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Dill (Anethumn Sowa) - Uses & Health Benefits

Dill, Anethumn Sowa

(Ref: Bhavaprakasa Nighantu)


Dill is very effective and essential herb that is used in Ayurveda from thousand years for its miraculous medicinal benefits. Seeds are also used spice and leaves are used to flavour soups and curries. Various medicinal properties of plant make it capable for treating various health related issues. Leaves, roots and seeds are used for medicinal purposes.

In Ayurveda shastpushpa deals with various digestive system related problems and also beneficial for diseases associated with other organs. This special herb is tikta (bitter) and katu (pungent) in taste, singdha (oily), katu (pungent) rasa after digestion and ushna virya (hot in potency). In Bhavprakash nightanu this herb is mentioned as:-

Ancient Verse About Shatapushpa
  • According to above shalok of Bhavprakash Cluster of flower (pushp chatrak) contains numerous flowers.
  • This beneficial herb mixed equally with other herbs and show its properties.

This beneficial herb contains volatile oil. It contains dill apiole and parsley also contains hydrocarbon anthene and carovene.

Acharya charka mentioned paste of Shaspushpa leaves with Alsi (flaxseeds) and Eranda (castor) seeds to applied over joint to reduce pain and inflammation in rheumatoid.

Dill leaves are great source of iron, potassium and beta-carotene. It stimulate lactation and also a great urinary irritant. Pure aqueous extract is used to dilate blood vessels and reduces low blood pressure level. It is also a good respiratory stimulant. Flavonoids present in this plant are gastro protective and anti-ulcerous in nature. Water prepared with dill seeds are used to sooth severe colic pain in babies.

Plant Description

Dill plant is approximately 90cms in height with slender and glabrous stem. Alternate and dark green leaves are finely divided into 3-4 pinnate. Umbel shaped flowers are yellow in colour and various flowers are joined to make a big cluster. Oval and compressed fruits contains three longitudinal ridges. Fruits are light brown in colour.


Dill plant is basically native to south-western Asia and Mediterranean countries. Now it cultivated all over world for its medicinal and traditional values. It is also cultivated in northern and eastern European countries.


  • Latin Name - Anethum Sowa
  • English Name- Garden Dill, Dilly, Dill Weed, Indian Dill Fr
  • Hindi Name - Soya, Sova
  • Sanskrit Name - Shatpushpa
  • Bengali Name - Suva
  • Gujarati Name - Suva
  • Punjabi Name - Soya
  • Kannada Name - Sabasige
  • Marathi Name - Shepa, Shipu
  • Tamil Name - Satakuppa
  • Telugu Name - Sadapa
  • Urdu Name - Shibt, Soya
  • Russian Name - Yukrop
  • German Name - Gurkenkraut
  • French Name - Aneth Odourent
  • Farsi Name - Shebet

According to Bhavprakash

Ancient Verse About Shatapushpa

Shatpushpa, shataha, madhura, karvi, misi, atilambi, sithactra, sanhitchatrika are various synonyms of sowa (antheum sowa) and chtra, shalaye, shaleen, mishreya, madhura and misi are various synonyms of saunf (foeniculum vulgare). Herb sowa is very sharp (tikshan), very light (laghu) after digestion, pungent in taste (katu rasa) and hot in potency (ushna virya). It helps to stimulate digestive fire (agni Deepak) and pacify pitta dosha (pitta karak) in body. It is used for treating fever (jwara), pacify both vata and kapha dosha (vatashleshmna), wounds (varn), pain (shool) and all eye related disorders (netraroga). All other properties of saunf are similar to sowa but saunf is herb that is mainly used to reduce uterine pain (yonishool), good for stimulating low digestive fire, and good for heart, relieves constipation. It decrease the amount of semen and also used to kill worms. This herb is rough (ruksha) and hot in potency (ushna verya). It is used to pacify vata dosha and good for treating cough (kaas), asthma (shwaas) and vomiting (vaman).

Health Benefits of Dill (Anethumn Sowa)

  • Deepan - it is very beneficial for herb stimulating low digestive fire and it gives strength to digestive system.
  • Pachan - soaa is very beneficial herb that helps to stimulate enzymes that helps to promote proper digestion. It is also very effective for treating digestive system related disorders.
  • Vatanulomak - it helps to pacify vitiated vata dosha in body and it helps to maintain proper balance of vata dosha in body and protect body from the risk of vata related disorders
  • Sugandhit -  soaa is herb that contains very beautiful aroma and this herb is used to flavour other herbal medicines.
  • Utejak - it is used as stimulant for immune system and it helps to protect body from free toxins and radicals.
  • Gharbhshay utejak - it is also good for stimulating uterine system and also used to reduce chronic pain of uterus and very effective for fighting against menstrual problems.
  • Stanya vardhak - it is also good for production of milk in lactating mothers.

Uses of Dill (Anethumn Sowa)

  • Fine powder of roasted seeds of methi and soaa are very beneficial for treating diarrhoea.
  • Oil applied on warm leaf of soaa is wrapped over boils to easy healing.
  • Leaf paste is applied over joints to reduce severe pain and inflammation.
  • Oil or pure extract of soaa used with carminative herbs is used to treat abdominal cramps.
  • Achrya charak mention paste of this herb is used in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis.
  • Oil of seeds are used as fragrance for cosmetics, soaps and other medications.


  • Fruit powder - 2-4gms
  • Oil - 2-3 drops
  • Pure extract - 15-30ml

Medicinal Uses of Dill (Anethumn Sowa)

  • Its anti-inflammatory in nature and it helps to reduce pain and inflammation in gout and rheumatoid.
  • It is also good for treating both diarrhoea and dysentery and it is also good for reducing pain related with diarrhoeal episodes.
  • It helps to secrete bile and other digestive enzymes that are responsible for healthy digestion. It is also good for treating digestive system related disorders.
  • It is also good for treating hiccups, bloating, abdominal distention and other problems after delivery.
  • Soaa seeds helps to reduce high cholesterol level and also beneficial for lowering high glucose level in blood stream.
  • It contains high amount of calcium and it is very beneficial for bone strength and osteoporosis.
  • It is also used for reducing flatus and abdominal distention.
  • Chewing of raw seeds helps to treat bad breath. It is also good for treating mouth and throat inflammation.
  • Seeds are also very beneficial for improving low appetite.
  • Leaf powder is useful for treating cough and asthma.
  • Dill is beneficial herb for renal colic and dysuria. It is also good for other urinary tract disorders.
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