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Case Study No: 149 | Ulcerative Colitis - Ms. Hansa

Prashant's wife Hansa couldn't get relief from Ulcerative Colitis, till she reached Planet Ayurveda

Prashant Mirchandani belongs to Rajasthan but for the last 12 years, he is doing job in Mumbai and living there with his whole family. His wife Hansa was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC) in March 2017. No member of his entire family had ever heard the name of this disease. None was aware that this disease can cause lots of troubles, which it did after some time. Allopathy is yet to find a treatment for UC and no doctor claims to cure it completely. All say that it is a long-term disease and the patients have to take the medicines for the rest of their lives and say there is no escape from it.

When he consulted some of the renowned doctors in Mumbai, a city with lots of medical facilities, all had the same answer; it cannot be cured completely. But they had an option that she needs to take steroids and steroids might get her cured. But Prashant being an educated man knew that the steroid is a gamble, which might find a cure or not but has lots of side effects and he was not able to take any chance. Instead he did his own research and opted for some other medical line. He surfed the net and came in contact with Ayurveda. Many renowned Indian firms are available in Mumbai. He consulted some of the renowned doctors of Ayurveda and was stunned when some Ayurvedic doctors didn't understand the term UC, but were continuously persisting it to be IBS. But still he carried on with Ayurveda and took the medicines for 2, 3 months, but the Ayurvedic medicines were not even that effective. They did provide her some relief initially, but for a very short term. After about 15, 20 days the symptoms used to come again, worrying Prashant even more.

Fed up with Ayurveda he turned to Allopathy and was having Mesacol. In Allopathy too, the problems withered away initially, but used to return after about 2 months or so. After having the Mesacol, she used to go for an enema or a tablet. If these things didn't help, you have no choice but to turn towards steroids. And taking steroids scared Prashant to feel like living in hell. But he was more worried about the disease, why his wife only, as no one from her entire family has had ever heard about this disease. But experts are of the view that this disease happens to rare cases due to change in the life style, change in the environment etc. He was also suffering because he couldn't understand his wife's miserable condition. She used to go to the washroom for 7, 8 times a day, with bleeding and mucus also coming out. Her abdomen used to pain a lot and she couldn't get a sound sleep. When she was being served with the Ayurvedic medicines, she had lost her appetite and weight too. Strange sounds were also heard in her abdominal area, further worsening her condition.

Her husband was running from pillar to post to find a cure somewhere, but still was unable to do so. Finally, while surfing the You Tube channel, he came across Dr. Vikram Chauhan, who works at Planet Ayurveda, a clinic that specializes in finding a treatment for UC. He was in a dilemma, either go for treatment with steroids or go to Planet Ayurveda who is a specialist in dealing with these kinds of diseases. But he had already had a very bad experience of trying another renowned Ayurvedic medicine that was never effective in solving her problems permanently, just provided her a short relief. But he was also not ready to face the steroids effects, it could have many side effects and her delicate wife's body might not be able to tolerate. So, he thought that let's give it a try to Planet Ayurveda, at least it might fail, but will carry no side effects.

Thus, he called up Planet Ayurveda's whatsapp number after obtaining it from their description section. The call center people asked him to post all the details on this number and they will reply after some time. But he wanted to have a word with Dr. Vikram Chauhan only and nobody else. But the call center people said that he is too busy with other patients and cannot come right away and in the evening had to catch a flight for going abroad. But Prashant was adamant on having a word with Dr. Vikram Chauhan only and nobody else. He kept pleading and said just to inform the doctor that this case was an emergency case and the patient is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis and is bed ridden now. After a few moments Dr. Vikram Chauhan came online and asked how serious the problem is. While narrating the condition of his wife Prashant was on the verge of crying.

"Why are you so worried? This is not a disease, but an infection that occurs in rare cases and we have cured many patients of UC," said the doctor and continued, "All you need to do is try buying this medicine online or have it from our distributor in Mumbai or have a word with them. They will provide you a diet chart that you will have to follow strictly." Prashant did exactly that and within a month, the problem was completely solved. He had called on 26th December and his wife was totally fine on 28th January. The bleeding, pain and mucus vanished within a fortnight, reducing her stools to 2 times a day and after a month just once a day, just like a normal person. This was the time when trust crept in his heart about Planet Ayurveda is an expert in dealing with UC. A year and a half have gone by and she never had any kind of issues as she is sticking to diet chart mentioned by the doctor.

