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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Kalka, Haryana | Case Study #40

Kiran, who resides at Kalka. Kalka lies on the foothills of immense Himalaya range of mountains, and is quite near to Chandigarh, just 28kms. Actually it is the border town of Haryana that is the last city you visit while going up the mountains of Himachal Pradesh to Shimla, its capital. The narrow track of railway line begins from Kalka that goes up to Shimla. In the year 2007, Kiran suffered loose motions up to 4, 5 times a day and thought that she might have eaten something stale outside her house and like everybody else she took a pill that reduced their frequency. But after some days she suffered the same symptoms and once again took the same pill but this time it proved to be useless. She tried some other pills but all in vain.

She went to a local doctor who could not detect the disease properly and referred her to go to Chandigarh, a city beautiful that has enormous medical facilities. She along with her husband, Mr. Rajesh, came to Chandigarh after taking an appointment with a private hospital. Both went inside and saw the doctor who got her colonoscopy test done to confirm the disease. The test confirmed it to be Ulcerative Colitis (UC) that Kiran was totally ignorant about; She asked the doctor, "What sort of disease is this? I have never heard the name before as no one in our family has ever had that kind of disease."

The doctor after taking a seat behind his desk said, "Look Mrs. Kiran there are numerous factors responsible for its outbreak, like changing life style, consumption of spicy and packaged foods, alcohol, soft drinks etc. All are processed foods and any one of them is enough to cause this disease," replied the doctor. "You have a cure or shall I go to the renowned hospital of Chandigarh?" she asked again. As all private hospitals are ready to make daylight robberies, how could they let go of any patient with such an ease, "Of course we have. We have the best medicines that will eradicate your disease within a short spell," said the doctor. He began prescribing the medicines and referring a pharmacy name to buy them. Both went there and began the treatment after coming back to Kalka in the evening.

"All things happen for good, at least now you will start remaining alert while gulping your drinks and chaat (an Indian snack) etc," he said jokingly to cool down the ambience. She raised her eyebrows and looked strangely at him, and said, "I am suffering so much and you are thinking about humorous ways, come on don't be so mean?" "But dear I wish you to stay positive and let stress out of your mind as stress will certainly enhance your symptoms, hope you'll get fine within a few days," he concluded. She was praying to God to heal her fast.

But the medications had adverse effects, within a week the frequency of stools became more i.e. 6 to 7 times a day and bleeding also started oozing out with the loose stools making their color red. Both did come to the same hospital once again and the doctor was ready to take them to the cleaners. "No Mrs. Kiran don't worry, this disease doesn't go that easily, at least my medicines are causing some effect. Now I will change the dosage a little bit and see these will bring the positive effects," the doctor was not letting them go so easily. But this disease proved to be a hard nut to crack for that doctor as no relief came after a fortnight and the symptoms were showing an upward trend.

They decided to change their hospital and on someone's suggestion went to some other private hospital in Chandigarh. The doctors over there too bamboozled them. All private hospitals are enjoying making huge and massive bills and none provided them relief. Ultimately her husband asked her to visit the renowned medical hospital that is thought to evaporate all kinds of diseases. "I know there is a lot of rush over there, but we can make it if we move early from our home," said her husband to which she readily agreed as she was feeling the pinch now and knew that all doctors were just after the money.

The next day both visited this renowned hospital and got her examined and the doctors over there did her colonoscopy test again and said to come along the report once again. They returned after a few days and showed the doctor the report and the doctor scared them further, "Now she has to take some medicines for her life time as modern science is yet to find a cure for UC, it can control it, but is unable to find a permanent cure." What if she stops?" asked her husband. "No, no don't do that, it will further complicate the situation, might prove to be drastic," replied the doctor. There was nothing else to do and both came to Kalka in a dreary mood.

Their near & dear ones did pay their condolences and she kept having those medicines. Sometimes her symptoms used to get high; sometimes these used to come down, these kept fluctuating. No one suggested them a true remedy and she felt embarrassed to venture out as sometimes she felt the urge and couldn't find a suitable toilet nearby. It was causing her to lose her social circle. She used to feel as if she is an inmate of a jail. She kept suffering till 2017, almost a decade, when a dear one suggested to find the cure some other way and showed them a video of a person who did find the cure after 6 years from Planet Ayurveda, which is located very near to Chandigarh, at Mohali (a sub-town of Chandigarh) to be precise. They noted down its address and will proceed by reaching Zirakpur and onto the airport road, its true location.

But first they wanted to check its authenticity. In genuine terms Planet Ayurveda has earned quite a reputation in the Ayurvedic world by producing quality medicines that diminish all kinds of diseases. It is managed by a highly qualified, talented, renowned and reputed pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan earned a gold medal while perceiving her degree. The medicines that are produced in their premises are made from authentic herbs that are grown in organic or natural conditions and first of all these herbs are checked in a modern & reputed lab. If a fault is detected the whole quota is dismissed there and then without hearing any kind of excuses. Planet Ayurveda believes in quality instead of quantity. This is the reason why it is flourishing at a hectic pace globally.

He contacted them and a sweetly speaking lady greeted them and asked to bring in all the reports of all the labs that she got tested and the clinic prescriptions of all the hospitals they have visited regarding her UC. She also asked them to come at 9:30am as the clinic opens at this time and doctors examined the patients on a first come first serve basis. Both packed everything required and left Kalka around 8:45am and reached Planet Ayurveda by 9:30am.

On reaching the green premises both were impressed by seeing many more patients waiting in the AC lounge of the clinic. They also sat down and waited for their turn, which came at 1:40 pm and both reached the doctor's room. They greeted the doctor and showed him the papers related to her UC. The doctor scrutinized them carefully and asked her to narrate her own history, which she did. The doctor started addressing her, "Look Mrs. Kiran you need to proceed by changing your diet plans and take our Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and use it according to the prescriptions. And here is a diet chart mentioning which food & drinks you should take and what kind of foods & drinks you have to avoid." He handed her a list. "Dr. How long do I have to take this medicine? She asked. "Don't worry if this medicine doesn't show any effects in the first month, it will definitely show some effects in the 2nd month and don't worry it will never cause any side effects," he concluded.

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Both came out and reached the pharmacy located opposite to the doctor's room and purchased the pack and left for Kalka. The first month showed slightest bit of effect and they discussed it with Dr. Vikram Chauhan and the doctor persuaded them to continue with the same medicine as this month the effects will be visible clearly. She did and this month, medicines showed their effects, the bleeding stopped, her pain also reduced and she could feel her appetite elevating. The medicines and her diet plans continued for the whole year and by January 2018 she had become absolutely fine. Now no pain and bleeding, stools once a day and she has stuck with the doctor recommended diet plan. The medicine is stopped and her health is elevated and thankful to the doctor for making her decade old disease vanish in a year and the doctor said that the modern science is yet to find a permanent cure, whereas Indian science, the Ayurveda, had found it centuries ago.

Both shot a video for YouTube and urged all to come straight to Planet Ayurveda if they ever get UC. And now she is feeling absolutely zesty.

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