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Case Study No: 66 | Ulcerative Colitis - Binod Wagle

Binod Wagle Suffered from Ulcerative Colitis and couldn't find a cure in USA

Binod Wagle is a citizen of Nepal but has settled in the USA. He is working in the USA and is a happy go lucky kind of person. He used to feel healthy when all of a sudden he felt lose motions occurring. He took a local pill that subsided them and he felt fine and got busy with his daily routine. After a few days the symptoms recurred and this time they were more severe. He took the same pill proving to be useless this time. He consulted a doctor who did his colonoscopy test and revealed him the disease called Ulcerative Colitis.

Binod seemed confused as he had never heard the name of this horrible disease. "Ulcerative Colitis, what's the hell is that and how I got infected with it?" he asked the doctor. The doctor was sitting calmly and said, "There are many factors responsible for this disease to occur like eating junk food, changes in the life style, spices we eat every day, processed foods and even soft drinks we consume can be called guilty." "So you do have a medicine that can cure it or should I go to some other hospital?" he asked doctor. The doctor replied in a calm manner, "You need to eat these medicines for your life as our medical field is yet to find a permanent cure for this disease. It's like diabetes; you can control it but never eradicate it."

There was no other way left for Binod and even he agreed with the doctor and begun taking medicines. His medicines were laced with steroids and the doctor had forewarned him that these medicines might affect him with some sort of side effects and he shouldn't panic when he felt some. "What if I stop eating these medicines? What can happen then?" he asked the doctor. "No, you can get further complications striking on your door if you do that and might prove fatal for you," replied the doctor. He kept feeling some strange things but thinking them to be side effects he kept ignoring and continued with his medication process. After the symptoms didn't reduce, and an idea came in his mind and he thought that he can try to find a cure in some other medical line like Homeopathy, Ayurveda or Acupressure.

He took out his mobile and started searching on net for some doctors that did cure his Ulcerative Colitis effectively. He did contact some Homeopath doctors initially but all failed to impress him. He kept surfing and one day he saw a video of a person who got treated for Ulcerative Colitis from an Ayurvedic doctor called, Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda. He seemed genuine and not appeared a false one or done to gain the publicity. He watched many more videos of patients getting cured by their herbal medicines in Planet Ayurveda from Ulcerative Colitis.

In fact Planet Ayurveda has earned a name for itself by providing the pure medicines to its patients for their respective diseases. Actually it is run by a highly qualified association of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who is a gold medal holder while pursuing her degree. Both have watchful eyes while production of medicines. First of all they check the material that comes in, to make these medicines in a solid lab. It is checked that it comes from organic or naturally grown plants and trees. If any fault is found, the whole quota gets rejected without hearing any kind of excuses. Planet Ayurveda relies on the quality of the medicines it makes. This is the reason that it is gaining popularity all over the globe.

He noted down their email ID and asked for a solution for his problem. The reply came sooner than expected. There was a WhatsApp number and he called on that number and was picked by a sweet sounding lady. He narrated his problem and the lady replied in a positive manner. She asked him to post all his lab reports and the hospital slips on that WhatsApp number and he did do that promptly and placed his order online.

Watch the Video of This Patient

The medicine arrived a few days later at his door step via a courier. There was also a list of foods to eat and foods to avoid eating, banning all the dairy products, which he was fond of consuming. But he had to get rid of his disease. That was the first priority and these things can come in later. After about a month he called again and said he felt 60% fine and the doctor asked him to continue taking the same medicine. He ordered another dosage for one month and began taking it. After 2 months he felt absolutely fine and wrote an email to Planet Ayurveda that he felt elated as he got a perfect cure for his horrible Ulcerative Colitis that has no other medical line to heal it.

After a year or so he flew to Nepal on some family matter and he did solve that problem and came to Chandigarh by flight and took a cab and reached Planet Ayurveda and was extremely happy, when he reached its premises. His expression said it all as he seemed to be on cloud nine. He felt extremely grateful to Planet Ayurveda for curing his one and a half- year- old disease within 2 months. He also insisted on making a YouTube video where he urged all the patients of Ulcerative Colitis to come to Planet Ayurveda for an authentic cure.

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