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How Diabetes Affect Our Life?

Are you weary of constantly keeping a check on the carbs you consume daily? Or agonising over your low blood sugar levels? jaded over giving yourself insulin shots time and again?

You find yourself incessantly yearning for indulging in your favourite dessert? You find your own behaviour agitating when your blood sugar level is low? Or quite hampering your prejudicial self when you compare your diabetes with another?

Diabetes Problems

What Exactly is The So-Called ‘Blood Sugar’ And ‘Insulin’?

Let's Take A Look

Blood Sugar

Blood sugar otherwise known as glucose is the principal sugar and the source of energy, present in our blood and is derived from the food we eat. Blood is a carrier for glucose to all the cells to utilize the energy!

Glucose blesses our body organs, muscles and nervous system with ample nutrients.

Body reins over the blood sugar level by many intricate processes that involve major glands like pancreas and liver.

As and when glucose flows into the bloodstream when carbohydrates have been consumed, the endocrine system is alerted and masters the blood glucose level with the assistance of the hormone secreted by the pancreas.

Liver does the job of coping with the shortage of blood sugar by stashing itself with the resources necessary for the brain, red blood cells and the kidneys, and produces ketones for ketogenic (breaking down of ketones into fat) for the latter part of the body.


As discussed earlier, insulin is a hormone that is secreted by the pancreas in order to take control of the blood sugar level in our body at a given moment. insulin aids effectively in storage of glucose in the liver, fat and muscles and helps to sync our body’s metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

The blood sugar level shoots up as a result of food consumption momentarily which signals pancreas to release insulin which further lowers the level by its ability to store it which is utilised as energy later.

Sugar, We Are Going Down Swinging!

Lets Understand What is Fasting Blood Sugar And Fasting Insulin.

Fasting blood sugar tests give the necessary information on the body’s maintenance of blood sugar levels as it maxes out for a while after eating and then drops.

Normal blood sugar varies from 80-90mg/Dl.

A high deviation from this range marks hyperglycemia which serves as an indicator for insulin resistance or diabetes.

Fasting insulin test : abnormal blood sugar level may be traced back to a disrupted insulin level, your answer to why a blood sugar report comes back is a normal indication of insulin resistance.

The normal range of fasting insulin varies from 2-20Miu/ML

This test can showcase high or low insulin levels with entirely different causes apart from diabetes alone.

Lets Understand Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes

  • This diabetes is characterised with the disability of pancreas to produce enough insulin, an autoimmune condition wherein the body attacks self and destroys the beta cells present in the pancreas, halting insulin production.
  • Type 1 affects only about 8%, above the age of 40 likely to be affected, children bearing a major part (juvenile diabetes).
  • Symptoms appear evidently.
  • It is dealt with by external insulin administration further controlling blood sugar levels.
  • Lifestyle changes don't play much role in overcoming this type.

Type 2 Diabetes

  • The pancreas secretes limited amounts of insulin or the secreted insulin might be deranged leading to a higher level of blood sugar.
  • Type 11 affects 90%, and mostly above the age of 40.
  • Ethnicity, inherited genes, age, obesity, and a faulty lifestyle can be blamed for type 11 diabetes.
  • Symptoms can be inconspicuous.
  • This type can be outgrown by following certain medications, a healthy lifestyle and diet plans etc. Insulin can also be prescribed.

Diabetes Can Be Tricky, Ayurveda:- A Problem Solver!

A holistic traditional science that pays attention to the most overlooked factor while treating a disease: its root cause and also regards each individual unique by the parameters such as dosic constitution and other external factors!

Let’s take a look at diabetes from an ayurvedic perspective. Ayurveda calls diabetes as ‘madhumeha’ literal meaning-sweet urine, in perfect concord with the presence of sugar in urine in the case of a diabetic patient!

‘Dhatupaka janya vidhi’ is a set of treatment wherein it discusses all the bad outcomes a body poses brought by a high sugar content, also hinting about its hereditary means.

Ayurveda also categorises diabetes into 2 types, avarana and Dhatu Kshaya.

Avarana is an adult onset of diabetes developed due to blockage of the channels of the body by other tissues or an aggravated kapha dosha.

Dhatukshaya –juvenile diabetes, (dhatu means tissues) brought about by the deterioration of the bodily tissues.

Ayurveda pinpoints most of the disorders to an impaired agni(digestive fire), which is a primary concern on the vitiation of dosas, here we refer to kapha dosha, so it is duly advised to restrict sweet taste.

Diabetes: Let's Dia-Beat-This!

In order to supplement the healthy diet intake, you have become accustomed to, Planet Ayurveda introduces its unique diabetes care pack which is hoarded with 100% natural, vegetarian products marking it safe from chemicals, preservatives or any sort of additives!

This helps in normalising healthy glucose levels formulated carefully by an MD Ayurveda physician.

It is Constituted of

  1. Dia-beta plus- tailored with a blend of the most suited herbs that work in the perfect manner by rendering support to healthy blood sugar levels. These capsules are advised to be taken on a daily basis.
  2. Karela capsules- karela bitter melon is one of the most exploited herbs of Ayurveda, supporting the overall health of the patients and assists in leading a healthy life.
  3. Madhumehantak churna- effectively funds a healthy pancreas and maintains optimum blood glucose level, a herbal formulation which is unique!
  4. Fenugreek capsules- most common kitchen ingredient finds its way to usher an impaired digestive system by promoting a healthy digestion hence a healthy wellbeing.

Living The Sweet Life With A Dash of Ayurveda!

Ayurveda surpasses its way through the lives of nowadays which is hell bent on concerning everything apart from oneself, Ayurveda if effectively exploited including its comprehensive lifestyle, can keep any diseases off the coast!

Ayurveda most of the times relies on simply correcting the improper diet practices and lifestyle,

So go ahead and make Ayurveda a perfect companion for your sweet life!

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