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Case Study No: 151 | Ulcerative Colitis - G. Kartik

G. R. Ramya got his son treated for Ulcerative Colitis

G. R. Ramya, who resides in Bhilai, in Chhattisgarh had travelled all over India to get treatment for his teenage son, G. Kartik had loose motions initially and like everybody else. He took a local pill and they subsided. After a few days they again became loose and this time the pill was not effective and he took his dad with him and both visited the doctor. The doctor sensing trouble, did his colonoscopy test and asked them to visit after a few days as the reports of colonoscopy test was to be ready after 3, 4 days.

Both again visited the doctor who frowned a bit after seeing his report. His dad was curious to know and he said, "Is everything fine doctor or something is wrong." "Not much wrong but a little complicated, as his disease has been detected as an Ulcerative Colitis and this is a long disease, it can be cured within a week or might last lifelong and he needs to take these medicines for as long as he lives," replied the doctor. "Which medicine is available for eradicating his disease in a fast manner, don't worry about the money, just get that medicine and he should be fine," said his dad. "That's not the case, the medicine is the same but when will this disease get over, nobody knows," said the doctor. But he did prescribe some medicines to him and both came home and started his medication.

Instead of getting any positive results, his condition deteriorated and he used to go to stools for 15, 17 times every day. The stools were accompanied by blood and mucus. He had lost so much of blood that one day blood had to be transfused in his body. He had lost his appetite and never desired to eat anything. He was feeling too weak physically and his physique reduced to be a skinny man. But he kept having those medicines as the doctor had warned them not to stop these medicines otherwise the condition will complicate further.

One day a friend of G. R. Ramya came and suggested a doctor in Vishakhapatnam that had a cure for his son's disease. Trusting him both boarded a train and went to Vishakhapatnam. The doctor over there did his colonoscopy and biopsy test and started his medication. Both spent at least 2 months over there but did not get the relief which both were seeking. After spending those 2 months over there, both came back to Chhattisgarh in a dreary mood. The whole family was upset as they couldn't find a cure.

G. R. Ramya was in the habit of watching you tube videos. One day he saw a video of a lady who got cured from Ulcerative Colitis by an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan, at Planet Ayurveda. He got interested and watched many more videos of different kinds of patients taking the treatment from Planet Ayurveda and praising the doctor. Where everybody seemed genuine and no one appeared fake, he decided to get in touch with them.

Planet Ayurveda is a superb Ayurvedic clinic that is managed by an association of Ayurvedic expert doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, she even has a gold medal in her studies. This exclusive pair is highly qualified, has lots of experience, talented and holds a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic science world. People come in hoards from all quarters of the world to their clinic with their different diseases and find a complete treatment over there. All the medicines prepared by this impeccable clinic are judged by their quality in a very modern and tech-savvy lab. The raw material used to produce medicines is first checked. If it comes from natural & organic herbs then it is used and if found that these herbs are not naturally grown, all the quota is straight away dismissed, without hearing any kind of excuses. Public these days are shifting from allopathic methods, which carry lots of side effects, to the authentic Ayurvedic ways that treat naturally and carry no side effects. Planet Ayurveda relies on quality rather than quantity. That's the reason that it is gaining popularity all over the globe.

He contacted them immediately and stated his son's problems. The sweet sounding lady on the other side of the phone fixed their date with the doctor. She asked him to come and see their doctor and bring along all the reports of all the labs and clinics that he has visited relating to UC. She also asked him to come at 9:30am as that was the time for clinic to open and the doctor examined everybody on first come first serve basis.

He did visit the Planet Ayurveda in July 2018 for the first time and was extremely impressed with the rush at their premises. Both went straight away to the receptionist who noted down his son's name on a sheet of paper and took them to meet an assistant doctor in a different room. That assistant doctor noted down all his son's symptoms and wrote them on that sheet. Then she asked them both to wait for their turn in the AC lounge, both went there and sat down.

Watch the Video of This Patient

G. Kartik, heard someone calling his name a bit loudly and both got up and that person handed him the slip and he was ushered in the doctor's room, where the doctor was sitting behind a huge table and was already examining the other patients. He sat on a chair and after some time the doctor called his name and he got up and went and sat on a chair which was kept right next to the doctor, who asked him about his papers and he handed him the whole file. The doctor scanned the file very attentively and asked him to narrate the history of his Ulcerative Colitis. He did that with full honesty. Then the doctor looked at him and said, "You need to take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and follow the medicines written on this slip here," pointing his index finger and added after handing him a printed sheet, "Here is the diet chart that you should follow strictly otherwise this medicine will not affect you much." He was seriously studying that diet chart. The doctor said, "It clearly mentions the foods you need to eat and foods you need to avoid and keep reporting to me after every month."

After about 13, 14 days he again rang up Planet Ayurveda number and was all praises for the Dr. Vikram Chauhan who stood out like God to him, "Oh sir, it was a total magical medicine, I could feel my son's symptoms reducing after 10 days and the bleeding that used to occur almost daily has been completely cured. I did trust the Ayurveda ways but had to trust someone who did produce purely authentic medicines, now I totally have fallen in love with Planet Ayurveda. It's absolutely superb; I'll remain indebted to it if it cures my son fully." "Don't worry sir, now you know why we rely more on quality and just have some patience and still continue this remedy and you will get full recovery very soon," said the doctor.

He did take the same remedy and after 3 months he came to Planet Ayurveda along with his son who is absolutely normal now and was grinning from ear to ear. He even recorded a video that was later uploaded on you tube. He said that "Planet Ayurveda promises nothing, but delivers everything!"

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