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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Somnath, Gujarat | Case Study #30

Mr. Dilip Kumar – All the Way from Gujrat to Get a Cure for Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis is such a horrible disease that is emerging at a hectic pace globally and modern science has to prescribe steroids, and better be ready for their after effects, steroids often cause them. It is due to the changing environmental conditions, change in diet patterns and many more such factors. But In Ayurveda you have a remedy that is made from the bark of a Kutaj tree that heals Ulcerative Colitis (UC) symptoms. One such person was Mr. Dilip Kumar, who had turned up from Somnath in Gujarat.

UC began with loose motions making him think that he must have eaten something indigestible, most of the young generation do these days, that's the reason he was facing these hardships. He took an over the counter medicine from a local chemist and the loose motions withered away, leaving him to forget all about it. But it was a lull before the storm as these returned with much force after a few days and brought along bleeding in the rectal area. By seeing his stools colored red he panicked and reported all the details with his dad, who took him to a local doctor and got him examined. The doctor diagnosed him and said, "Mr. Kumar there is nothing to worry about, the younger generation is habitual to eating junk food and some people do suffer such repercussions, don't worry I will cure it within no time." He prescribed the medicines and bid them goodbye.

The medicines did show some effect initially but after some time they all turned holistic, totally ineffective and the symptoms kept enhancing. Dilip did change the doctor but the situation remained the same. His family was getting more worried about his health, which was deteriorating at a hectic pace, disturbing his health & studies. His dad announced, "Tomorrow we are going to Rajkot as that city has more medical facilities, we will find a cure," he sounded more determined now.

The next morning both went to Rajkot in their car and got Dilip examined at a renowned hospital, but the results remained the same as were in Somnath. From there they went to Ahmadabad, the ex-capital of Gujarat thinking that they will definitely find a remedy there. He got Dilip admitted in a reputed hospital and asked the doctors, "Please do anything with my son, do the surgery or do anything, just make my son regain his strength, he has become so skinny and he passes stools for 10 to 12 times a day," he was actually pleading before them. The doctors did try their level best but the disease still persisted. They asked the patient to get endoscopy, colonoscopy done so that they can gauge the severity of this disease.

He got all the tests done and the doctors tried very hard, but to no avail. They had the last shot, they asked his dad "can we perceive some medicines laced with steroids, these will never let the disease gets out of control, at least they will keep it stable and he has to take these medicines for the rest of his remaining life as UC cure has not been found yet." "This is such a bad situation, this is worse than AIDs," his dad lost the temper, but after realizing his position bowed down and agreed to it. They had the medications and came home. Their pale faces revealed it all. No family member crosschecked them and he continued having these medicines for a continuous 5 years.

By now he has matured into a young man and used to watch the net on his mobile. One day he was searching for a permanent cure for UC on you tube and landed in the lap of Planet Ayurveda and was quite impressed by watching many more patients who had suffered from UC for many years getting cured and finding treatment in the Ayurvedic style. He ran with the video to his dad and said, "Dad we have been trying to find a remedy for UC and look at these videos," and made him watch many. His dad said, "But mostly you tube videos can't be trusted." "But dad do they look like fake or acted upon to gain the publicity, I don't think so, come on dad let's give it a chance," he pleaded.

"Ok fine let me have a word with them, give me their number," he said and that's exactly what Dilip did as he was feeling a little elated. But first to check the real authenticity of this Planet Ayurveda both watched many more videos and then decided to take a chance, at least they will not encounter any flare ups as their medicine had no side effects and were totally natural.

Planet Ayurveda is an exceptional clinic of healing with age- old remedies, in a modern style. It is situated very near to Chandigarh and it is maintained by a highly qualified, reputed, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Both are the gold medalist in their fields. All the remedies that are produced are manufactured on the premises to rectify various different diseases. First of all these get tested in a modern lab to check their authenticity, are they organic or natural, if yes they are used otherwise not included there & then, without hearing excuses of any kind. All the medicines are manufactured under the vigilant eyes of this pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is getting famous by leaps & bounds globally.

Dilip contacted them and after narrating his problem asked to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan about his condition. "Does he has a remedy that can cure me permanently," he asked "Yes sir we have but do bring in all the tests of labs that have been done and all the clinic slips that were made by the concerned doctors and also your family history, OK sir, see you on the appointed day. The clinic opens at 9:30am sir," came the answer.

On the appointed day they reached Planet Ayurveda in October, 2018, and were impressed after seeing the huge rush. The people had come from far flung places, there were some foreigners too. Both sat with the already waiting patients and waited for their turn as the doctors treat everyone on first come first serve basis and both were ushered in doctor's room at 1:40pm and both entered doctor's room. After the greetings they showed them the disease related papers and various labs tests done and also narrated his family history. The doctor observed the whole papers very keenly and after some discussion with themselves turned towards Dilip Kumar and said, "Look sir, you need to follow the prescription strictly or you will not get the desired results. And take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and note down the diets that you have to consume and which one to avoid." He noted down the foods to take and which one to avoid on his mobile, and asked the doctor, "Sir how much long will it take to get complete treatment?" "It all depends on the patient's body. Everybody is unique in itself, it might be over within a fortnight and might take 6 months, but it will diminish, I am sure about that and this remedy carries no side effects," the doctor replied.

Both headed towards their pharmacy which is located within the same premises and bought Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and went away back to Gujarat, the same evening. After about 16, 17 days his dad called to tell that the doctor's prescriptions were proving their worth and was feeling elated. The Planet Ayurveda team asked him to continue having the same remedies as he can get them online and he did just that and after 7 months he was feeling on cloud nine. He flew from Gujarat to Chandigarh and came with all the praise for the doctor and asked him to accompany him while shooting for a video that was to be up loaded on you tube. The doctor asked him to stop taking any more medicine, but he is adamant on taking it for another 2 months and doesn't want to leave any stone unturned. He is 99.9% fine but he doesn't want to take another chance.

In the video his expression should be seen to be believed. He got stuck with the diet that was prescribed by doctors, banned all dairy products, except a diluted curd that he still has, drinks coconut water twice a day, has pomegranate juice made at home and praises the doctors by saying thanks for giving him another chance to enjoy life.

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