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Effects Of Pesticides On Health

What Are Pesticides?

Pesticides are nowadays widely used in our crops by farmers and can cause many long term and short term adverse reactions to the body. The pesticides may cause adverse effects from month to month and even over the years it totally depends upon more or less consumption of pesticides to our crops. Long term usage of pesticides causes the blisters and many rashes over the body which are acute signs for practitioner to diagnose. Patients also suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and in the end pesticides also lead to death. The pesticides also cause many other disorders to the body like cancerous growth, birth defects in the next generation and also reproductive effects which came to be known after many years of living. The studies show that the children are more prone to pesticides rather than the adults but our farmers are more dependent to use pesticides in the crops to make good money and got good exposure of selling. Even our farmers are more prone to allergic reactions after using pesticides in fields like rashes, nose irritation, burning sensation etc. The usage of pesticides is due to the very big industrialization of agricultural work all over the world. It is also a chemical and radical exposure to our ecosystem and a burden on our ecosystem. These pesticides are even used in many other sectors rather than usage in fields like public health programs, even in growing new flowering plants and fruit plants which are the origin of many endocrine diseases. There is a need to change this usage of pesticides cycle and need some innovative ideas to protect humanity from these diseases. Even we have to be fully organic and reduce the risk of using these pesticides. But as per changes and new studies in the agriculture department there are now many ideas to grow crops in organic ways but this is not implemented on a large scale; it will take time to be globalized worldwide.

Farmer Spraying Plants with Pesticides, Effects Of Pesticides On Health


Pesticides are mixtures of substances that are mainly used in agriculture purposes and in public health protection programs to protect plants from pests, weeds and diseases and humans from vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue fever etc. and schistosomiasis. Insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and the plant growth regulators are typical examples. Companies are also being used for many other purposes such as the improvement and maintenance of non-agricultural areas like public urban green areas and sport fields which are very much in demand. The more  applications of  chemicals  such as in pet shampoos, building materials, and boat bottoms in order to eliminate and to  prevent the presence of unwanted species .Most  of the pesticides are  associated with health and environmental issues and the agricultural use of certain pesticides has been abandoned . Exposure to pesticides through the contact with the skin, ingestion and inhalation. Pesticides used and the duration and route of exposure of pesticides and the individual health status for e.g., nutritional deficiencies and healthy damaged skin are determining factors in the possible health outcomes. Within a human and  animal body, pesticides get  metabolized, excreted, stored and  bio accumulated in body fat .The  negative health effects that are  associated with chemical pesticides include dermatological, gastrointestinal, neurological, respiratory, reproductive, and endocrine effects. More high occupational, accidental and intentional exposure to pesticides can result in hospitalization and death.

Organophosphorus Pesticides

This type of pesticides promotes more ecological imbalances. These organophosphorus pesticides include other known pesticides such as malathion, parathion etc. These types of pesticides harm the human body by suppressing the insulin secretions. These types of pesticides also have genetic effects which cause genetic effects on further upcoming generations. Also the major effect of these pesticides on cardiovascular disease includes stroke, angina and other myopathies. After these diseases organophosphorus pesticides strikes on male reproductive system and as well as the nervous system of the body and causes dementia. And further these diseases are seen in the next upcoming generation in a few years. It also contains the glycophosphates which affects the endocrine system of the human body and causes disease like diabetes mellitus. It also promotes carcinogenicity. Over all it causes disruption in the channels or pathways of the human body which are also found in plants and bacteria. This type of disruption may affect the supply of human organisms with the essential amino acids. Various studies show that glyphosate is well absorbed by cultivating plants and directly enters in the body by food we consume.

Effects On Male And Female Infertility

Mostly it affects the male semen quality and time of ejaculation. It is a well maintained cycle of pesticides on male and female hormones. Pesticide mostly damages spermatozoa, leydig cells, sertoli cells and disrupts the endocrine system of the body. It also reduces the sperm concentration and changes in morphological features. The effects of pesticides on female health care is decreased fertility, spontaneous abortions, stillbirth, premature birth, low birth rates, developmental abnormalities and other ovarian disease as such these pesticides hampers the female reproductive hormones too. It also affects the exogenous agent that interferes with the synthesis, secretion, transport, binding, actions and elimination of natural hormones in the body which are responsible for the maintenance of haemostasis, reproduction, behavior and development. The mechanism of action of pesticides on the female body is to direct damage to cells, interference to biochemical processes which is necessary to normal function, interference with hormone synthesis, interference with hormone release and storage. All the hormones are different in their chemical structure and also they have the different route for synthesis.


So above are the ways by which the pesticides hamper the hormonal functions of both female and male reproductive systems. Mainly the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis is hampered with this over usage of pesticides. Pesticides are the man made substances which are dissimilar in structures and which affects the mechanism of the body very easily. The above information is best to understand how pesticides affect our body and how they are getting much preference in food. Now to maintain the normal physiological functions of the body the treatment as well as the products of Planet Ayurveda is best. The product of Planet Ayurveda is purely herbal and is made under the supervision of experts. All the products are based on pure ayurvedic aspects as said by acharyas in samhita and are 100% pure and side effect free. So now on the demand of the modern world go for herbal and safe treatment by the Planet Ayurveda.

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