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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Nangal, Punjab | Case Study #23

Ishmeet Saini – A little girl, who got infected by psoriasis, due to many reasons like it could be genetic, not having a proper diet, having some wrong or stale food and much more. Actually, her father is working abroad and her mom is a housewife and she has a younger brother. Prickly heat came out on her back when she had just started going to school and her mom, Mrs. Mandeep Kaur thought that it might be due to the atmospheric heat, they live in Nangal, a place famous for producing agricultural urea and also electricity, which is served to the people of Punjab, in India. Initially she used to scratch a lot and her mom tried various prickly heat powders available in the market. But all proved futile.

After watching that these powders have no effect on her prickly heat, she took her to a local doctor who, after observing her back concluded that these are not a serious issue and prescribed a medicine, which he claimed will take care of all prickly heat that has broken out. But this also proved to be hoax. The doctor had just bamboozled her. After a few days when her hubby called from abroad and she told him the whole story, he said, "Why don't you take her to Chandigarh where there are so many renowned hospitals, they will find a cause, don't worry about the money; just make her look fine, OK?" She took his advice and came to Chandigarh, a city that has a number of renowned medical institutes.

She landed in a hospital and got her diagnosed by a skin specialist doctor as the prickly heat was spreading to her arms and legs. She used to wear clothes that cover her legs and arms, even in the summer, making Ishmeet feel irritated, who used to scratch more. The doctor examined her and told her that she was suffering from psoriasis. And he prescribed some medicines and sent them back to Nangal, but fixed the date in the next month for further treatment after observing how the medicines affect the infection or not or how much. Every month both or all 3 of them used to visit that hospital and the doctor used to give one excuse or another saying that such diseases take time to diminish. "Don't worry, have patience, it will take its own time, but will vanish one day, that's what I am sure about" he said. Her mom getting anxious, said, "But for how long doctor, look at her, these are spreading instead of reducing, look at her, we didn't and couldn't cover her face, whereas she is covered all over with robes, her whole body has these red patches and sores and she keeps scratching them till she begins crying, so do I. I keep looking at her body during the night and keep sobbing, don't know what will happen to her, will she be able to find the cure or not. I am also surrounded by so many worries," she began sobbing, but continued, "How long more doctor?"

"Don't worry, next month I'll change the prescription and see how she reacts to them" the doctor assured her and left.

When the kids used to sleep, she used to ring up her hubby and mostly used to cry and he used to manipulate her not to worry as he told her that the hospital mentioned by her does the research first and then give the proper medication, "if anything goes wrong do inform me, I'll leave the job and come to India, shall I?" he questioned her. "No, you better continue with the job, let's see what happens next month" she murmured. "Don't lose hope, be strong as fortune favors the brave, I know you are a brave lady, don't loose hope, everything will be fine" he concluded.

The next month all hell broke loose when the doctor changed the medicine as most of them reacted in such a way that from her head to toe, prickly heat emerged on each part, red patches did appear on her face too, making her appear horrible, a kid who was scared to face the mirror. Her mom got furious and along with her brother came along and both came in an aggressive mood and were almost shouting, she entered the doctor's clinical block going nuts in a furious way and almost shouted, "Where's the doctor? I am not going to leave him, look what he has done to my daughter? It's been a year and he has just deteriorated her condition and giving me one excuse or another, bring him out and face me," she was almost trembling with anger. All the public standing in the hospital looked curiously at them. The security staff arrived and tried to find an amicable solution, which they did after some time.

The whole family left and contacted another skin specialist who refused to treat her saying that allopathy doesn't have a permanent cure for psoriasis. She will have to consume certain pills laced with steroids and her mom was not ready to face the music as she knew steroids have lots of aftereffects. She looked at her brother a little curious as if trying to find another place and, he without blinking an eyelid said, "do you trust Ayurvedic ways, they are old but very effective, many known people to me have found the treatment for many different diseases." "OK, you know anyone out here in Chandigarh?" she asked.

"First of all watch these patients getting cured of psoriasis in herbal ways," he took out his mobile and makes her watch you tube videos of Planet Ayurveda. All patients coming out were just praising the doctors after treatment; no one seemed to be acting, just a look at their faces that impressed her immensely. She lifted her head and said "Where is it?" "In the sub-town of Chandigarh, quite near don't worry, I have their landline number and I'll call them and know if the doctor is in," he replied. But first he checked the authenticity of the clinic and found Planet Ayurveda is an immaculate Ayurvedic clinic that is administrated by a highly qualified, talented, experience holder and a renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Both hold the gold medals in their qualifications. They produce all the Ayurvedic remedies themselves at the same place after checking the authenticity of all herbs in a modern lab, which are used in producing so many remedies that do rectify so many diseases. The ones that contain any sort of chemical or color are straight away rejected, without hearing any excuses but they just use the organic & natural ones. The pair keeps a vigilant eye on the process of manufacture and packing. All remedies are authentic extraction of many natural medicinal herbs, plants and trees. But this process has made it the best Ayurvedic clinic of North India and is flourishing globally at a hectic pace.

"I'll just check them out right now," he thought and dialed the Planet Ayurveda's number and a lady in a very pleasant & sweet voice answered the phone and said, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" He narrated the whole story and asked how to get the medicine or remedy, and how and when can he meet the doctors. The lady asked him to bring all the lab reports and medicine slips recommended by all the clinics and labs that he has ever visited and the whole history of his niece's family and can come right away. They packed their bags and after putting them in the boot of their car, reached the HQ of planet Ayurveda at Mohali at 9:30 am.

They came to the HQ of Planet Ayurveda in October 2018. And were impressed by seeing a huge rush of patients that has come from far flung places, some of them were foreigners and were asked to wait for their turn as the doctors deal everybody on first come first serve basis. Their turn came at 1:45 pm and were greeted by the doctor sitting behind the table and her uncle showed the reports and also narrated the whole story. The doctor listened very carefully, making some notes in his copy and said, "Fine I'll prescribe you a Psora Care Pack and some dietary changes also, remember you need to follow them strictly, otherwise you might deteriorate the whole condition, OK?" "Fine doctor, I am ready to do anything, just make these symptoms vanish as I have made my daughter a laughing stock in front of her colleagues, I am ready to make her eat anything & give up anything" her mom replied assuring him. The doctor made them note down the diet recommended and he banned certain foods from his diet and asked him to contact him every month and let him know the effects of the Psora Care Pack as it will last for a month's time.

After seeing the doctor they came out and bought the pack and left for Nangal the same day. Her uncle had a gut feeling that this time they have reached a fine place and got the right medicine and certain it was that way.

Ishmeet's red patches were erased from the face in the first month only. She did show her progress every month and the area kept reducing after every month, bringing back the smiles of the family in distress. After all these months we called her to know the basic facts and her mom ran short of words to explain the condition right now. Only 20% of the patches remain that has changed their color from red to white and are almost invisible. The doctor has recommended 2 more months of remedy and even they will also vanish making her skin get flawless & supple once again.

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