of their room.

Aayansh asked curiously, "Mom am I going to get some surgery, will it be painful?" "No" his mom assured him, "you will not get hurt, you will never know when all these bad symptoms that happen time & again, will never recur. There's nothing to worry" she said ruffling his hair with love. The doctor arrived an hour later and asked chuckling, "are you afraid dear? Don't be 'cause we are not going to hurt you in anyway, but would love to rectify your problem as soon as we can. Don't worry." he said patting Aayansh's rosy cheeks. He took him along and did various tests and gets his blood tested after every bout and kept repeating the treatment week after week, which was getting on his dad's nerves after 5 or 6 months. He tried transfusing the platelets and tried many steroids, but none brought the desired results. One day his dad lost the patience and asked the doctor, "You said it is a matter of a few weeks, which have stretched into months. Aayansh seem to be still there from where we began and after spending so much time and money, we are still grounded and his platelet number doesn't seem to take off. What's the matter?" he was becoming frustrated. "Even I don't know why Aayansh is not showing any variability, surprises me, but if you are not satisfied you can take him to some other hospital," the doctor surrendered.

"Fine" came the reply and his dad came to the private room and said, "Let's go to some other hospital." This process was not getting any better as no hospital was able to take the platelet count above 80,000 per micro liter of blood.

His dad after a year and a half decided to test some other line of finding a cure and searched youtube videos that made him land in the lap of Planet Ayurveda, an esteem institute that prepared herbal remedies to cure ITP patients. His dad first of all checked its authenticity and after being assured by his colleagues and watching you tube videos that all patients of ITP coming out with smiles hanging on their faces and just praising the Planet. He decided to contact them by ringing them up. He narrated the problem and said when he can meet the doctors. Anytime, came the reply from a sweet lady, but she asked him to bring in all their medical and lab reports and their family history along. "I have them all in a file" was his dad's reply and the very next day the whole family booked a flight from Bhopal to Mohali. They hired a cab to reach Planet Ayurveda clinic in Mohali, which is very near to the airport.

Planet Ayurveda is an esteem institute of manufacturing ancient remedies, in a modern way. It is run & managed by a highly qualified, talented, reputed, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. All the remedies which are produced to rectify all diseases by Planet Ayurveda are initially tested in a modern lab to check their authenticity, are they organic or wild, if yes they are used otherwise rejected, without hearing any excuses under the vigilant eyes of this pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is taking a step forward at a hectic pace, both nationally and internationally.

In Planet Ayurveda he saw a huge rush of many people sitting on the chairs and waiting for the doctors to arrive. Their number came a little after 1pm and both entered the doctor's room and showed the whole file to the Dr. Vikram Chauhan, the latest platelet count was a meager one just 26,000 per micro liter of blood. The doctor after seeing the reports had an extensive talk with them and said, you will have to carry ITP Care Pack and certain dietary changes as well, follow the prescriptions exactly as prescribed and very soon we will get the good results. Get his blood test done after every month and do tell me if you face any problem on my what's app number." After exchanging the greetings they bought the medicines from the pharmacy section and left.

After a month, when they tested his blood the count rose to 41,000 per micro liter of blood, the next month showed the reading at 1,10,000 per micro liter of blood, the next month it dipped to 75,000 per micro liter of blood, but increased the next month to 1,50,000 per micro liter of blood. His latest test which was done on 17, March 2019 shows the reading at 4, 76,000 per micro liter of blood and he has changed some remedies. But the moment they ring our clinic, their sound tells the whole story.

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