But Prashant being an intelligent man, says do not follow the diet chart strictly but try understanding it first and then go for it. Some of the foods might be restricted that you love eating, try them, if there is a negative effect leave it, otherwise you can keep having them but in a moderate quantity and not in excess as 'an excess of everything is bad.' Like doctor had restricted his wife from having buttermilk, but as she loves drinking it, she did try and her body didn't show any negative effects, so she rang up Dr. Vikram Chauhan and told him the story and even he agreed but asked her to have a little bit and that too occasionally. She followed him blindly. When Dr. Vikram Chauhan visited Mumbai, both Prashant and his wife came to meet Dr. Vikram Chauhan personally and said that he is simply out of this world person, exalting the doctor immensely.

He also mentions one incident, where his wife was fond of eating mangoes after a meal, but the doctor had restricted her from having mango. It was poison for her, he had told her. But she couldn't resist the charm of tasting mango and she pleaded to her husband just a little bit in April as her symptoms had faded, he being emotional surrendered and gave her a slice of mango. The moment she ate it, the symptoms again flared up and she ordered another dosage for a week and stuck to the diet chart that flushed out the symptoms from her body. Prashant is also indebted to the Mumbai distributor, Ms Ankita Bhatia also, who was a key player in removing her UC. Whenever they required medicine in an emergency, she did provide it to them at the earliest. Once she was going to Siddhi Vinayak temple after closing her office, when they needed a particular medicine in an emergency. But Ankita called the Planet Ayurveda on what to do now? But the GM said that the patient is more important than anything else. So she turned back and brought that medicine to the Prashant's family instantly. Recently Prashant said whichever medicine was about to finish, he ordered online and the very next day it used to reach his doorstep.

She says that she will just rely on Ayurvedic medicines of Planet Ayurveda. She is often getting 3, 4 calls every month from Planet Ayurveda to remain strict regarding her diet and nothing will happen again. The medicines of Planet Ayurveda have cleaned all her digestive system, making it aseptic, arousing her appetite and she is regaining her lost weight. She also has a story to narrate and tells us how one of her friend's daughter also suffered from the same kind of symptoms and the daughter was admitted in a renowned hospital and they kept giving her the steroids for IBS treatment that had no effect on her health. Instead she was losing weight and passing stools for 10, 15 times a day. When Hansa came to know about it she found her mother weeping profusely. Hansa told her friend to eat a particular diet and have the medicines recommended to her by Planet Ayurveda. But for the first month her friend could see no effects but Hansa told her to get habitual to all these medicines and stick to the diet plan and the medicine will show their effect sooner or later. When after 3, 4 months she inquired from her friend that did these medicines prove effective, and her friend said yes, with a smile on her face, her daughter is feeling 50% fine and will be fine after she continuous the process for another 3, 4 months. No doubt, in some cases the allopathic medicines have proved their effectiveness, but in Ayurveda it does take some time but proves to be effective to all the ailments, only if the quality of the medicines is of high caliber.

Prashant says that you need not rely on any Ayurvedic doctor, better check with his qualifications first, as "little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all." Trust the person who claims to solve your ailments within a specified time, like dismissing the symptoms of Hansa was a cozy thing done by Dr. Vikram Chauhan as he possesses a colossal knowledge about Ayurveda. In almost every video he lays stress on Indian government to do more research, open more colleges, Universities about Ayurvedic studies.

Prashant also tells about being solid psychologically. Majority of the people, who suffer from such diseases, when not getting the desired result from anywhere, often go in depression, another International malaise. Then first you have to fight with depression, which is considered to be a psychological problem and then again finish your symptoms of UC. He also mentions some diets to avoid like milk & its products, except yogurt, spices, packaged food, soft drinks, junk food, non-veg dishes etc. People often ask him that how they can get habitual to avoid eating all these yummy foods. He interacts them that so many things are poison for diabetic patients, don't they put restrictions from avoiding so many foods. The doctor at Planet Ayurveda is just asking you to avoid foods that are harmful for to your body and not the ones that have positive effects on your health. As everybody has a different bodily structure, so everybody should follow a particular diet chart, prepared by the doctor at Planet Ayurveda. Stick to his diet chart and it will prevent the disease or infections from hurting your body. "Prevention is always better than cure." You will never fall sick and enjoy the healthy life because "Health is Wealth."

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