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Case Study No: 120 | Ulcerative Colitis - Preet

Preet, who had Severe Ulcerative Colitis and Spent a Lot of Money, but Got no Cure

Preet, the name means love and he was a man in his early 30's that had a harrowing experience when he got infected by Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and had suffered a lot from this chronic disease both physically and economically. It all began in 2004, when he was posted in Hoshiarpur, a district in Punjab, India on a government post. Initially the frequency of his stools increased to 4, 5 times a day. He went to a local doctor who diagnosed it to be UC and gave him the medicines accordingly. He kept having those medicines but all proved to be ineffective. On doctor's advice after 2, 3 months he got transferred to Jalandhar, a sports city of Punjab that has better medical facilities.

The first thing he did, He went to a renowned hospital and get his medicines. But the doctor insisted on doing all the tests in advance and they too found that he was suffering from UC. They gave him some different medicines, in a huge number, and he thought that this time he will get a solid treatment, but all in vain. None proved to be beneficial for him, instead they enhanced his frequency of stools to 10, 12 a day and bleeding also started. Even the doctors were confused that how can this disease elevate.

But after a 2 year period the condition remained the same and he was transferred to Amritsar, the holy city of Sikhs. He had nothing on his mind except to find a cure for his disease, which was getting more severe every day. The doctors at Amritsar also did all the tests again and came to the conclusion that he was suffering from a severe UC and gave him almost the same medicines that were provided in Jalandhar. "But these have no effect," he argued with the doctors and showed them the slips of the doctors at Jalandhar. "These are the ones that are keeping you in control, otherwise you would have been lying on the bed and crying in pain," the doctor insisted. 'Beggars can't be choosers' he obliged reluctantly. But none medicine did improve his health.

In 2007 he was again transferred to Chandigarh, the city beautiful, which has a renowned hospital and he was also confident that they are going to cure it. So he visited this hospital the very next day he had joined and the doctors ignoring his earlier slips did the tests again and diagnosed his disease to be UC. "I told you so," he said. "But we have to follow certain rules and treat the patient accordingly," the doctor replied. Even their medicines never enhanced the health of his body, but he continued having those medicines as he was afraid that he might hit the bed if he stopped having those medicines.

One day the symptoms of this chronic disease attacked him seriously and he had to visit the toilet 30 times. He felt dazed after that and almost fainted in his office. His colleagues picked him up and took him to a renowned hospital in Mohali, a sub town of Chandigarh. He remained admitted for 4, 5 days at the hospital and the doctors did serve certain medicines that reduced his frequency of stools from 20, 25 to 5, 7 and reduced the blood that used to ooze out along the stools. He became almost normal after 2, 3 months of medication from that particular hospital. He had spent a lot of money during all these years and was feeling frustrated, but after getting this beneficial medicine was feeling relieved.

But it was the lull before the storm, after 2, 3 months the symptoms flared up in huge numbers, this time his joints also began paining. His whole family was feeling disturbed and didn't know what to do. He contacted the same hospital and the doctors over there refused to admit him, he got confused and checked in another hospital and enquired about the medicines provided to him that brought down his frequency. Those medicines contained steroids that carry lots of side effects that he was suffering now. He was feeling frustrated now and blamed his colleagues for taking him to such a hospital that had served him the steroids and now only he has to suffer.

One day he felt his feet jammed, he couldn't move them as he felt an acute pain. He was almost sobbing, when his wife walked in and holding him said, "why are you feeling so depressed, come on don't give up, you are a courageous man, don't worry we will find a cure somewhere." "But when?" he was pleading, "I have already spent so much money & time, but is yet to find a remedy. I was thinking about resigning from my job as I can't go and do my job normally, I am feeling depressed." "Why don't you try a different line, like acupuncture, acupressure, homeopathy or Ayurveda. One of them must have a way to heal your disease, before it gets more severe," she said. "That's a great idea," his face gleamed after such a long time.

He took out his mobile and began searching and ultimately came to Planet Ayurveda. He watched many more videos to check their authenticity. Many different patients coming and smiling at the camera, no one looked fake or acting. He called his parents & wife and showed the videos and they were all impressed.

Planet Ayurveda is an impeccable clinic that heals age old remedies, in a modern style. It is situated very near to Chandigarh and it is run & administered by a highly qualified, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan, who holds a solid reputation in the Ayurvedic zone. Both are the gold medalist in their fields. All the remedies that are produced in their premises to rectify various different diseases are at first tested in a modern & technically sound lab to check their authenticity, are they organic or natural, if yes they are used otherwise shunted off, without hearing any excuses. All the medicines are manufactured under the watchful eyes of this honest pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is flourishing at a hectic pace both nationally and internationally.

He contacted them and told his story to them. The lady that answered the phone said, "Let me see sir, You can come here tomorrow, but do bring in all the test reports of labs that have been done and all the clinic slips that were made by the various doctors, at Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Chandigarh and Mohali and also your own history, OK sir, see you tomorrow. The clinic opens at 9:30am sir."

The next day, he reached Planet Ayurveda in November, 2016, and was impressed after seeing the huge rush of patients at their green premises that were as clean as a new pin. The people had come from all 4 corners of the world, there were some foreigners too. He sat with the already waiting patients and waited for his turn which came at 12:30pm and he was ushered in the doctor's room. After the greetings he showed him the disease related file that had all the papers and various labs tests done and also narrated his own history. The doctors scrutinized the whole reports very keenly and after some discussion with themselves turned towards Preet and said, "Look sir, you need sympathy more than the medicine as stress also increases the symptoms, better relax and follow the prescription strictly or you will deteriorate the whole condition. And take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and note down the diets that you have to consume and which one to avoid. And continue having your previous medicines if any, gradually decline their dosage, but never give up all of a sudden, your body might not be able to adjust accordingly." "Sure sir I will decrease their dosage gradually," said he. He noted all the prescription on his mobile and took a diet sheet from the doctor and asked, "Sir how long will it take to get completely fine?" "All depends on the patient's body. Everybody has a different body structure, it might be over within a fortnight and might take many months, but it will diminish, I am sure about that and has no side effects," the doctor assured him.

"I'll do as prescribed by you sir as I am fed up of this pain and suffering for so many years, and my job is also been affected adversely." he assured him. "Call us the moment you feel any kind of effects, OK?" the doctor had asked. "Sure sir, I will" he said.

Watch the Video of This Patient

He got up and reached the pharmacy, which is situated within the premises and left after having the pack, headed towards his home in Chandigarh. The doctor had asked him to visit or call Planet Ayurveda next month as the dosage was for 28 days only. He called after a month and his voice said it all. "I feel elated as the pain has stopped in the joints in the first fortnight, so has the bleeding, even the stools have decreased in frequency to 3, 4 a day. I'll continue having the same medicine from your HQ as I stay in Chandigarh for as long as I don't get fully normal and thanks a lot sir." "OK" the doctor replied "Get well soon."

His disease had turned chronic in so many years and took him 8 months to find a complete cure. He was thanking his wife who gave him the idea of going for some other medical line instead of allopathic that had no medicine that could heal him. Now he is feeling totally relaxed and has guided 2, 3 nears & dears to get the treatment done from Dr. Vikram Chauhan at Planet Ayurveda.

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